Behind Erika.... something not seen by many....

By: sunlinepr, 11:27 AM GMT on August 28, 2015

You may think Im nuts, and I dont want to be controversial here, but The Arecibo Radio Observatory is a proven documented Haarp facility. The technique is real and there are a number of facilities developed by different countries using this US patent.




In moments where the meteorological comunity welcomes new models with better track, path resolution cones, supposed better by one day..... Erikas forecast as ...

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How to find gif animations

By: sunlinepr, 6:38 PM GMT on September 08, 2013

My storage area: Things to remember

How to acquire gif animations: Today's lesson

Go to any gif animation

On the animation ... do a right click with the mouse
Select copy link location
Open a new tab on the browser
Paste the link

Now start deleting the last portion of the address


The copied address is: eFinal.gif...

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Haarp myth or reality

By: sunlinepr, 4:56 PM GMT on July 10, 2013


Is it just a conspiracy theory dream or is it real?

The purpose of this blog is to acquire, learn and share scientific knowledge about this technology.

HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Patented by the US, (3 patents), many countries have implemented similar facilities around the world. The question is WHY? Alaska has Auro...

Weather Modification

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ITCZ code

By: sunlinepr, 4:19 PM GMT on June 08, 2012

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Some truth in these words?

By: sunlinepr, 1:52 PM GMT on July 02, 2011

"Intelligent (Great) people talk about ideas. Average people talk about events. Small (dumb, ordinary) people talk about other people."

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