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ML-D DIARY 20120415

By: vis0, 11:27 AM GMT on April 15, 2012

   Posting at wunderground and eMailing to Norman,Ok.(2nd eMail to Storm Prediction Center other was 2-4yrs ago)...either cause i like to waste my time?, but also give my country a few last chances to test this - new to others, 30+ yrs old to me - creation that I STATE influences weather. Amongst other things it can influence an energy flow in  reversing diseases to triggering earthquakes.

   That might read as impossible, but its like Thomas Edison stating his "electricity" discovery will influence economies, health and science breakthrough (which he did say) and it did.  As hospitals and their equipment run on electricity, an entire country's economic growth is dependent on their electrical grid lines and we build rockets using electrical power JUST AS 3 EXAMPLES.  Therefore don't think that a device that uses a power source not yet discovered (AS FAR AS I KNOW), but uses the opposing energy of the planets mantels/core (i've posted a big hint several times since 1998 and its that this energy would give a footprint as if "static gen. off silicone") could not be the next major science breakthrough.  An example i give is one can build 1, just ONE wind turbine (modern windmill) in place of 70 to100 windmills as presently we see in 2012 around the world as 'windmill farms". As this ml-d would be built around the turbines input and one could create "wind streams" (what i call man steered upper air flows when brought down to seas level by this device) therefore 1 on top off a 40-50 story building could power a square mile as it brings a flow of 10-20 knots winds for as long as one wants BUT I STRICTLY DO NOT WANT OT TO EXCEED 8 CONSECUTIVE HOURS IN A 24 HR. PERIOD. Of course things like air traffic, birds, weather clashing etc. have to be thought of when created.  Why i hoped one on Long Island would've been built first to test the idea. My last wish for any in THE U.S. is to take me to an African area where no battles / conflicts are active which has a long term drought to see if this ml-d can first bring clouds within a month of installation then precip. be it a few drops after 2-3 months.   If this cannot be done by next year i'm going to ask other countries to test my device and that will be tricky as i will have to take 2 or 3 people as protection. Then sadly if these other countries allow me to prove the ml-d who will develop it, as the creator is a United States citizen (nu yourican)but they gave me the opportunity.  Thus the u.s. will loose much as one example of its importance this device can make "HAARP" obsolete as a person /COUNTRY can protect themselves by using this device. there are times in history that shift power i think this is a device that will do this BE IT CREATED BY ME OR ANYONE ELSE lets hope its used for good.

In case some at severe central (Norman,Ok.) wonder why not the severe (strong, but not severe) within the warning areas just west of western Texas for Friday into Saturday April 13th into April 14th 2012 maybe, MAYBE its had to do with an AREA OF INFLUENCE (AOI) of a device i call an ml-d . See brown ring

on map linked here (not to scale but close enough). Just before (few mi.) to within the brown ring, energy seems to suddenly "die off", or as i like to say "split". This occurs when the ml-d is pulsed.  Ml-d Pulsing is triggered by the movement of the ml-d's parts/position. its controls and by sound sent to it via an X pattern and that 's input "cone".  If sound is created where i live (27th & 2nd ave. , Manhattan) and the change in sounds reachs an extreme a pulse is sent in what i call an "intrea-out" form (its a math (last of the 5 "parental maths" as addition,subtraction, division, multiplication and this undiscovered "parental math"  i've called "invision" and a few other nicknames. Though not yet discovered i hope to post clues at wunderground and ipernity. As far as i know "intrea-out" can't be read by present day Sats. be they public / military, be happy i can't be bought by no amount of money.

i post ON many subjects, as to weather as "vis0" at wunderground and other aliases are "Senor Equis" at IPERNITY. "AKAMRX" (FROM NYC, NOT the European MONEY guy). Tried for years (over 35) to get the

ml-d AREA OF INLUENCE AOI nyc Tornado


ml-d diary 20120413

By: vis0, 8:41 AM GMT on April 13, 2012

As stated on 4 or so  "ml-d diary" blogs ago i have the ml-d set very close to #2.3 (means 2 times the...) Its set just under #2.3, but as the Sun interacts with the ml-d its shifts it just enough so at this point 8 hrs of a day its at #2.3, the highest number of hours occurs at the summer solstice. ls as stated it seems the NE U.S. of A. was to be in a severe drought from winter 2011/12 through spring 2012 as national agencies stated but notice its not severe, but a bit lower at serious (to the layman its still bad but lets stay scientific were % numbers count). And i state that the little precip. we received at ~48% of norm, 23% of that 48% was due to the ml-d being set just under #2.3. If i would have  set it at #2.3 or a bit above we'd have 89% of norm in precip. BUT 40% HIGHER OF AN EARTHQUAKE OF 4.0 - 5.0 FELT IN NYC, meaning it could be a 6.5 Richter in Pa. that felt like a 4.0 - 5.0 in the nyc area. Its a balancing act that is very hard on my conscience but i'm alone it seems it testing tis device and hopefully the human consequences won't be too high from more tornado outbreaks but i've asked it be tested the ball is in the court of those i write too, or leave updates at,peace

ml-d AOI ml-d diary Tornado Drought akamrx


ML-D DIARY 20120403

By: vis0, 3:40 AM GMT on April 04, 2012

don't under estimate 2nite's AM tu-we NOR THE NXT.

ml-d Tornado



By: vis0, 11:51 PM GMT on April 01, 2012

qR4-5~3Ds nuYara

earthquakes ml-d


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