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Not to bother WxU as when i posted a message on my "microLOW
yrs! ago called it something else. The few eMail responses was
that i was a joke and not to waste wxu's space. i then began to post at
ABC7 message board including stating in winter 2004/2005 that 2005
Atlantic Basin TS season would have over 23 storms (since i prefer
leaving CLUEs/parables i posted watch as one will need the heritage of
fox5 (NYC) Nick Gregory (FOX5 meteorologist) to count all the
storms.  This meant Nick being of Greek descent the Greek
alphabet would be needed thus at least 23 TS. i posted 28 in a Morse
code clue in a later ABC7 message /otherwebsite vid. i was asked to
leave by ABC board moderator Bevans (either Bill Evans or someone
working at ABC) i moved to myfoxny in June2006.  Why come
back, simple running out of FREE legit places that allows to upload
many varieties of files txt-vids and allows to talk-txt on wx, plus
doing what sis told me to do in the 1980s post it as SCIENCE FICTION,
doing that in 3 other languages in countries where NEW ideas are

    i also recently blogged of what i was
doing with the ml-d
(Puerto Rico in Jan ~4th 2010 - Feb ~6th 2010) January 4th first time i
left ml-d
"active" on a plane; jetBlue flight ¿ Did this cause the surprise cold
front that headed all the way to just north of Puerto Rico? Since no
one was there to measure the cooler air on the plane's ground it's just
my word and the people on the plane complaining of cold feet which
could have been caused by something else besides the ml-d's "air bending"
ability**. As posted on the myfoxny blog BUT for some reason since late
Dec. 2009 fox is placing my blogs on pending so one has to take my word
or visit my Sevenload link to view posts captured as images or videos i
recorded showing fox is blocking/pending my blog. Though Puerto Rico in
Dec 2009 was drier than "normal". During Jan. 2010 while i had the ml-d
in Aguadilla, P.R. set to ~#28-#30*** Puerto Rico (surrounding areas)
had 3 to 4 times the ''norm" precipitation. BTW ml-ds AOI has to do
with notjust the horizon as to ground/earth but an area of the
atmosphere visible to the ml-d.  If one drew a line towards
the sky's "horizon",in this case mark Aguadilla, PR (not the city but
town) to just east of the most northward Lesser Antilles ~57W, use that
to create a radius. Came back to Manhattan, NYC (27th st.) `Feb.6th
2010 set the NYC ml-d from auto ~#11 to ~#30.

   Before i go further i "read" several maps of the
stars via NASA and Astronomy experts to predict what i call 8 yr.
weather tendencies. Before one thinks so one should know every year's
wxtrends, this 8 yr cycle can only be read in full 8 yr. forecast on
one year then one has to wait for that 8 yrs "Galacsic
light cycle
" to end to read the next 8
yr trend. i used ROY G BIV (electromagnetic visible light spectrum) to
represent this cycle add the ascending/descending "gold' so its G^ =1/2
& Gv =1/2 for a total of 8 (ROYGBIV=7,  1/2+1/2=1,
71=8 BUT its physical link(s)  expands & contract by
.666 or 7 x .666 = 4.662; 7+4.662 = 11.662 thus in 1972 my 4th grade
teach said i was wrong in stating the Sun has a cycle of`11 to 12 yrs.
i state the complex Uni-verse has fluid
, in this case a complex star
and as if the sun was a barrel of water tapped causing
honeycomb ripples,this occurs as other light sources via what i call "clear matter"
which i state is 45% of space, dark matter is 22.5 ... more later

========= asterisks explained ============

** By Bending air
i mean it creates a manner where energy is grounded NOT BY WIREs, that
leads to side effects but via air (a trillion $$ idea that is as
dangerous in the wrong hands as the nuclear energy was to
physics/physical world, why i am keeping it to myself after
1997.)  My latest Q is could this device at certain settings
on certain 'faults' lead to "release
".  i've set it to ~#30
over 6 fault lines all w/o thinking that it had that ability and since
it bends air
flow from deep i mean deep Earth ~5mi. above the molten iron area
mantle in changing/cooling-warming all that rock as it rises towards
surface ground i wonder if its a hairpin trigger, NOT a cause but

Will post eMails i sent to TELEMUNDO in PR, then another to NASA "Solar
System Ambassadors Program" a meteorologist at Puerto Rico's WAPA TV
Deborah (De-Bor-ican) Martorell as i was hoping WAPA might send someone
to the family home in Aguadilla and i would show them how i'd raise the
continuous wind flow / gust, no one showed up... i tried. i
broke  my promise of not showing my device to anyone after1997
'cause a few relatives where impressed and asked i show it off to make
the family name proud.

(my settings for ml-d
are; 0-5 means neutral readout/test, ~#10 seems to output 1x the "norm"
rarely leave it on those numbers, ~#20 =2x the "norm", ~#30 = 3x the
"norm" etc. till 60, never used above 34 too dangerous.)

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