Oil spill headed for Texas? Could spell disaster for Texas non-oil coastal economy

By: txcyclone, 10:35 AM GMT on May 12, 2010

Just read Dr. Jeff's blog from May 12, 2010 concerning the westward movement of the oil. With a flow to the Texas/LA border by Monday, this could put the oil near Galveston beaches by Memorial Day if the currents continue west. This would be devestating to the Galveston tourism economy, which is still trying to recover from Hurricane Ike. Not to mention the cruise lines that arrive and depart from Galveston Bay.But Galveston lives and dies by oil. You can sit on the...

Is it spring yet? Then wake me up!

By: txcyclone, 7:35 PM GMT on February 02, 2008

I've been in hibernation so far this La Nina winter, which has been quite miserable if you play tennis outdoors regularly year round. Seems like every scheduled match has been cancelled because of unexpected cold air, 50 mph winds or just enough moisture to keep everything wet. Whereas I usually play three days per week, I've hardly picked up my racquet since before Christmas.I know this has been the time of the year when cold front after cold front relentlessly sla...

Summer Finally Arrives in Arlington 2007

By: txcyclone, 8:56 PM GMT on August 11, 2007

Summer is finally here in Arlington. Well, not quite. Usually we have sunny, dry, hot Texas days and nights, but the humidity is still with us and there is very little wind. And this means pollution alerts in the DFW area.This is particularly distressing to me, because I'm one of those people you read about in the pollution alerts: "people who participate in vigorous outdoor activities . . ."I play lots of tennis, and things have changed since the days of yore. Wher...

Galveston Tornado Trip

By: txcyclone, 9:10 PM GMT on July 08, 2007

Turns out the waterspout in the photo was indeed a tornado that passed over Galveston, TX and touched ground, inflicting minor roof damage to a few homes. Also, this is one of three twisters spotted on July 5.I've been periodically hanging at the beach in Galveston for most of my life and I've never seen a tornado down there. Seeing this thing floating at what turns out to be 10 blocks away was nothing short of surreal. It's like other tornados I've seen in North T...

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