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By: unclemush , 1:47 PM GMT on April 30, 2010

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Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.
Mother Teresa

the new occupant (grichardanderson)
the new occupant
Bear Invasion (robin57)
Oh my what I came home to a house full in my back yard it looked like a zoo More tomorrow on eyefetch It was very dark out so High ISO
Bear Invasion
Food Watch (TAGE)
Hungry capture of a Seagull grab a fish out of the Baltic Sea. Image is taken on 'Usedom' Holiday Island close to our Friends in Poland (see WunderMap for Aerials) in the North/East of Germany
Food Watch
I can't wait to fly like that! (catilac)
I can't wait to fly like that!
Hummingbird babies! (actual)
... and that nest is a work of art!
Hummingbird babies!
Colorful Caterpillar (NicksMacro)
Colorful Caterpillar
Wild Nevada (mauidave)
Boundary Peak and a couple wild Horses
Wild Nevada
Life. . . (Feather3)
. . .found a way. . .this California Poppy was growing from a piece of pine that's partially dead; the tree lies on its side after having, at some point in its own life, been knocked over. Still, it grows, and the parts that are dead, are playing host to flowers....other shots from different perspectives to come.
Life. . .
Boating in pool (seflagamma)
Sun April 25, 2010. Grandsons Cole & Ty playing in boat in the pool.
Boating in pool
Be choosy. (juslivn)
Be choosy.
Tuesdays awakenings (Alleyoops)
Tuesdays awakenings
Sugar White Sands, Emerald Waters (Beachfoxx)
We call this "paradise"!
Sugar White Sands, Emerald Waters
Beer and a view! (auburn)
Beer and a view!
April Lightning (upweatherdog)
Just four days after the snowstorm on April 20th, a warm front moved through and temps shot up into the upper 70s and lower 80s. A cold front moved through in the evening bringing strong thunderstorms with heavy rain, lightning, and small hail. My first attempt at lightning photos!
April Lightning
Streetcar along Mississippi River today (Patrap)
Streetcar lazily rolls along..
Streetcar along Mississippi River today
DARK BOY (joealaska)
Misc Weather Photos (Bonedog)
Misc Weather Photos
Mr. Rac Coon (OGal)
Watch me Mr. Squirrel
Mr. Rac Coon
Wildflower Roadtrip (GardenGrrl)
Field with mixed wildflowers. In about another week the coreopsis and other flowers will be blooming too.
Wildflower Roadtrip
Evening Feeding (Proserpina)
Evening Feeding
Tree of Life (EmmyRose)
New Orleans, LA
Tree of Life
Barn Sallow (plapman)
This swallow is resting after a busy afternoon of catching mosquitoes
Barn Sallow
Crab Apple Blossoms (plapman)
This tree is in my daughter yard at Lakeland
Crab Apple Blossoms
Hendersonville Apple Festival (Skyepony)
Hendersonville Apple Festival
Pettus Bridge, Selma Alabama (RickyRood)
This is the Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. Taken in 2007 on a trip through the South.
Pettus Bridge, Selma Alabama
Paine's Creek Beach, Brewster, MA (PeaceRiverBP)
Paine's Creek Beach, Brewster, MA
Baby Flicker (sp34n119w)
My cat found a baby Flicker this morning. The bird is in good hands, now. The cat is still giving me dirty looks.
Baby Flicker
Baby Bald Eagle I saved (Jamiekins)
Here is a pic of the baby eagle I saved from the waters of the alligators 3/17/10
Baby Bald Eagle I saved
BAby Cardinals (Susie77)
Baby cardinals, just hatched, living in nest in vine on our fence. Eyes are not open yet, but you can see the future flight feathers formed and coming out of the keratin sheaths.
BAby Cardinals
Big Blue (RobDaHood)
This is my buddy, Big Blue. He hangs out every day with me. Has Staked a claim on a certain pine tree in the back yard, and wont let the ospreys or hawks, or anything else take it away.
Big Blue
rainier bridge in fog (toddluck)
rainier bridge in fog
rainier bridge in fog
Osprey (seawitch1261)
This osprey was in the top branches of a live oak.
Florida Keys - A Boat (Beachfoxx)
Florida Keys - A Boat
Fathers WW-2 Photo Collection (Patrap)
Marines in action, Okinowa
Fathers WW-2 Photo Collection
deer camp (tkeith)
flat creek sharks
deer camp
V-trunk Cypress, Flat Lake (DocNDswamp)
On the west side of Bear Bayou on Flat Lake, view looking ENE... Under "normal" conditions I would be looking up - not down - at the cypress tree's forked trunk, when there's enough water to reach it... This spot was almost dry 4 months earlier in December 07, currently 8.5 ft depth...
V-trunk Cypress, Flat Lake
Camping at the Withlacoochee River (spathy)
Photos of the flooding at the Withlacoochee River
Camping at the Withlacoochee River
Camping at the Withlacoochee River (spathy)
Photos of the flooding at the Withlacoochee River
Camping at the Withlacoochee River
Day in the Forest (rick849187)
Day in the Forest
Grandson Nolan (seflagamma)
Apr 27, 2010. Grandson Nolan, 4 1/2 mos old.. loves being outside in the shade.
Grandson Nolan
enjoying a hearty meal... (LKleef)
...in my yard
enjoying a hearty meal...
silver-eared mesia... (LKleef)
silver-eared mesia...
Sunset on the ol' railroad tracks (ChandlerMike)
I've been to these tracks quites a few times, everytime though I hope to shoot something different. Tonight was a sunset with falling virga in the background slightly lit up by the sun. The San Tan Mountains are the left. (HDR Photo)
Sunset on the ol' railroad tracks
Cat 5 (auburn)
My Lucky Boy..He is a clown
Cat 5
Reaching. . . (Feather3)
. . .when the sun comes out and the breeze is stiffly blowing, the California Creamcups, a relative of the California Poppy, will open wide, waiting for insects and the wind, to remove the pollen. . .
Reaching. . .
Great Gorilla's (code1)
We are watching you, and it is not amusing! Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL. Sad they have to be caged, but if not, we would not be able to appreciate their majesty here in the States.
Great Gorilla's
Freckles (mobal)
This little fellow comes to our patio every morning and evening for strawberries and cat food.
Still Standing (Jakeof)
I left home in bright sunshine to see this old friend on the inward leg of my walk at sunset, but by then clouds had rolled in from the SW. A few spots of rain fell upon me as I walked home, but did not amount to much, we have not had rain now for over a month, very unusual at this time of year, farmers must be loving it ,crops all planted , and ready to grow. HDR from an original bracketed exposure of 13 seconds.
Still Standing
Pear Blossom (sandiquiz)
Taken at 6:35 this morning. In the early morning light the large conifer hedge behind it was still in shadow, so provides a wonderfully dark background!
Pear Blossom
Imes Covered Bridge (webgal)
I had the opportunity to visit all of the Bridges of Madison County in Iowa this weekend. I have been waiting to visit this place for 14 years. It is a dream come true.
Imes Covered Bridge
Boom are set-out (taco2me61)
Alabama is ready for the Crude that will be coming ashore sometime this weekend.... We have companies from Maine to Virginia here on the Gulf Coast putting out those Booms.....
Boom are set-out
Vantage Point (FloridaFanToo)
Snowy Egret trying to get the advantage while standing on the top of a turtle at Wakodahatchee Wetlands.
Vantage Point
Menzie's Wallflowers (Feather3)
As the storm began passing on Tuesday
Menzie's Wallflowers
Aren't we proud!!!!! (Birdiegirl2)
He is a Mustang. Yes this is a wild horse.
Aren't we proud!!!!!
Home on the Range (funhawg)
Home on the Range
Bird Haven (thunderweather)
Bird Haven
Tulips (JanesVacation)
StormWatch (trigirl)
View of the sunset with a wide-angle lens, facing the incoming thunderstorm with bougainvilla trees in the foreground. HDR
CountryLane (trigirl)
Last of this series! I have so enjoyed sharing this absolutely lovely Spring day of blue skies and sunshine with my Wunderfriends!
Up in the Night (joepledger)
I altered this shot. It is from our hike on friday. I like the drama!
Up in the Night
CemetaryLane (trigirl)
Driving the backroads, we always discover interesting stuff. This was on a long lane that dead-ended into a very old cemetary.
peñas y rocas (lunada)
peñas y rocas
Old wharf 10x10 washed ashore and hollowed out for a planter
Full Moon & St. Lou (cincobayou)
Twilight time in New Orleans and the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral beckons my camera....as the Full Moon beams over the Vieux Carre.
Full Moon & St. Lou
Sunday Showers (StormTrain)
Some surprise
Sunday Showers
Nolan on his back (seflagamma)
Mon May 3, 2010. Grandson Nolan getting swim lesson from his Mama.. he is kicking on his back.
Nolan on his back
Mendocino (Feather3)
Monkey See (karalegal)
Monkey See
Among the giants (snodog)
Bergy Bits, growlers, a glacier, glacial lake, sun and at the left of the photo, incoming rain shower.
Among the giants
Columbine (Nita)
TRIPLETS (southflgolfer)
Triplet Baby Green Herons.
Cantabria mountains in the fog III (lunada)
Cantabria mountains in the fog III
Baby GreatHorn (rrose1)
This (wild) baby Great-Horned Owl hadn't yet learned to fly. Shot at 200mm focal length.
Baby GreatHorn
there is always one (Olbetsy)
Ruby's pups wait to go inside
there is always one
Indian Sunset lll (thebige)
Indian Sunset  lll
My dogs (breald)
My dogs
Tee Harbor (snodog)
Small boat harbor tucked into the protected waters of the Inside Passage. Rain, sun and at times both today
Tee Harbor
Thistle and Lace (lkw51)
Queen Ann's Lace mingled with a thistle bloom, making for quite a contrast.
Thistle and Lace
Tracking Down Farrandsville (DocBop)
Tracking Down Farrandsville
Red Wing Blackbird (Dovey)
This guy is another resident of the Laguna Madre wetland. There is so much variety of wildlife there.
Red Wing Blackbird
Coffman Cove, Prince of Wales, Island (jitterymoose)
NOTE: Coffman Cove, on top of being beautiful and having fresh, local oysters, has the BEST LIBRARY I'VE EVER SEEN IN BUSH ALASKA! It's like a lending bookstore .... with coffee!
Coffman Cove, Prince of Wales, Island
La Paz Monument. In the "Malecn" (GeorgefromLosCabos)
A sunny and pleasent day in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mxico.
La Paz Monument. In the
A Perfect Rainbow Over the Ocean. (02066steve)
The rain was just stopping and the sun peaking out behind the clouds. I grabbed a wide angle lens and snapped this 5 exposure HDR capture.
A Perfect Rainbow Over the Ocean.
El seu nom es Zuri. (tsegui)
El seu nom es Zuri.
Una nova rosa. (tsegui)
Una nova rosa.
END OF DUTCH DAY (joealaska)
FOX WITH NO NAME (joealaska)
BlueCuracao (trigirl)
Morning glories at the beach to greet the sunrise...
She'sGoin'Down! (trigirl)
Wide-angle view of the sunset at the waterway. HDR
BIGHORNS (funhawg)
blooming (tchrterry)
Loki on the ridge (thehinge)
Loki at NC's Shining Rock Wilderness on a warm afternoon with some great clouds passing over.
Loki on the ridge
Glittering in the sun (hollidayman)
Glittering in the sun
Belfry on a hill (TheKink)
Belfry on a hill
Cliff Sunset (CameraDiva)
Zion, UT
Cliff Sunset
Wolf pup at 7 weeks (RobDaHood)
A friend does wolf and hybred rescue. This pup at 7 weeks is a real cutie.
Wolf pup at 7 weeks
Navigable ?? (bumpui)
Chaophraya River Pathumthani
Navigable ??
Outside of Hakatta Japan
Astoria sunset (kat7195)
Astoria sunset
Hunter (seawitch1261)
After it finished raining, this loggerhead shrike hunted for worms.
On his own (cyriously68)
This little guy has been hanging out in our yard all by himself for a couple weeks. So far he's been eating grass and hasn't found our lettuce.
On his own
Crystal Balls (Hurricane765)
Can you see your future?
Crystal Balls
Another One (jerseyshoretoo)
Happy I was out there. It didn't last long and many bolts were behind the clouds and not visible.
Another One
Country Drive (Dovey)
It is a beautiful day for a drive to enjoy the beauty of the country and breathe in the fresh air!
Country Drive
NightWatch (trigirl)
Sunset tonight at the Morikami Japanese park which held a special event called Sushi and Stroll. The park usually closes by 5pm, so we felt very lucky to be able to witness this gorgeous end-of-day drama at the lake there. Wide-angle HDR.
Poppy (Susie77)
California poppy at Missouri Botanical Garden. Next photo is close up of the inside of this brilliantly-colored flower.
Dandelion planet (Agris)
This Spring dandelions as usually blooms all at one time
Dandelion planet
Nighttime Bolt (thebige)
Another lightning bolt. I cropped and added a little contrast to this photo.
Nighttime Bolt
Pine Flat Final Wave (Sando)
As the spring wildflowers sprout up in waves, we're hitting the final wave of the season. Today's light rain will help to preserve, however, hot is on the way! The Central Sierras are just beautiful right now!
Pine Flat Final Wave
Ten Thousand Feet (thunderweather)
Ten Thousand Feet
Blue Bay Club (Orcasystems)
Blue Bay Club
Goody 1/2 hr old (lilElla)
Goody was born Good Friday 4/10/09,Mama is Willow.
Goody 1/2 hr old
View of San Fernando Island from Craig Alaska (jitterymoose)
I love how ENORMOUS the reflection of the island was this morning... and how calm the sea was (still is)
View of San Fernando Island from Craig Alaska
The Lion Is Watching (trailhiker44)
From high above the captial city of Styria, the lion is watching and looking out to the distant mountains!
The Lion Is Watching
Pretty Lady (RCPlains)
Pretty Lady
passing spring storm (canon30dguy)
passing spring storm
Arizona State Flower - Saguaro (CenturionAZ)
Arizona State Flower - Saguaro
Air conditioned Barn (Olbetsy)
Weather had it's way with this barn, near John Day Oregon
Air conditioned Barn
Hello Herons (funhawg)
Variety is the Spice of Life!
Hello Herons
Misty Mountains (xCEND27x)
A short break in the rain made a nice sunset
Misty Mountains
Approaching front (13468)
The full moonrise was this evening but scene was obscured by the immense clouds. I turned away to capture this sunset that happened at the same time.
Approaching front
Valley of Fire (pincollector1)
Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada's oldest state park. It covers an area of 34,880 acres and was dedicated in 1935. It derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs. These features, which are the centerpiece of the park's attractions, often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun's rays. Valley of Fire is located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, at an elevation between 2,000–2,600 feet. It abuts the Lake Mead National Recreation Area at the Virgin River confluence. It lies in a 4 by 6 mile basin. Complex uplifting and faulting of the region, followed by extensive erosion, have created the present landscape. The rough floor and jagged walls of the park contain brilliant formations of eroded sandstone and sand dunes more than 150 million years old. Other important rock formations include limestones, shales, and conglomerates. The park entry from Interstate 15 passes through the Moapa Indian Reservation. The park has a visitor center that should be visited by anyone planning any off-road activities. The site is marked as Nevada Historical Marker 150. Prehistoric users of the Valley of Fire included the Ancient Pueblo Peoples, also known as the Anasazi, who were farmers from the nearby fertile Moapa Valley. Their approximate span of occupation has been dated from 300 B.C. to A.D. 1150. Their visits probably involved hunting, food gathering, and religious ceremonies, although scarcity of water would have limited their stay. Fine examples of rock art left by these ancient peoples can be found at several sites within the park. Winters are mild with temperatures ranging from 32 °F. to 75 °F. Daily summer highs usually exceed 100 °F. and may reach 120 °F. Summer temperatures can vary widely from day to night. Light winter showers and summer thunderstorms bring an average annual rainfall of four inches. Spring and fall are the preferred seasons for visiting the Valley of Fire. Valley of Fire Road is the main road through the park. The 10.5 mile road connects the east and west entrances of the park. It was designated as a Nevada Scenic Byway on June 30, 1995. Although petroglyphs are present throughout the entire park, Mouse's Tank and Atlatl Rock are two areas in particular which have many petroglyphs while being relatively easily accessible.
Valley of Fire
Mount Shasta Morning Mocha 5-27-10-1012 (LivingShasta)
Mount Shasta Morning Mocha from my front porch!
Mount Shasta Morning Mocha 5-27-10-1012
SAGUARO FLOWER (joealaska)
Between day and night in Bangkok (Bangkrood)
Sunset behind Anantasamakom Throne Hall.
Between day and night in Bangkok
Faro Blanco Lighthouse in B&W (oneshotww)
Tried to find some information on the cause of the damage to this area. I assume it's hurricane damage but am unable to confirm it. (when I Googled it, my pic comes up)
Faro Blanco Lighthouse in B&W
on the river (gulfcoastmom1969)
on the river
Iris & Sunset (lousyfocus)
This is similar to a previous submission from here, except that (1) this occurred about 25 hours later; when (2) it was known that the picture would show the effect of a flash; and (3) a different type of cloud existed.
Iris & Sunset
Canyon Arch (joepledger)
I discovered this while on my drive through Johnson Canyon in Southern Utah.
Canyon Arch
Birdhouse Sunset (ColoradoKat)
The end of the color in the sunset behind the little A-Frame birdhouse that the wrens use every year. Most years the vines grow over the top of the roof, keeping the house cool, but it was so hot and dry this Summer, the vines were someone stunted.
Birdhouse Sunset

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