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A very special Thanksgiving to all WU

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 6:30 PM GMT on November 28, 2013

I wish a great Thanksgiving to all wunderground bloggers 'circum mundum' who have come to share with others their experiences about the wonderful and never ending world of weather. Happy Thanksgiving

Today is the day in which we all gather at the table to dine as a big family, to talk to each other, to be friendly. Share love with kindness tonight! Enjoy the turkey.

Unfortunately there are thousands of poor and hungry people around the country who won't be able to do that tonight. I always keep them Im mind. Be thankful for having a meal.

Major Winter Storm finally departs... everything is done!

Unofficially named Boreas, this trans-continental winter storm brought severe to dangerous conditions to many around the country.
Major snowfalls around the Rockies, heavy snow in north Texas, dangerous ice accumulations around Dallas, TX put many people's lives in jeopardy when driving after an ice accumulation nearly 1". Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms rumbled in the southeast and the rage of the storm was unleashed in the northeast. Widespread snowfall accumulations over a foot in the northern country with flooding rains along the coast being whipped by the howling winds gusting up to 60 mph in many locations.
This storm was indeed disastrous.

Storm reports around the NYC area
Danbury... 3.77" (CT)
Norwalk... 3.25"
Stamford... 2.90"
Bridgeport... 2.15"
Middletown... 2.71"
Meriden... 2.81"
Gilman... 3.10"
Clarks Falls... 2.93"
Ramsey... 3.68" (NJ)
Allendale... 3.28"
Park Ridge... 3.25"
Cedar Grove... 3.77"
Harrison... 3.09"
Little Falls... 3.35"
Syosset... 3.00" (NY)
Levittown... 2.50"
Central Park... 2.49"
Nanuet... 3.24"
Lake Rokonkoma... 2.44"
White Plains Airport... 3.70"

A wind gust of 48 mph was reported in Norwalk,CT, 46 mph in Wallingford, 54 mph in Bridgeport, 51 mph in Mamaroneck, NY, 64 mph in Stony Brook, 55 mph in East Hampton and 45 mph in White Plains Airport.

Northeast snowfall
Light blue (1-5") bark blue (5-8") pink (9-14")

Record cold in Georgia this morning

COLDEST DAY ever in the south for me:

Marietta, GA at 5:58 AM
Temperature: 20F*
Felt like: 12F
Winds: W at 6 mph
Pressure: 1026.75mb
Humidity: 86%

*Marietta sets new record low temperature (20F) breaking 2002's 24F low.
The average low for this day of 38F (18F below normal)

About the snow yesterday... FFC NWS

.. Record daily maximum snowfall set at Atlanta...
A record snowfall of 0.4 inch(es) was set at Atlanta today. This is
also the highest snowfall ever recorded at Atlanta in the month of

Nov 28 11:45 PM Update

Possible snow early next week for Northwest


Typhoon Haiyan - The all time most lethal storm to strike the Philippines has now taken over 5.5 thousand lives. Keep the victims and their relatives in your prayers

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Im transitioning into Christmas mode on December 1st.


Updated: 4:42 AM GMT on November 29, 2013


Nor'easter could impact NYC-Boston Area by Thankgiving. Haiyan's toll increases

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 4:07 AM GMT on November 23, 2013


Possible coastal low to disrupt the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend?

Update: 9:10 PM EST Nov 25

Now snow expected along littoral areas at all now. Just rain. Big rain accumulating from 3 to 5" with strong winds gusting up to 60 mph.
Localize flooding expected

Interior places could get a foot of snow. Upstate New York and northern New England should be looking for 6" to 15" of heavy wet snow.

The center of the low should track very close to Nantucket, MA and enter southern Maine

Expect very strong winds all across the northeast from this strong coastal low. Power outages are very likely.

How much snow where?
Check Upstate New York

How Much Rain?
Coastal areas

NWS Alerts


Typhoon Haiyan

The number of deaths Haiyan is responsible for is now over 5,000 people.
When Haiyan reached it's maximum destructive power of destruction, people knew the storm was not a joke anymore. These are the consequences; 5,270 died.

The deadliest storm I have ever seen and tracked.
Haiyan was a historic and catastrophic typhoon and getting closer and closer to become the deadliest typhoon ever for the Philippines.

Major Cold temperatures for Northern Georgia

Nov 27 6:20 PM Update

Snow fell in my area!!!

Widespread snow for the south...from few flakes around the MS River to over half a foot in the southern Appalachians

Atlanta's coldest day thus far this winter season to be Wednesday. The highs for November 27 will not ascend above 35F.
Expect some gusty winds as well... dangerous wind chills expected just like those in the north

AM Temperatures Wednesday

Wind chill temperatures

Heavy rains are expected from tonight on thru Thursday morning... expecting accumulations of 3-4" and some isolated 5" across northern Georgia. A Flood watch is in effect addressing this matter.

November 17 tornado outbreak

Washington, IL a city seriously devastated by a powerful 190 mph EF4 tornado.

How could you start from zero again? No words to describe...

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Typhoon Haiyan Thanksgiving Nor'Easter

Updated: 11:20 PM GMT on November 27, 2013


Violent Cyclone Sidr made landfall today in 2007

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 7:07 AM GMT on November 15, 2013

11/21 10:20 pm Update
Wintry weather across the central States

My new winter weather graphic

8:50 pm ET update

The Ohio River Valley will be up for the biggest storms... damaging storms packing squalls, hail, gusty winds, loud thunder and perhaps the unexpected dangerous tornadoes.

My long-not-seen tornado map...


Cyclone Sidr, one of the most devastating storms to hit Bangladesh and killing over 10,000 people.

It was today (our time) when Sidr reached maximum intensity of category 5 equivalent. Packing winds of 160 mph and headed right for landfall in Bangladesh on November 15, 2007

The damages are estimated at $1.7 billion

Sidr made landfall at 1700 UTC (1 PM EST) as a 135 mph category 4 cyclone.
The storm dissipated on Nov 16.

Sidr is an Arabic name for a fruit tree which belongs to the genus ziziphus

I'll have my hurricane scorecard winners later, sometime in December.
There are only 15 days left of this hurricane season. The Atlantic is pretty much done.


Possible Severe weather this upcoming Sunday

NEW: Improved graphic, the top bar has big changes

7:15 PM 11/15 Update

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India Cyclones Bangladesh

Updated: 3:20 AM GMT on November 22, 2013


Very cold temperatures for Northern Georgia tonight and tomorrow night

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 11:56 PM GMT on November 12, 2013


South-wide Artic blast. Prepare for dangerously low temperatures anywhere from Texas to Georgia

A 1,200 mile stretch for freeze warnings all across the southern states. Some which get very close to the coast in the central Gulf states.
Please protect your children, pets, all kinds of plants subject to damage, vegetation and yourself.

The big issue with this cold is going to be the gusty winds. Winds of 20-25 mph and gusts up to 35 mph will be responsible for a significant drop of those temperature forecasts. Be sure that the forecast temperature will be lower if winds are expected.

For Tonight... take a look at the two graphics below

Northern Georgia will experience it's lowest temperatures of the winter season.
All around the Atlanta Metro Area to expect temperatures in the mid 20s.

However if you like in the counties of Cherokee, Paulding, Douglas and further westward into Alabama or if you live around Peachtree City and La Grange expect even colder temperatures, pissibly in the low 20s...

IN THE TEENS?? Yes! A wind advisory is in effect for most of Georgia, this will be the killer. Please dress accordingly.
Those temperatures described above will be felt at some points as 10 degrees lower!

This is what the FFC NWS says it could feel like for our area in Atlanta

I'll be giving updates in the comment section below... come to take a look

Nov 13 Update 7:10 PM EST

Reporting today's low temperatures. Source NWS FFC


Typhoon Haiyan - Yolanda

"We need help, nothing is happening"
"Please Help us"

Just some shouts from the desperate Philippine people dying for help. There are thousands and thousands of people who are still hoping to receive it. These people are the survivors of the tremendous horror and extreme devastation they experienced yet they are alive but they are in great need of a helping hand. Please help, donate if you can. Im sure they will thank you forever even if they don't get to meet you.

"We don't know of the magnitude of this tragedy, we won't ever know since we didn't experience it as they did. Let's have pity and compassion for our friends of the Philippines" - Max

The confirmed death toll is now nearing 1,900. It was over 800 yesterday. That's not including the 10,000 additional one from some reports.
I fear this number to increase exponentially over the next few days. So sad :(

International Response...
Thanks to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Iran and Russia
South Korea is donating $5 million, United Arab Emirates' President Khalifa expressed his condolences and donated $10 million, Canada send $5 million for immediate aid, Uk donated 10 million pounds (~$16 million).

Germany is giving 23 tons of aid. New Zealand $1.2 million, Taiwan $200,000, Singapore $40,000, The Vatican City plans to donate $150,000 as Pope Francis expressed “I ask all of you to join me in prayer for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda especially those in the beloved islands of the Philippines”.

All aforementioned aid is needed urgently as yours!


First snow of the year in the NYC Area

Connecticut reports the biggest accumulation from this morning's snow. It began snowing around 7:30 AM to after 9 AM EST. This is the first snow of the season for them

CONNECTICUT - Fairfield County

Ridgefield.. 2.0"
Shelton.. 1.5
Newtown.. 1.3"
New Canaan.. 0.8"
Norwalk.. 0.3"

Armonk in Westchester county NY received 2.3"


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Atlanta, GA Winter Weather Philippines 2013 Typhoon Season Haiyan Yolanda Snow NYC Area

Updated: 12:08 AM GMT on November 14, 2013


Possible Snow for the East nest week? Historic and very violent typhoon landfalls

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 2:33 AM GMT on November 08, 2013




This extremely powerful storm will level anything on it's path... complete annihilation across many cities in the Central Philippines. It was a life decision whether to evacuate or not if you lived there.

My prayers to the victims and those who lie on the path of this apocalyptic atmospheric phenomenon.

No words to describe how extreme nature's fury could be.

We are with you!


11/08 10:40 PM UPDATE
South Snow and possible Brutal Cold

It looks more likely to have snow across the interior south... just light snowfall is possible from this weak wave moving along. Expect possible snowfall accumulating across the high terrains.
A possible coastal low could form offshore North Carolina... depending on it's tack: closer to the shore or out to sea, could determine whether a big snow event is on the outlook for the Northeast major cities as displayed in the map below

A high pressure system dipping down from Canada is expected to move across the southeast bringing below freezing temperatures for many interior areas. Widespread freezing is possible. Cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Greensboro, Augusta, Chattanooga, Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Mobile, Montgomery and Birmingham could expect temperatures in the 30s or much lower

It is possible for Atlanta to reach low 20s by midweek next week. North Georgia and the other states bordering the Appalachians may experience temperatures in the teens or even single digits!

More information on Sunday.

First snowflakes for the east coast?

It's expected to be a weak storm to slide by across the Ohio Valley into the Southern Appalachians bringing light snow.

The 540 line or 5400m (thickness) used in models determine the boundary between the rain-snow line. Any warmer (540+) or colder (540-) is key to determine snow.
In this case anyone inside the 534 line could most likely be getting snow

However, this could mean trouble for interior northeast later in the week as a coastal low develops and head up along the coast bringing snow across the area. Coastal rough seas and gusty winds are also likely

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18z GFS

Updated: 5:29 AM GMT on November 11, 2013


First big snowstorm for Minnesota Twin Cities... Have shovels at hand

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 10:36 AM GMT on November 04, 2013

Happy work week everyone... when you go to work, many of you just have to deal with the highway traffic, noise and delays but our friends in the north will also have to worry about the danger of slippery roads from a potentially significant snowstorm heading their way.

That is for our friends from the 'Land of 10,000' Lakes indeed!

Expect accumulable snow all across southern and eastern Minnesota into northern Wisconsin. Also In northern Kansas and southern South Dakota.

"Shovel-able" snowfall starts from Sioux Falls on eastward so if you are driving by I-90 East to Minnesota you shuld pay attention to the weather forecast for Tuesday Evening and overnight into Wednesday. Expect 3 inches to near half a foot in Sioux Falls, SD.

As we enter Minnesota, the snowfall is expected to be higher, from New Ulm-Mankato into the Twin Cities Metro Area across the state border into Wisconsin there is the potential for over half-a-foot of snow. Yes that is 6" or more for you.

The Twin Cities Metro Area should be on the lookout for 6"+. There is even the potential for certain areas to receive 7-10" of heavy wet snow.

Do note: Any slightest deviation from the forecast path of the storm now will significantly change the amount of snow for the current forecast thus shifting these accordingly.

When you return home Tuesday evening from work either to St. Paul or Minneapolis by interstates 94, 35E-35W, 394 or 494 please drive slowly and carefully.... it's expected to be snowing by this time.

From earlier on this time, the entire weather event will start as rain since temperatures remain well above the freezing mark, then by the evening it's when things get exciting for those snow-lovers.

It's very important also the exact time when the change over to snow occurs, if it happens earlier than forecast the forecast amounts overall will increase. Please keep yourself on top of the weather news throughout today and tomorrow.

Unveiling my brand-new 2013-2014 Winter Season Map
The new Features:
-Cities at risk: Potential cities in the path of the storm to get the worst of the storm
Snow Color Scale:(Top left) The estimated amount of snow based in the color being the number mark. For example: Light blue represents nearly 2", turning greenish is for 6", green is for 12"

The remnants of Pacific Tropical Storm Sonia is a major moisture contributor to this snow event.

To adress this issue the Twin Cities NWS Office (located in Chanhassen, MN) has issued a Winter Storm Watch for the entire area, yes, including the major metro area.


From my previous blog, this morning the entire NYC Area will be experiencing some of the coldest temperatures of the season.

Freeze warnings are in effect for the entire NYC boroughs, Long Island, NJ Hudson counties and CT counties (only coastal areas) of Fairfield, New Haven and Middlesex.

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Winter Weather Minnesota Minneapolis - St. Paul

Updated: 12:02 PM GMT on November 04, 2013


Cold in Connecticut Monday Morning

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 12:04 AM GMT on November 03, 2013

---working on my Thanksgiving Banner---

Connecticut Cold

Chilly morning for my friends residing in Port Chester, NY into Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, Bridgeport and New Haven. A cold November morning it will be! In the upper 20s

Even to those in the middle of Long Island like Riverhead, Upton and Brentwod Suffolk County NY.

A Freeze watch is in effect for almost all coastal CT into Westchester NY and NJ Counties along Hudson River.



All East coast will be able to see an eclipse (weather allowing) starting out as annular to then becoming total. The Bahamas, Bermuda northern South America, The Caribbean, Azores, Cape Verde and much of Africa and the Iberian Peninsula will be able to see the total eclipse. Countries of eastern Africa may be able to see a bit of it by sunset as places along the East Coast US (not too far inland) may do so by sunrise.

My all time favorite picture... so overwhelming



Please push back your clocks one (1) hour by 2 AM local time or when you get up if they haven't done it themselves.
At 07:00 UTC the time must be changed back.


Great GA fall foliage going on... we are just starting to see the big changes.
I took that picture yesterday afternoon


Hurricane Season 2013

Today is November 2... just 28 days left of the jurisdictional NHC hurricane season 2013 time. 83% of the Atlantic hurricane season is over.

Nota bene:
-By December 1st I'll announce the hurricane scorecard winners formally

I'll be leaving to New York in 50 days from today... can't wait.

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Cold temperatures Hurricane Scorecard

Updated: 9:26 PM GMT on November 03, 2013


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