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ml-d clues

By: vis0, 11:14 AM GMT on June 26, 2012

Was asked ...but how can you(ml-d) control (influence) the weather within 3days if there is a 3-day settings delay? v

"easy" the ml-d uses a type of transmitter "focusing line" via air that reacts to a sound that is flowing around materials placed between it and in the direction of tru-ground (a complex planet's center). as i create what i call hill-points and valley-points (they can be solid, gas,liquid etc. 2 more, most stable for me are solids). In these material(s) the ml-d creates what i call gravity-hills and gravity-valleys via this flow only seen using Galacsics, as light(s) intertwining / inteartwining (interweaving ) (intertwining for physics / inteartwining (intearweaving ) for Galacsics.  As i tweak these hills/valley things ml-d is influencing change / react  ,peace

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Updated: 11:22 AM GMT on June 26, 2012


Invest 96-Debbie & ml-d

By: vis0, 12:18 PM GMT on June 23, 2012

IF (Debbie)  tries to form lets see if the "ml-d"* push-pulls and spreads it more w/ a northward flow...Changing ml-d #2.18.

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ml-d diary june 18th 2012ml-d now (201206-18@1400) at #2.13 slowly bringing it back t

By: vis0, 8:49 PM GMT on June 18, 2012

ml-d now (201206-18@1400) at #2.13 slowly bringing it back to near #2.3 please remember to nature a change is not noticeable till its at 2 times ab output and on the ml-d chart that's at #2.3 NOT #2.0

noticed 4 nyc meteorologist {7 OnCanPresenters} guaranteed a sunny 7 days (i understand after 5 days it gets iffy) on Friday june15th 2012 yet only 1 "full" sunny day.  how come in the past yr plus nyc and NE predictions are below 43% on 7 day forecasts and when i tinker with the ml-d the forecasting for the next 7 days  are only 21% correct . 

remember since its not at #2,3 a Low in the Atlantic basin  is not retrograding and though its heading further East lets see if raising the ml-d ever so little "push-pulls" the Low to stall it even a bit longer than predicted


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