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By: Shaun Tanner, 10:59 PM GMT on April 02, 2015

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Devastating Drought Conditions and Annoying People

By: Shaun Tanner, 10:57 PM GMT on February 04, 2015

I live in California. More specifically, I live in San Jose, CA which is about 60 miles south of San Francisco. In case you haven't heard, California is in a devastating drought brought on by 3 years of well below normal rainfall and snowfall (Figure 1). This, of course, is big news for many residents living within the state, and is having huge implications not only for residential use, but for agriculture use as well. Farmers are running out of water, which wil...


Live Blog: Updates on Historic Northeast Blizzard

By: Shaun Tanner, 6:11 AM GMT on January 26, 2015

Last update:
According to the 4 pm EST Tuesday NWS Storm Summary and reports from the Boston NWS and New York City NWS, here were snowfall amounts at some Northeast U.S. locations as of 3 pm EST Tuesday:

33.1" Lunenburg, MA
25.0" Worchester, MA
20.9" Islip, NY
20.8" Boston Logan Airport
20.3" Portland, ME
18.0" New Bedford, MA
16.0" North Providence, RI
11.0" NYC La Guardia Airport
9.8" NYC Central Park

blizzard Juno northeast

Updated: 9:12 PM GMT on January 27, 2015

Live Blog: Tracking Hurricane Arthur as it Approaches North Carolina Coast

By: Shaun Tanner, 4:24 PM GMT on July 03, 2014

This is a live blog set up to provide the latest coverage on Hurricane Arthur as it threatens the North Carolina Coast. Check back often to see what the latest is with Arthur. The most recent updates are at the top.


12:58 AM ET: We have received a report that power was out in Ocracoke Arthur

12:45 AM ET: Ocracoke Site weather station has reported a 88 mph wind gust.

12:30 AM ET: Eye of Arthur now over part of H...

Hurricane Arthur

Updated: 4:58 AM GMT on July 04, 2014

Live Blog: Tracking Severe Weather in the Plains/Midwest

By: Shaun Tanner, 6:27 PM GMT on June 30, 2014

As an active weather day is shaping up in the United States, we will be maintaining this blog with the latest information. Here is what we will be focusing on covering:

Parts of the Plains and Midwest are under a moderate risk of severe weather this afternoon and evening. The moderate risk stretches from Iowa and northern Missouri through southern Wisconsin and adjacent areas of Indiana and Michigan. The most significant threat will be tornadoes, howev...

Severe weather tropical

Updated: 10:49 PM GMT on June 30, 2014

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