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ml-d settings update (201204-30-1000)

By: vis0, 1:08 PM GMT on May 30, 2012

ml-d off...

Due to the washing machine trouble of a neighbor i had to shut off the ml-d . A rarity for me, to get upset at not be able to set the ml-d, as this was a perfect situation to have the TS pulled closer to nyc than predicted,oh well. Helping the neighbor dry up and hoping to turn on the ml-d soon. stay on but at1.9   1600

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ml-d settings update (201204-29)

By: vis0, 9:03 AM GMT on May 29, 2012

checking my measurements still chubby, but the ml-d is about to get back to almost #2.3 by this afternoon (yesterday 10pm was at #1.6). Lets see if its too late to push-pull Beryl closer to nyc.

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ml-d diary next cycle change

By: vis0, 7:12 AM GMT on May 28, 2012

Next is the Galacsics middle third of its ascending season (see calendar  notice the straight dashes change to rounded end dashes around June 4th/5th 2012).

Now since i had to move the ml-d (see previous blogbit) that caused the ml-d to go off settings for 2-3 days,  it'll go back ON after pulsing,  around 201205-29 tu(watch how weather within the ml-d's AOI reacts and how for instance Beryl's forecast has to be re re corrected. But then in less than a week the next Galacsic trend begins to influence the physical world. That change takes approximately 1-2 weeks to take hold. The difference as to1-2 weeks is dependent on from "what it was" to the next "what it will be" is the change in weather trend and how we perceive that change. (BTW NOT BEH-RHAL BUT "BEARL" AS IN MILTON BERYLE, I SENT CBS2 NY, NBC4NY TWITTER NOTES ON THAT SATURDAY AND THEY STILL CALL IT BEH-RAHL ON SUNDAY)

Here a few examples as to Galacsics as perceived;

Lets say the last Galacsic trend was to have a severe drought but with the ml-d set to raise precipitation by ALMOST 2 times the normal then instead of a severe drought we had a moderate to slight drought.

Now if the next trend is still a severe drought we will not perceive any change AS LONG AS THE ML-D SETTINGS STAY THE SAME AND IN NYC.

Now if the next trend is to have "normal" precipitation and i leave the ml-d at the same settings we'll see almost 2 times the normal amount in precipitation

Or if the next trend is 2 times the normal in precipitation via tropical systems either in direct hits or in the tropical storms decaying formation then we'll experience with the ml-d set as it is 4 times the normal in precipitation.

Now sadly if the ml-d is creating an Low attracting vortex (or in real terms its attracting 3 of the 5 influences as to what generates "weather" outputs see previous blogbits for those 5) around its AOI then just outside its AOI PULSED & NOT PULSED  THERE SHOULD BE A THIN but strong highs which leads to drier periods for those areas thus more fire hazards and when pulsed a higher chance for severe storms in those areas (pulsed thin HIGH is marked as the brown ring in image you see just above, NOT SHOWN::  NOT PULSED THE BROWN RING FALLS BETWEEN THE RED & VIOLET RINGS).
i don't want anyone to suffer as i do this for science sake and till someone allows me to test the ml-d in a rural area were the least amount of people will be affected... (wish an area with no one, but the Earth is populated everywhere) just south of the Sahara, otherwise many more people will be affected.  Its like when the U.S. tested nuclear bombs throughout the southwest, except i since 1980s i've been asking for some legit scientific group or media outlet to help me show this device. Sure if i don't present it someone else will discover or create their own ml-d.  But though i am not a perfect person nor is anyone will they be as i, where no money will buy it nor do i wish it used for evil.  i'm near 50 and what are the odds the next person whom discovers this will wait 10,20,40yrs keeping quiet as in not asking money for it, nor patenting it just hoping it could be quietly tested in showing its positives and negatives.

therefore remember the 1-2 week delay and lets watch and see afterwards what occurs.

For the few that eMailed me (and i've misplaced your eLetters) sorry i no longer post or leave clues to the 8 yr. Galacsic trend,peace

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ml-d diary 201205-25 noon

By: vis0, 8:55 PM GMT on May 25, 2012

(Friday 201205-25:12 noon diary)The pluses and minuses of testing scientific discoveries in a nyc apt.

Since an elderly upstairs neighbor had water overflow trouble (washing machine valve leaked for 1 month) i had to move the ml-d to scrape & paint the wall were moisture was setting  into the wall.

This means for the next ~2 days we in the ml-d AOI (in NYC see linked MAP  ) will see a return to what is to be the natural trend (moderate drought, any lows /  fronts within the ml-d's AOI will appear to evacuate and evaporate outward of the AOI area as if one turned up the internal heat within moisture molecules and dried them up.

EXAMPLE; if a Low was "born / fed" from a tropical / southern flow watch the Low it was generating "die" off with southern direction component as if "dieing" toward "whence" it came from. orif a low was fed from a western front AND IS WITHIN THE ML-D AOI it will evaporate quicker as that is the easiest (least friction uses least energy law of nature) course than heading westward which would use much more energy for nature to attempt.

Means less precip. than expected (48 hrs) within the ml-d AOI*1*  and/or more quick pop up and die storms instead of long drizzling to tropical type downpours till Sun Mon (Memorial day)

*1= (THOUGH WATCH OUT AS THEN IN RETURNING, THE ML-D PULSES, see pulsed rings in map (link) above),peace

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Mayans,Galacsic calender,precession effects on humanity trends

By: vis0, 10:16 AM GMT on May 20, 2012

(for the record posted at  wunderground, ipernity for the Mayan clue (were a sample Galacsic calender is located), and to ABC7's blog or bust as a promise to a person no longer with us)

Repeating for those who would rather not search my previous posts due to my style of writing is too hard to follow or laziness.

Here what i state the seasons of Galacsics encompasses:

a Ascending season (As to physics its Spring & Summer)
The Ascending Season is then broken down to three ~60 days sub seasons

a Descending season (As to physics its Fall & winter)
The Descending Season is then broken down to three ~60 days sub seasons

As of this date May 20, 2012 as to physics we are in Spring as to the  physical plane, while Galacsics we are in the 2nd sub season of the (Ascension) Ascending season. (see this calender posted at ipernity.)
Now i have stopped posting my 8 yr Galacsic cycle clues in 2010/11.  if one reads my posts since 1998 throughout the webnet ypu'll see for example that my Atlantic tropical season predictions - made usually either in October or November before the year to be predicted.  Had a prediction success rate of 96% while professionals (as NOAA, Colorado State) had a 46% success rate AGAIN ONLY COUNTING THE PREDICTION MADE FROM OCTOBER THRU MARCH AFTER THAT I CONSIDER IT not real scientific were predictions are re re re (take a breath) re re re  updating their predictions to fit whats happening, that's not science that's looking good for the media.
For 2012 since i no longer take the 4 or so months in reading NASA space/star information (my parents in their 80s, ill taking care of them at home) i then am taking a Galacsics educated guess. since the ml-d (set to influence nature) is almost but not at #2.3 then by the 3 of 5 settings i have it set to the ml-d's AOI will get almost 2 times (THIS IS IMPORTANT) what would have occurred without the ml-d on. It seems the NOAA predictions last FALL 2011 of a severe drought and hotter temps through summer 2012 were correct. Yet in slightly raising the ml-d's influence on Spring's start in 2012 (read my wunderground posts as vis0) its changed from a severe drought (62% below "normal" precip.) to a medium-light drought (29% below "normal" precip.) and in noticing extra tropical disturbances in the mid Atlantic (again search "ml-d AOI nyc"  to see how far the ml-d can reach - north,east,south,west -  if pulsed, last pulsing were the week of May 13th.

There is a 2 week delay from when a Galacsic
change / trend occurs to when it shows up as to
influence the weather in the physical world.

There is a 2-3 day delay as to ml-d's affects after pulsing or changing its settings

Rossby waves are the the physical planes long term fingerprint translating "down" from Galacsics 8 year trend "micro trend" in the "eyes" of Galacsics. i took the time to draw/write (to the weather channel ~1992/5) up to 300yrs back on what weather should have occurred by using Galacsic's 8 yr. trend cycle and showing what pollutants have really done and what was to have occurred naturally.
Now as to the Mayans what i call Galacsics is a science that was tapped into by DEEP meditation when it was used by Mayans. They understood that when this planets precession points our energy intake towards this sun's sibling black hole's infra-sound like output (as stated in 1972 it should be ~16m lght yrs @ 1/2 and i think modern science has not yet discovered that its not that light doesn't escape from certain black holes but its reincarnating the light into a type of infra-sound that quasars use) the planets animals chakras / seven sealed books  act as if it as resistors between each chakra. This affect is also a parable as the continuous battle in th heavens between son of god (sun) and Lucifer (sibling blk hole). The Mayan leadership (~only)  in understanding this understood it was not too good of a time to reincarnate too quickly as during this (present) 13,000 yr period (began ~4k or 3,000 BC) its not too good for "people of light/star" and better for "people of mount/planet" (neither is better, both needed to develop a "human being" or a complex animal that can reincarnate.)
People with smaller cranium space tend to be of are related more towards  "star people" their knowledge source taps from without while people with larger "brains" are generally "planet people" their knowledge source taps from within. This present precession period is best for men, elders,selfishness,vertical building, can you guess the 5th, search my postings since 1992 for the answer...if you can figure the other names i post under. The opposite precession time is better for women, youngsters,selflessness,horizontal building and ???. PLEASE REMEMBER ONE IS NOT BETTER THAN THE OTHER. AS THINK WHETHER SELFISH OR SELFLESS ONE NEEDS A BALANCE OF BOTH TO SUCCEED. IF TOO SELFLESS YOU'RE STEPPED ON IF TOO SELFISH YOU'RE CONSIDERED RUDE. Well the Mayan in understanding their physical genes (family tree) and spiritual genes (karma tree/pyramid) tend to be of "people of light" in living during this precession cycle they'd feel uneasy thus more likely to have done negative things thus have longer negative karma list to repay, so why bother, wait a few thousand years (nothing in real recycling life-times) and come back when their brain types can relax.

Of course the negative side is if "planet people" or anyone become too wild they can destroy the needed link for spiritual energy to reincarnate onto this planet or the ability for human being to live here...fingers crossed.  Oh a few old spirits come back to give hints on how this thing called life works.

Try to like those you first meet even if you find out later you don't like else would you have known how deep the hole was if you had dug it from within instead of them from without - mine circa 1973, 5th grade poems/sayings my English teacher encouraged me to write while at P.S.116 Manhattan. (hope my use of a free dial up via CA. doesn't confuse readers, am in nyc.

Notice: Apology (i am sorry) if i offend some, just trying to open our eyes.
 i use passover or centered around when our star/Sun
crosses the "front door" of the Ram (zodiac)
thus the Sun...
(ONLY from the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE!, use Nazca Lines to understand the ancient stories via stars for the Southern hemisphere)
...appears to cut the jugular vein of the ram
hence "blood on the front door" thus when incorrectly translated
by ~Europeans/ancient so called traditions  it became to place blood of
on the front door of homes.
Parables are to
teach not taken literally, once people are wise enough to understand. Just like a rib was
taken from Adam means one takes
1 electron of 13 from
an atom to release thus create/generate "life",
yet in believing that parable is literal "we"
(so called modern man) place women below men.
When in reality the differences between a male
and female self, spirit or soul is thus so when
joined in any combination, we compliment to create a full circle
from which within and without we all learn.

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oops spiders web on ml-d

By: vis0, 2:56 AM GMT on May 16, 2012

To show why doing experiments from ones home causes problems.

Left the Apt. Saturday May 12th now came back today and checked the ml-d it had a tiny spider 's web attached to it. removed it ~9:20-9:40pm now watch the storms build up just a bit around nyc to the ml-d's AOI simply cause i cleaned the ml-d WITHOUT MOVING IT.  going to add other examples in a few minutes.

here a few more examples of how creatures react to this ml-d.

The most creature i get that are attracted are spiders if i don't pay close attention the ml-d will attract a spider (specially pregnant) within 3 weeks when its settings are  near/at or above #2.3. Roaches (some might add, "ill") too.

As to animals (remember i live in a 19 story tan coloured bricks building i nyc). Now since 1980 i've counted over 10 woodpeckers pecking, 3 bats, 17 grasshoppers, seagulls flying at about 100ft above 2nd ave, dozens of multi coloured birds i see no where else in nyc (though their nest was on a building at 28th & 1st just torn down - 'ol dentist building) it tells me the ml-d must be taping into something that animals are attracted to and many of these appear to be pregnant including tiny baby pigeons. My theory is in the exchange i state is occurring via a form of ethereal static to these animals / creatures "instincts" they thinks its like a waterfall is near by the ml-d. Their outside activity is right at the right angles to the wherever i place the ml-d. 9in the 199s placed a tiny ant farm, and the ants took bits of butter i placed in it and built a cross-like thing right at the ml-d's right angles to the ant farm's ml-d facing plastic wall, weird but its nature responding to this energy flow.

ml-d influnce weather

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