Propaganda: Global Warming Is A Prime Example

By: stratcat , 6:21 AM GMT on May 01, 2008

By Climate Basics, I am focusing on the Global Warming debacle. Whether the global climate is heating or cooling in itself has been a debate, although most of the talk is pushing for the idea that the earth is warming. Like all other climate warming and cooling phases throughout history, we have little to no understanding as to why such cataclysmic events occur, even without man and his industry.

There are theories, but no answers to explain ice ages and their subsequent warm-ups. Ice core samples have repeatedly shown that CO2 increased AFTER the warm-ups, and not before, as we are being led to believe. Even still, CO2 levels in past increases and (now?) are way too meager to affect global temperature.

Why then are we being pummeled every day about "going green" and "saving the planet", etc.? Politicians are, for a variety of reasons, joining this propaganda bandwagon of how our planes, trains, and automobiles are killing the planet and our children and their children will have a big mess to clean up... if they survive. Tick. Tick. Tick, my behind! All living things are carbon-based and these political clowns are trying to make "carbon" a dirty word.

I'll have more to say on this topic, but as this is my first blog here, I just want to say thanks for having me.

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2. stratcat
5:21 PM GMT on August 16, 2012
Excellent comment. The bio-fuel thing, I think is a roundabout means of population control, stealing food to make unnecessary fuel. Starves many people along the way.
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1. moonlightcowboy
7:08 AM GMT on May 09, 2008
Welcome, good to have you here. Us "denialists" can always use some extra company! lol.

The thing is, from the very beginning, there were obvious concerns about man-made global warming. It's a large issue with lots of science, lots of questions, debate and opinions. In the beginning I tried to be open-minded on the subject - after all, it was being touted quite seriously. But, for me as a layman, I wanted a better understanding, not just taking it at face value as it was being presented. If it was true, I wanted to help make the case; but, if not, I didn't want it to be railroaded into existence either. It was like this: Ok, if man-made GW really exists, show me the undeniable proof. I want to see it and understand it! Being a fan of science, I wanted to know that it had been proven "scientifically" instead of just by here-say. So, I and others started reading and paying attention to the IPCC, their reports, how they derived their findings, who derived their findings, the conflicts within their own groups, and the other opposing data that was simply being ridiculed or ignored.

After much reading and much debate, it seemed very clear to me that, indeed, the "science" was "not in" as Gore and the global warming theorists had claimed. Was man really being responsible for his own demise? Yeah, sure there was evidence of warming, but was it really anthropogenic? Was it really CO2 that was causing temps to rise? Or was any warming being caused by natural variability? These were great discernible questions with no solid answers. Then, over and over, case after case, there were reports of improprieties such as data being manipulated - land stations temps with poor, faulty and even fraudulent submissions. It just became apparent that the real "truth" was being cloaked in "convenient" advocacy.

And, then, for me the straw that broke the camel's back was when the UN started its campaign to redistribute wealth by taxing developed nations and limiting CO2 production; but, at the same time leaving developing nations to go untaxed and unfettered with no limits for CO2 production. For example: China puts a new coal-fired energy plant on line, now, at the rate of one per week to handle their growing economy. Yet, they go unchecked and untaxed with virtually no limits or restraints as to what they do or how. It just didn't make sense.

If we were all in such dire straits from global warming, why would only a handful of nations be required to limit ACO2 production and be taxed? That did it for me - it proved there was no "serious" problem since there was no serious and unilateral plan to offset such a world-wide emergency - one that we all shared in. I knew then, it was "smoke and mirrors!" I didn't then, now, nor will I ever likely trust much of anything that involves the United Nations. It is and has been involved in one countless scandal after another. It is a corrupt organization with the majority of its membership adversarial to the United States. And, I can certainly see why the John Birch Society's goal is to rid the US of this impotent, corrupt and socialistic organization. They're really just no good in my opinion.

Still, I won't deny or doubt for a second that we need to stop trashing our planet. Our waterways and our fresh water resources are in much more serious peril than is being adequately and appropriately addressed. It's a real emergency; but, you don't see much about that in the mainstream media, do you? Nope, you don't. That's because it doesn't fit the UN's and the man-made global warming theorists' agenda. It doesn't provide them with the massive scale of wealth and power redistribution as the threat of global warming does. So, it's not what gets preached although our lives and livelihoods depend totally on having this clean, bountiful resource. And, I can assure you, there's plenty of solid, proven data that shows just how serious a problem it is.

Look at what the man-made global warming agenda has already cost in terms of lives lost already. They've caused third-world countries to cut down their forests (carbon sinks that they speak so highly of) in order to grow crops for bio-fuels, not food even! Real smart folks, I tell you; but, not really. It has already greatly contributed to food shortages, starvation, death, higher food prices and to a general expansion of what they have been preaching against. Ironically, I've noticed in the last few days that legislation has been introduced to curb the appetite for bio-fuels, realizing their mistakes. None too late if you ask me!

So you see, as far as I'm concerned, there is no real concern of the planet being in dire straits from man-made global warming - at least not in the context that they would have us believe. Yet, they've waged quite a public relations war in an effort to "cave-club" us into believing it, as if we are too stupid to rationally understand the game that's being played. The United Nations and some in the private sector, namely Al Gore, are merely using the issue as a bully pulpit to further their own agendas. Of course, the United Nations is largely funded by guess who? That's right, the United States - "US" taxpayers, the folks with the pocket books being asked to dig down deeper and pay even more! Go figure!

Really, it's not all that surprising. Is it?

You may want to visit sebastianjer's blog - always good info there.
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