How Does Climate Change Make You Feel?

By: soyanni, 2:34 PM GMT on September 25, 2014

How does Climate Change Make You Feel?
I feel perplexed by the fact that people are still so passive in their actions towards a deadly crisis such as this
I feel distress when I analyze how much is needed to be done to combat our negative actions and so little time for resolution
I feel annoyance that the people with influence remain incognizant of the urgency to initiate the change
I feel remorse knowing that I have contributed in so many ways t...

The Climate is ahead of us........Hurry we all need to catch up?

By: soyanni, 10:28 PM GMT on August 30, 2014

When are we going to stop fooling ourselves? And realize that planet earth will not just miraculously combat our negative actions on its climate. We need to take matters in our own hands; the difference starts with, I, you and we (maybe we need to start an Ice Bucket challenge for climate change …….hmhmhmhm). Science has proven over and over again that our activities are the cause in climate change, so this leads me to ask the question: is it that we don’t acc...

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