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Predicting Rain

By: sp34n119w, 12:48 AM GMT on August 30, 2010

Looking ahead several months... okay. That's impossible. Still, it's fun, so I'm going to do it.

Looking ahead several months through southern California's rainy season, I am expecting higher than average rainfall. I think it will come in the form of many cold storms out of the north and fall in smaller amounts. We will not get the usual handful of gulley washers brought by the tropical moisture associated with the “pineapple express” sort of storms that cause heavy flooding around here. It will be a cold, gray winter – much like the summer, in fact, but with rain!

Yup. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. At least until, oh, March, say, by which time I'll have been proven wrong.

In the meantime, for those of us particularly prone to pareidolia:

And for the fog lovers, who must be in heaven this year:

There! Shiny! :)


Fight the Amoral Fight

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