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By: sp34n119w, 8:37 PM GMT on April 02, 2012

According to the font of all knowledge, April is one of those few months that has little history in terms of the origins of the name. It may be related to Latin and Greek words that mean “to open” or “opening” and thus relate to Spring and the opening of flowers. Sounds good.
Or, it may have to do with the goddess Venus (Aphrodite), since her festival was held this time of year.

Many people know that the word “Easter” is from Germanic words for this month and believe that Easter was a goddess of the dawn (new beginnings, renewal, etc.). Again according to Wikipedia, the earliest source for that information is the Venerable Bede. While it is reasonable to think that Bede would have been aware of Germanic gods and goddesses and tales surrounding them, it may be that this one was made up since there are, apparently, no sources that predate him, and no anthropological evidence to support his assertion.

One would think, as important as Spring is and as much as people around the world celebrate this time of year with rituals and feasts, that we would have kept track of the origins of the names associated with this month throughout history. The word “Lent”, for instance, is just an old English word for Spring.
But, maybe, the opposite is true. Perhaps we hold to a name, an ancient name, that was considered so sacred in itself that it did not matter where it came from. Names have power. They identify and categorize the important things in our world and some, at least, are not to be trifled with.


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