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By: sp34n119w , 7:43 PM GMT on November 12, 2009

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They tell us that we have a 20% chance of rain this evening but don't sound too confident. If it does come, it won't be much.
Currently in SP it is mostly cloudy and the sun peaks through from time to time.

Bigger news is a possible freeze for the Antelope Valley this weekend and a wind event for mountains and passes as the front passes.
After that... early next week a warming trend thanks to Santa Anas. Well, we can hope. It doesn't look like the big one that we need to usher in the rains, but, it's hard to say. It's always hard to say, LOL

Watching and waiting...
(click images for loops)

California Breathing:

Spot the Swirly:

But will it get here?

It's funny how I get tired of seeing pics in my blog header. I never mind leaving text up for several weeks but less than two weeks of that cute little bat-eared dog and I'm done ;)

Okay, anything else will have to land in comments...

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56. sp34n119w
3:28 AM GMT on November 26, 2009
Oh, I'm glad you came by, calpoppy -
A hike sounds fantastic and it's good to see it won't be freezing :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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55. calpoppy
3:09 AM GMT on November 26, 2009
Happy thanksgiving, enjoy your day!!!!! I'll be hiking in the morning for the pure joy of it, then cooking and enjoying guests. Fun!
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54. sp34n119w
3:03 AM GMT on November 26, 2009
You know, I was doing so well today. Getting around the blogs with holiday wishes. Saying "HI!" and checking up on everyone. It felt good, really good. Then, it happened. Life.
It's all good - just cut into my blogging time, lol.
Well, here is what I wrote up for my own blog late last night (to be posted today), and whatever else I can fit in before I have to run...

unclemush - I don't know if I feel better or worse for that. Better, I think. It's good to know people are aware and I think more are becoming aware.
At least one of the men in one of those articles stated that those folks are enemies of the USA and that's how I see them. They want America (and democracy in general) to fail, and that is what they are working towards. They would prefer a theocracy like Iran's, I suppose. That's fitting – 30 years ago the revolutionaries there modeled their movement on our own Revolutionary War.

And, before someone jumps on me, no, I don't think the topic is inappropriate for this holiday. Part of what we give thanks for tomorrow is the bounty and the potential for greatness that was and is available in this land of ours.
Eternal vigilance.

shore - Well, aren't you organized! Good for you :) It's great to be prepared and to be able to relax and enjoy the holiday.

I do miss scallops and, since I'm only mostly vegan, that would be one of my cheating foods if I didn't also have a mild allergy to shellfish :( It developed fairly recently so I had many years of enjoyment until then. I don't mind hearing of others' enjoyment, at all, and it sounds delish :)
Though... I am kind of with your mom on the swimming things. I have always had to not think about what they spend their lives in, and what they eat, in order to eat them, lol.

Oh, I like what you wrote there. Do you suppose they came up with that theory in order to justify living their own ostentatiously wealthy lifestyles on the money they took from followers? Yes, “Gack”!

Thank you for the greeting – YES! - far nicer than any Hallmark card!
I will be traveling, but all on Thursday, and by car. Traffic should be just awful and I don't care. Family, friends, food, and fun! Plenty of thanks to be given :)

That poem is amazing! I mean the way it was written and that she took the time to figure it out - wonderful :)
Poor turkey :(

Karen - Oh, ha ha ;-P
I had just learned to really like tofu when I developed an allergy to that, too! Can you believe it? Very annoying. I'm hoping I outgrow it, LOL
My family is pretty nice to me, trying to accomodate my various weirdnesses, poor things :( I should do something nice for them...
I know. Sis is making standing rib roast and I will eat some. To be polite, you know ;)

But, (to answer your question seriously) in the past I have gone to family/holiday dinners and eaten just what does not include animal products, and/or brought food I can eat. It isn't easy and it seems to make other people uncomfortable even though I don't mind. I'm there for the people, after all, despite all the talk of food. Anyway, at the moment I'm feeling really healthy so have no worries about enjoying some critterbits.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, as I know you will. One of my favorite things about you is that I know you are grateful every day for your family and don't mind saying so. It's a joy to see and a great reminder for me :)

Hope you get to go swimming, too! Not too many chances left before next summer ;)

Hi Gamma! Love the gingham turkey feathers :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

SSIGG - that ecard is hilarious! Again, poor turkey :( LOL
Happy Thanksgiving TO Rich and Mike, too! :)

unclemush - with the good stuff - thank you :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you!


I do hope every WUer in WUville has a wunderful day tomorrow... or tonight... or Saturday... or whenever the people you love can join you... in person, on the phone, by email, or in spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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53. unclemush
2:33 AM GMT on November 26, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving.:)
Member Since: July 7, 2001 Posts: 59 Comments: 13166
51. shoreacres
12:40 AM GMT on November 26, 2009
I had to look some, but I found it - your perfect Thanksgiving greeting ;-)

Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
49. seflagamma
8:55 PM GMT on November 25, 2009
Hello SP,

Just stopping in to wish you a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Hope you and you loved ones have a wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook
Comments and Graphics - Thanksgiving Layouts - Photobucket
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48. SBKaren
2:38 AM GMT on November 25, 2009
Well, we were not mentioned in that wind advisory, and we had barely a breeze today, but it surely got warmer today than I anticipated!

If it gets warmer tomorrow, as they promised, I will go to the pool! Big cool down on Friday they say....and we'll still be painting!

Have a good one...what do you eat for Thanksgiving...Tofu? (chuckle) Sorry, I didn't really mean that, well, yes I did...but no I didn't...I can respect that you are a vegan...totally.
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47. shoreacres
10:31 PM GMT on November 24, 2009
Hi, sp ~ thought I'd stop by in case you're heading out somewhere tomorrow. Since I'm hosting dinner, I'm not heading anywhere. I'll just throw things in the oven and sit around browsing bizzare websites or something until the guests arrive.

It drizzled all day, so while I was waiting for the sunshine that was supposed to come but didn't, I kept running errands. Now, I have the groceries purchased, the early prep work done, the house cleaned and the bills paid. How good am I? LOL We're doing an easy dinner, so there really won't be much to fuss over. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm not sure any of it can beat last night's supper, though. Oh - I guess you don't do seafood, either. Right? Anyhow, Mom didn't want supper since she'd had a really late lunch, so I took the opportunity to get myself some scallops from the fish market. Ymmmmm.... pan-sauteed with garlic, butter, lime juice and fresh-ground pepper. I'm going to start feeding her late lunches more often. She won't touch anything that swims or floats around, so I don't get as much seafood as I'd like.

Interesting articles you linked. I'm too lazy to get into it now, but it does intrigue me to think there may have been movement in two directions. There's the side you reference here - the far right conflation of religion and politics - but there's another aspect, too. The church-growth movement turned religious structures into mirrors of corporate America, and parishes or local congregations into branches whose primary task is to turn a profit for "headquarters". In the process, they put the Osteens of the world front and center with their message that boils down to, "If you're good, God'll make you rich. If you're not rich, you're not good, and we've got no time for you. Repent, get cracking and pump up that bank account and you're welcome anytime." Gack.

But that's not very holiday-ish, so I'll leave you with my current, very non-Hallmarkish but completely satisfying thought for the day. If you're traveling, travel safely!

Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
46. unclemush
9:45 PM GMT on November 24, 2009
Hi SP I see the threat.These folks are worse than you think.They do some evil stuff.I'm really trying to watch how I write this.I consider them an enemy of mine on the deepest level!!!!!!!!!
Member Since: July 7, 2001 Posts: 59 Comments: 13166
45. sp34n119w
9:39 PM GMT on November 24, 2009
unclemush - you bring up an interesting point (probably unintentionally). I only saw people like this on tv and never thought much of it. It's only in recent years that I've become aware of how widespread is the mindset. I wonder if those who grew up around it are unable to see a threat, because it is 'normal', while folk like me may overreact to a perceived threat, because it seems so weird.
That Schaeffer and others who were involved in movement see a threat suggests that I am not overreacting. That's unfortunate, since it was my last hope.

Here, let's all have some autotuned science!

From the Symphony of Science.
From the website...

I am thrilled to announce that "A Glorious Dawn" is now available on a special 7" vinyl though the great Jack White & friends over at Third Man Records. The B-side is a cool etching of the original Voyager Golden Record cover.

...this may be cool enough for me to part with some cash, even though my turntable is busted ;)
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44. unclemush
10:23 AM GMT on November 24, 2009
SP I read one of them.Wish I could say it was a surprise.I grew up in the town that Billy Graham went to collage.This stuff is no surprise to me at all.:(
Member Since: July 7, 2001 Posts: 59 Comments: 13166
43. sp34n119w
9:00 AM GMT on November 24, 2009
I decided to read the wind advisory and look! I'm in it! hahaha

Statement as of 6:50 PM PST on November 23, 2009
... Wind Advisory remains in effect until noon PST Tuesday...

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles/Oxnard has continued
a Wind Advisory for the Santa Monica Mountains... and the San
Fernando... Santa Clarita... and Ventura County valleys. This
advisory remains in effect until noon PST Tuesday.

East to northeast winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 50 mph will
continue to develop widespread tonight. Isolated gusts to around
60 mph are possible in more favorable locations. The strongest
winds will occur along the Santa Clara River Valley
... the western
San Fernando Valley and the Malibu Hills.

Winds will diminish below advisory criteria by midday Tuesday.
However... gusty offshore winds will likely strengthen Tuesday
night and again Wednesday night. Additional wind advisories may
be needed for the area during this persistent Santa Ana event.


Ok, so's everyone else, but, still!
I mean, that's the closest anyone's going to get to mentioning SP.

And it's going to last a little while so looks like we may be getting the pattern that we've been hoping for. We'll see. I hear there's no causation between Santa Ana's and rains... duh. There may be a correlation, as the pattern sets up for both. Maybe not so duh.

Yup. Tired. Temporarily illiterate. Bed.
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4320
42. sp34n119w
8:41 AM GMT on November 24, 2009
Howdy! Man, it's been windy today! Sustained at 20mph for the last hour or so and gusts to 35. Otherwise, pleasant :)
It's late and I'm tired - please forgive typos and anything else I do wrong, LOL

Hi Skye! Yes, it's good to have company in misery. Also for Thanksgiving dinner :) Is it usual for it to be cool on Tday over there?

GG - Aha! You must be the "middle" of that side, lol. I skimmed through some of the other articles there and think that's worth doing, at least.
Rush... maybe oxycontin-induced moron? Nah. He was always that way.

LowerCal - two excellent finds, thanks! I've been seeing Schaeffer around and I'm not too sure about his motives, but can't argue with his reasoning or conclusions, considering how much he knows. Good to see others stepping up, as well.

calpoppy - oh, my! I don't know what you look like, yet have a very entertaining visual of that encounter, LOL! Glad you saved the quails :)
As for weather, take a trip to the lowlands to warm up... or just stand by the oven ;) It should be a beautiful day, even if chilly.

Hi ssigg!

Karen - thanks for the pic! You all look gorgeous :) I think everyone should wear their gray proudly. Then again, I've got genes that are keeping my hair mostly not-gray. I might feel differently in ten years ;)

One of the strangers I talked to about warm Tdays remembered swimming before and after dinner, as a child. Why not? That's why we live here! :)

mush - no worries! They'll be here.
I suggest not only being rested but having a small, laughing child available as antidote, if at all possible. Wish I had.


Okay, thought I had time today to visit but it didn't quite work out that way, obviously. Stoopid responsibilities!
LOL I am actually acutely grateful for my responsibilities, but, they do get in the way of blogging, sometimes :)


Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4320
41. unclemush
2:49 AM GMT on November 24, 2009
Lower Cal Thanks for the links.I hope SP leaves them on till tomorrow.My eyes are tired right now.Hint Hint. :)
Member Since: July 7, 2001 Posts: 59 Comments: 13166
40. SBKaren
2:43 AM GMT on November 24, 2009
Hi sp - nope didn't upload any silver haired gal pics here.....they will be on another site..the site where I 'met' them all originally.

I very vividly remember not wanting to turn my oven on on many a Thanksgiving. My daughter is cooking the big turkey this year......but I am cooking my own on Wednesday. But since I'm not doing all the other side dishes, I'll just have all the windows open like normal, and if it gets too hot I'll just go outside...maybe even go for a swim if it ends up being as warm as they predict! Now wouldn't that be nice! It just hasn't worked out for me the last few weeks...either weather or time wise.....something just gets in the way.

Have a good one!

I'll link you to one that's somewhere else.
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38. calpoppy
12:38 AM GMT on November 24, 2009
We'll be cool, with lows in the 30's and maybe hit 60 for the high. We had to post no hunting signs around our property as some crazy hunter decided to try and shoot quail on our land. We feed the quail so we have, well a whole lot of them. I doubt this guy will be back, I think we really scared him. For a couple of libs we sure played the part of rednecks pretty well! LOL!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 59 Comments: 4212
37. LowerCal
10:04 PM GMT on November 23, 2009
Here's another side -- Former right-wing leader warns of religious right violence: ‘Anyone can be killed’
..."As a former right wing leader, who many years ago came to my senses and began to try to undo the harm the movement of religious extremism I helped build has done, I've been telling the media that we're facing a dangerous time in our history. A fringe element of the far right Republican Party seems it believes it has a license to incite threatening behavior in the name of God."

and yet another side -- Theocracy Rejected: Former Christian Right Leaders 'Fess up
.... many came to believe that to be a Christian meant you also must be 'converted' to the Republican Party and adopt the GOP agenda and its tactics."
....Christians who place their hope in a political answer to the world's ills often become nothing more than another tool in the politician's toolbox. Indeed, Jesus refused any type of involvement with political figures."
It's a long article but it's all good. Read as much of it as you care to.
Member Since: July 26, 2006 Posts: 58 Comments: 9372
36. GardenGrrl
10:13 AM GMT on November 23, 2009
Oh dear, haven't looked at the link but if it's called the secular right it might have my name on it. The time you posted the political leanings quiz I turned out to be a socially liberal fascist. There has to be an oxymoron in there somewhere.
Then again, if Rush Limbaugh is involved, there will be some oxycontin.
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35. Skyepony (Mod)
5:42 AM GMT on November 23, 2009
AC is going to be a must cooking turkey here. Glad we're not the only ones roasting..
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34. sp34n119w
5:36 AM GMT on November 23, 2009
Well, I've already been looking into Vancouver as a possible bolthole, LOL
Thanks, ssigg - too funny if, also, so frightening.
Hi mush!
Hi Fsh!
Hi Alley! Thanks for the warning - moose are big scary monsters! ;)
Hey, there's safety in numbers - we'll need a convoy...

Hi Karen! Lovely here, too, and I've now had two random conversations with strangers about too-hot-to-have-the-blasted-oven-on Thanksgivings. Seems it's in the collective memory of SoCal folk, lol.
I'll be going to my sis' house and, luckily, they have air conditioning! She's not pleased at the forecast, though ;)
Did you post your silver-haired goddesses pic somewhere on wu?

For those who worry that the Right is being completely taken over by religious fundamentalists, here's the other side of the Right (can a side have two sides? lol) - a blog for the Secular Right.
That's the only post I've read, so far, so if anyone finds reason to not have the link here, please let me know.
Now, if there are two sides, is there a middle? Hmmm...

Feel free to discuss - I'll be back tomorrow :)
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33. SBKaren
1:06 AM GMT on November 23, 2009
OK - just here to say that today could not have been any more gorgeous! I met up with my silver haired gals and we sat outside while we had brunch and walked out on the pier in our short sleeves and then took a picture on the beach to make our east coast silver haired gals jealous! LOL I heard it's suppose to warm up for Thanksgiving too....that's SoCal for ya!
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32. unclemush
12:47 AM GMT on November 23, 2009
Quoting Alleyoops:
MUSH, FSH, you may find it a little harder getting into Canada these days. Seems there are some Yankee patrols at the border who are not allowing folks to pass across as easily as they use to...The only defense we have on this side are a few polar bears and moose. How fast can you guys run????
Member Since: July 7, 2001 Posts: 59 Comments: 13166
31. Alleyoops
11:56 PM GMT on November 22, 2009
MUSH, FSH, you may find it a little harder getting into Canada these days. Seems there are some Yankee patrols at the border who are not allowing folks to pass across as easily as they use to...The only defense we have on this side are a few polar bears and moose. How fast can you guys run????
Member Since: April 18, 2007 Posts: 190 Comments: 29443
30. Fshhead
8:38 PM GMT on November 22, 2009
Mush I think I would be right behind ya man!!!!
That was tooo funny..
Member Since: November 19, 2005 Posts: 9 Comments: 9960
29. unclemush
8:20 PM GMT on November 22, 2009
OMG I'm moving to Canada!:)
Member Since: July 7, 2001 Posts: 59 Comments: 13166
27. sp34n119w
2:12 AM GMT on November 22, 2009
Oh, I'm so glad I dropped in! Wonderful pics, Karen - the boys are still adorable and you all look happy (which is only right when visiting the Happiest Place on Earth, LOL). I love it when they make it snow! And, yes, of course I noticed the score! Go Grandma! ;)
Thanks for bringing those by - brightened my day :)

Got a little rain, huh? We'll call that a good sign, for fun.
There have been some very pretty arcs of moisture showing on the water vapor loops - that have no intention of bringing us decent amounts of rain.
Up here we got wind as the last two fronts passed - does that count? LOL

That Trios set makes me wish for grandnephews and -nieces so I could buy them and play, too. Er... I'm willing to wait a few more years, though :)
Oh! Maybe I should get them now, in case they stop making them. Plus, I should make sure that they are safe to use, and all...

Fsh - umm... I guess we've covered that, actually. LOL I just can't leave a comment unanswered!

Happy Saturday Night! :)

Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4320
26. SBKaren
1:01 AM GMT on November 22, 2009
Just thought I'd let you know that while we didn't get rain last night - which they actually took out of the forecast - we did get some rain today. It all took place while I was in Kohl's doing my final Christmas shopping for the boys. Dry when I went in at 9:20 - wet when I came out at 10:30 - and I never really saw it fall down from the sky! LOL

They boys are growing into size 4T and they don't really have a lot of 4T - so that's what they are getting for Christmas - clothes! Oh, and one package of Trios and two 'trashtrucks'. They love trashtrucks.

Trios - just in case you are interested:
Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 199 Comments: 14722
25. SBKaren
5:43 PM GMT on November 20, 2009
sp - sorry I have been absent for too long. I received a good kick in the hiney from Shores (through email) so here I am!!!

Disneyland was fun and not too crowded (finally!). It's all decorated up for the holidays. We packed our lunch, and ate dinner there. The fireworks show went off at 8PM and when it was over, snowflake bubbles danced down from the sky - it was magical. Here is a picture of our youngest daughter with Ian enjoying the flakes!

Here is just a magical look:

I'm sorry, I'm still pretty much a lightweight and get all giddy when fun things happen. I get awe inspired at the fireworks show, and melty when my grandsons find fun and humor in the silliest things.

Evan, however, didn't make it through the fireworks show...he gave out!

My daughter and I had fun on Buzzlight year (notice my score please!)

And hubby had a great birthday because he spent it with the folks he loves the most - including me!

**still working on my nighttime settings on my camera...but Small World was blazing with lights!
Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 199 Comments: 14722
24. Fshhead
7:57 AM GMT on November 19, 2009
Hey Capt,
The Boss is a missing again. Have you heard anything from him at all?

I had no luck with the meteors either, too cloudy. I did get treated to the Atlantis launch from MY rooftop! I still am in shock I was able to see it at all.
Member Since: November 19, 2005 Posts: 9 Comments: 9960
23. sp34n119w
5:41 AM GMT on November 19, 2009
Oh wow! That was pure joy, calpoppy, thank you!
So much information in such a short period of time - Sapolsky knows his stuff! And now I have yet more books I want to read... *sigh*
Hope he writes as well as he speaks :)

Here's the link.
I won't embed because it is HD and 37 minutes and it's unlikely anyone would hang in my blog that long, lol.
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4320
22. calpoppy
2:50 AM GMT on November 19, 2009
I hate the effects of novacain!!!! I found something that might make you feel better. It is Robert Sapolsky, a leader in neurology giving one of the many commencement speeches to a class at Stanford University. He is incredible as a speaker and is very thought provoking, since I seem to be incapable of providing a link, here is the URL address to u-tube
Enjoy, we did!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 59 Comments: 4212
21. sp34n119w
10:42 PM GMT on November 18, 2009
I've seen no meteors, GG, though the skies were crystal clear last I looked, last night. Your temps look to be about the same as mine... and I haven't acclimated, yet, so I can't stay out there too long, either. Keep looking! Leonids is known for stragglers :)

Today I had another trip to the dentist and I sooooo hungee! (yes, right now, that's exactly how I sound when I speak, lol) I didn't have time to eat beforehand and it's been three hours since I got the shot but I'm still numb. I'm going to go now and try to eat something without biting through my upper lip, LOL

Have a happy :)
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4320
20. GardenGrrl
7:26 AM GMT on November 18, 2009
Yes, speaking of shooting stars, has anyone seen the Leonids this year? I would wander out for ten-fifteen minutes, crane my neck, get cold, go back in. Nothing. Then again, there is a lot of light pollution around here.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 267 Comments: 10306
19. sp34n119w
6:42 AM GMT on November 18, 2009
Hi shore - it does look like rain but, alas, it is not :( Just that weird clutter that shows up there sometimes.
This time it is only on the San Diego radar, and that was down for maintenance today (today? I think today), so maybe that one's on the fritz.
I don't know where my fellow calis have gone. WxWyz has closed his blog to comments, LC hasn't been spotted in days (by me, anyway), and Karen has not come in to brag about Disneyland, yet! Amy may be about - I haven't checked.
Perhaps they're out watching meteors :)
I do know that all of them have ten degrees on me and I'm staying in! LOL

As to your previous post, I hear that some of those equatorial diseases are showing up occasionaly here at home so you may be ahead of the game! Plus, you can travel without worry... if the immunity lasts that long.
Did you have malaria or were the blood suckers just playing it safe?

I have a hard time remembering whether those things are viruses, bacteria, or parasites. I just learned within the past year that tetanus is a fungus or something (I didn't say I learned it well, lol). It is caused by spores that get into a wound (usually coming from whatever caused the wound) and release toxins as they breed or feed or whatever. LOL Sorry - that's gross! But it's interesting that it isn't the nasty itself but a bi-product of its life processes that makes us sick. Er, well, I think it's interesting...

I should say, if I didn't already, that I used your mom's shingles story on my mom in my efforts to convince her to get the shot. Thanks for sharing it - it helped :) The woman's got enough chronic pain and doesn't want another source, for sure.

Oh, I did not get that shot because I'm not yet 60 but, believe me, I will!

Okay, I'm probably not going to go look for shooting stars but I do have to be off for the night.
Good night WU :)
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4320
18. shoreacres
4:32 AM GMT on November 18, 2009
Where are all the Calis tonight? That's rain I see on the radar - granted, it doesn't look like anyone is actually getting it, but it sure is close to Seal Beach! We need a weather report from Karen ;-)
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
17. shoreacres
3:18 AM GMT on November 17, 2009
Working on the docks is good, too. It's like an isolation ward. Even if someone wanders through who's really sick, there's not much chance of infection.

I'm really glad to hear you & your mom got those shingles shots. After what I watched my own mom go through with shingles, it's not anything I want to mess with. We've both been vaccinated now. Likewise tetanus - I've needed two boosters (one yappy dog bite, one boatyard nail) so I'm current now... I'll need another in a couple of years.

We go to our pharmacy for injections by choice. Both guys who give them are really good - you never even feel them. (Well, the shingles, yes, but that was the vaccine going in and not the needle.)

Just for fun, I got out my old passports and took a look at what I'd taken before heading to Africa. Good gosh! Yellow Fever. Smallpox. Typhoid. Hepatitis A and B. Immune globulin. If I hadn't had it, polio would have been required.

And that was just the beginning ;-) No shots for malaria, schistosomiasis, dengue, onchocirciasis (river blindness). Oh, my. What memories you do revive, sp!

I feel like I ought to go take an aspirin or something, just on general principles. At least I can give blood now - couldn't for several years, because of the malaria.
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
16. sp34n119w
11:26 PM GMT on November 16, 2009
Right! Retirement (or working from home) definitely decreases your risk of infection. It also helps to avoid children ;)

I had the flu in Sept for the first time in, probably, decades. Not fun.
I don't do flu shots, either, though.
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4320
15. WxWyz
11:06 PM GMT on November 16, 2009
Have never had a flu shot. In fact I can't remember the last time I had the flu or even a cold.

Of course I'm sure not being in the work force anymore, around tons of people in an office building everyday, might have something to do with that. ;)
Member Since: August 2, 2007 Posts: 352 Comments: 3847
14. sp34n119w
10:55 PM GMT on November 16, 2009
In case this story might help another...
I got a Tdap shot yesterday and this is why and how.

I wanted my mom to get Tdap and to get the shingles vaccine but couldn't convince her. She didn't consider herself at risk.

I sent her one link after another. I told her about GardenGrrl's blog on whooping cough. I got her to read a few of the scienceblogs' virologist's entries. Finally, she said she'd get her shots - only if I did!

So, as it turns out, they don't give pertussis vaccine to folk over 65, and that had been the clincher, lol. She did get the td shot and the shingles shot.
I got the tdap but not shingles (it's recommended for those over 60 and I'm not there, yet).
I think it's been thirty years since I last had a tetanus shot.

Wait, here...
Td is tetanus and diptheria - for those over 65, and as the ten year tetanus "booster", and after a wound that would be subject to tetanus infection.
Tdap is tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis - for adults under 65. After one dose of Tdap, Td is all that's needed for the "boost".
CDCP on vaccines
2006 report on Tdap (there are others - maybe more recent - this is the first that came up in search)

We got it done at the pharmacy - they had to order the vaccines and fill out paperwork and it took a few weeks(!) so if you're thinking of getting shot don't wait until you think you need it.

My arm was sore within a couple of hours but not right away.
Mom said hers was fine last night - but called this morning to say "OW!" LOL
It's not bad, at all, and did not hurt initially.

The pharmacist said that the needles are smaller than they were when I last got a tetanus shot so that's why it didn't hurt going in.

She also told us that she has no flu vaccine - neither seasonal nor H1N1 - and that the issue is a backlog of paperwork on the seasonal version as everyone focused on H1N1, according to her supplier. They have plenty of seasonal flu vaccine but can't ship it until the paperwork is done.

She was very happy to be providing us with these vaccines, particularly the shingles vax for my mom. She sees many customers with the pain of shingles, a pain no medication fully alleviates, a pain that lasts for years in some cases, and she's pleased to prevent that whenever possible.

She says that, indeed, herd immunity is being compromised by the anti-vaccine crowd and that it is smart to get the pertussis shot since it will protect me and, perhaps more importantly, those I might carry it to if I got it. Even if I didn't get really sick, I could pass it on to pre-vaccination-aged children, to pregnant women, or to those whose immune systems are compromised.

We shouldn't have to get vaccinated for "childhood" diseases. If everyone who could be vaccinated as kids got their shots, we'd have herd immunity and these diseases would be very rare, indeed. Instead, people of all ages are subject to the threat of these illnesses and it is in our best interest to re-vaccinate - again, to protect ourselves and others who are at higher risk.

I guess I'll be asking about MMR next. There have been outbreaks in the US (and other previously "safe" countries) over the last several years, increasing in frequency as fewer kids are vaccinated.
Another component is international travel, of course. People travel for fun and for business, and people move from place to place, and some places in the world don't have pervasive vaccination programs.
Then there are the health care professionals who come into contact with infected persons and spread the bugs around to other patients and family members. Yikes. They should know better but, evidently, they don't.

Vaccinate - for you and me!
(I just made that up - like it? LOL)

'k, that got very long and I didn't mean to rant on the anti-vaxxers, really, I didn't. Just wanted to share the pai... uh, I mean, joy of vaccination.
Off the ol' soapbox now ;)

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13. WxWyz
8:40 PM GMT on November 16, 2009
I mentioned to shoreacres that maybe I should go back to running an Oklahoma weather blog from San Diego. Guess that would be cheating!
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12. sp34n119w
8:27 PM GMT on November 16, 2009
calpoppy - well, you like the cold, right? So I guess the frost won't be so bad.
When I was a kid my dad kept trying to talk my mom into moving up that way. Wasn't going to happen - she was willing to take the summer heat but not the winter cold!
Now I'm trying to convince her to retire somewhere up in the high desert but she's gotten too used to the pleasant weather here. Oh, well.

ME -WOOHOO! Feels good, doesn't it? I imagine it's kind of like when you stop hitting yourself in the head with a hammer... LOL
I know what you mean about it not being perfectly clear at the end, but, that's Philosophy for you ;) I found the trip to be worth it, though, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have Cryptonomicon sitting right over there but haven't begun, yet. Trying to get some non-fiction reading done first and the Stephenson novel will be my reward (???).

bf - I saw your blog within a day of your posting it and went off to explore the mountains beginning with your links. I spent quite some time and learned a lot so I really do appreciate the entry. Just sorry it took so long for me to get back and leave a comment :-/
I have to admit, my first thought was, "They call those mountains??" LOL It is all relative, of course. More importantly, they tell a fascinating tale of tectonics and continent building. Those are some ooooooold rocks! Love it! :)

WxWyz - I'm with you! bf is being considerate :)

It's 77 degrees here and quite windy, though not as bad as yesterday, so far. At least our fire weather warning didn't last long (was it on for you, too?), and I bet we get some rainy storms in the next couple of weeks - even down your way.
Well, here's hoping ;)
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11. WxWyz
7:21 PM GMT on November 16, 2009
Please, bring on the storms...something, anything...
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10. Barefootontherocks
5:21 PM GMT on November 16, 2009
Hi, sp.
Kinda fun to come by and check to see if California's breathing. Thanks for checking out the Wichita Mts. last night. Not the Sierra Nevada but they'll do. Hope El Nino doesn't bring too many storms your way this winter.
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9. MaryEstherFLA
2:04 AM GMT on November 16, 2009
Okay. *drumroll* . . . . . .
I have ____ finished!
and, sure enough -- now what am I going to read?
I feel a little sad. and I was expecting it all to be "clear" to me at some point, like the end.
But, I did enjoy it greatly.
Now on a quest for the next book (hopefully not ungainly this time... my arms need a rest)
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8. calpoppy
3:07 AM GMT on November 14, 2009
Yes we have a frost warning for today,tomorrow and the next day. We generally have frequent freezing here at night during the winter. At times we have gotten into the teens, with a low a few years ago of 8 degrees. We did get a little more rain then 27 drops last night, a minute and a half of a light rain during the night. I guess we are a desert even though we are high (in elevation of course).
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7. sp34n119w
10:51 PM GMT on November 13, 2009
Oh isn't that just the way? calpoppy gets enough to make tiny mud puddles of the dust on the car and Karen gets a downpour!

calpoppy - are you under that possible frost warning? Hope you're right about rain coming.

Karen - oh, fine. Go to Disneyland - again ;)
Have a great time!

It is a beautiful day here, too, btw. So nice to feel the sunshine.

I caught an earworm this morning and must pass it on to those of an age and sensibility to be infected...

And now I must be off...

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

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