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By: seflagamma , 3:42 PM GMT on August 15, 2012

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Aug 19, 2012: Thank you all for all the happy birthday wishes you have left here for me!
It means a lot!!! WOW I am 59 now! YIKES!!!

See my post #7 for details of my good news!

Aug 15, 2012: I said in the previous blog I had been keeping some secrets. I think I will be able to post them in this new blog when I get a chance today.

but until then I want to set up a new clean blog!

-------------------------------------- ---

Here are my weather Maps. This one had to be removed from my above the blog spot; it was causing my computer problems.


I found out, these maps are measuring fire hazard and soil moisture, not necessary drought according to rainfall.



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Me at 59 (seflagamma)
Aug. 19, 2012. Me at 59.
Me at 59
Gamma & Poppy (seflagamma)
Aug 19, 2012, Stacey took me out to Morton's Steak House for my 59th BD dinner.
Gamma & Poppy

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57. RobDaHood
5:06 PM GMT on August 19, 2012
Happy Birthday Gamma!

Hope you have a really great day and that the coming year brings you happiness and adventure as you embark on your new career as an artist.
Member Since: September 2, 2008 Posts: 96 Comments: 31726
56. palmettobug53
4:12 PM GMT on August 19, 2012

Now, that I've read back, I see what your big news is. I suspected as much. Not that there were going to be lay offs and early out packages being offered.

Good thing you've been there so long. I can imagine that you got a pretty good deal.

I'm so happy for you! Now, you can blog when you want, play with the grands when you want, fish when you want, paint when you want... Heck, you can pretty much do anything you want when you want. Go spend some time with Papa Joe!

I've got 37 years in with my employer and am not looking to retire for another 6 years; maybe more. It will depend on our finances, mostly. But mainly it's because I want to wait until my Soc Sec kicks in. If I retire now, there are things I'll have to pay out of my retirement check. That retirement check will be less than what I bring home now. I'd rather wait until I'm also receiving a monthly SS check, which will help make up the difference.

ACK! RAin! Got clothes on the line!
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24931
55. palmettobug53
3:59 PM GMT on August 19, 2012
Happy Birthday, Gams!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Am I late? I know it's Sunday but having been away from my desk calendar since Tuesday, I'm fuzzy on what date today is.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24931
54. seflagamma
3:39 PM GMT on August 19, 2012
Good morning everyone and thank you so much.

So far so good. Did a 5 mile walk and those first 4 miles I did in an hour ... 15 min miles.. then slowed down the last mile.

and now I see all of this!

Karen, thanks yes you were the first..

Jeff, thanks!!! and you were second...

Sandi, thank you very much, love your photo ..

Sarah, thank you for putting it in your blog header!!!!
So far a great day..

Janet, thank you.

Bills, thanks a lot.

Scott, lol, yes, last year of my 5th decade!
So far the 50's have been pretty good to me so hope yours are just as good!

WOW you are warmer than us today. Stay cool!

I will try to check back in later...
got to get abite to eat now that I finished cooling down from the 5 miler this morning.

Thanks for the smile on my face!!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
52. airman45
2:56 PM GMT on August 19, 2012
Happy, happy, happy birthday Patti!!!!

Enjoy the last year of your 5th decade. You are like fine wine and get better with age, right???

Being as I just entered my 5th decade I hope that will be true for me.

95 degrees and climbing. May peak at 96 or 97 by 6 p.m. It is almost 5 p.m. now. It is very warm in the house, roasty toasty upstairs in our bedroom.

That will make me really hot in the bedroom, right? (; (wink, wink)

Have a great day and make sure everyone waits on YOU today.
Member Since: April 2, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 3506
51. billsfaninsofla
2:48 PM GMT on August 19, 2012
Happy Birthday Gamma!
Member Since: September 5, 2005 Posts: 0 Comments: 5431
Wishing you a very Happy Happy Birthday
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
49. OGal

Have a fun filled day Gams.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a VERY HAPPY year!!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 287 Comments: 25881
Let me be the second to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!
Member Since: August 30, 2008 Posts: 5 Comments: 938
Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! My hubby, daughter and I are heading down to the beach first thing in the AM. They to surf, me to boogie board! If this heat keeps up, I'll be down there daily!! :)
Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 195 Comments: 14535
Yes, we will have to keep an eye on that system out there now; it is a little further south than the last one and if it holds together it could cause problems down the road.

and yes, 43 yrs since Camille and 20 yrs since Andrew..
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Jeff, we are getting a lot of thunder here in Weston this afternoon.. looking at radar some storms coming in from Glades.
Not sure if it is raining outside but I hear the thunder from inside the warehouse.

Bills, so happy your area is getting some rain!
And more right now.

We have had such a wet spring and summer out in our area; just soggy all the time.

I cannot believe we are not dark green on moisture map; guess because it is not evenly spread.

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Hi Gamma/Jeff...

Gamma, I actually have nearly 1.5 inches of rain and more is coming right now! Not a downpour but at least it is a start.

I know it is far, far away and anything can happen, but I hate CV storms like 94L. Twenty years since Andrew.
Member Since: September 5, 2005 Posts: 0 Comments: 5431
Radar shows a nasty orange blob east of 95, at least on the north half of the county.  I think they are getting wet.  It's dark and gloomy by the house, too, but I haven't seen much rain yet.
Member Since: August 30, 2008 Posts: 5 Comments: 938
quick post.
home for lunch and emptied 1.6" of rain from both gauges... I think that is from Thur & Fri...
has not rained yet today so starting out with empty gauges.

Wish some of our rain would hit my neighbors to the east closer to the beach; they never get rain while we drown.
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Good morning, it is Saturday and this morning I brought my team Bagels. I realize I only have 3 more Saturday's to work...maybe only 2!

Luz, LOL Thanks!!!! WOW only 102, that is down right chilly!
Glad to see ya!

Sandi, Yes I am still smiling and looking forward to a really happy weekend!

Shore, thank you... I have so many things running in my head I cannot wait until I can execute all those plans! But first I have some domestic things to do in Oct/Nov/Dec...and the holidays... But January 2013 I am going to try and work at my art as a full time job.... finally!!!

Spathy, thank you and YES you can feel my happiness!!!

BC, Thank you and yes I feel so free... I know I will still stay very busy but it will be doing things I want to do most of the time. And yes, after the first year, we are going to have to really clamp down on expenses..but I think we can do it. I would rather be happy & satisfied with my work than have "things" and be miserable. Glad to see you stop by.

Cosmic, yes a lot of you know where I work, but over the past 7 yrs I tried to keep it off the blog. Many I have told "behind the scenes in mail" or you are people I talk to all the time off the blogs. Glad you stopped by and Thanks!!!

Scott, glad you made it home OK ! You know a lot of folks that live in areas that are normally "cooler" don't have A/C. I bet it is hard on those few days it does get hot. Glad you have plenty of cold beer! I guess since I don't drink beer, I would have to have one of my frozen drinks!

Karen, I remember your husband was burnt out when his time came. It is wonderful for people who have a job they love, but when you are burnt out it is so hard to come to work everyday. Oh if we have sick days, we lose them. When you work for a private company there is no 'taking your sick days" with you for extra when you retire or leave. I am even taking my last 2 weeks vacation time before I leave so i won't lose them.
You know I will stay very busy; I have so m any projects I need to get done in the next 3 months.
I am even going to really be able to work my winter garden this year.
and in January I am going to make myself spend (at least) 30 hours a week painting and 20 hrs a week networking in the "art world" or working on portfolio or business cards or website...there is so much I need to do to get my own Art Business launched! But it is something I have been wanting to do for so long!

So it is Saturday and tomorrow is my 59th Birthday!
Hubby has reservations at Morton's Steakhouse in Ft Lauderdale... a really really nice restaurant.

I think during the day tomorrow, we will be doing a lot of things to prepare for Ellen & the kids to move in with us.
I think Christian has to start his training the last week of August and they have to be moved in before he leaves and out of their rental before Aug 31st.

So going to be really busy for a few weeks getting them moved in and settled but at least I will be off that last week of August which will help.\

You all have a great day and I am sure I will be back later.

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Way to go girl!!!!!!!!! I've got good news too!!! It only got up to 102 today!!!! Gotta love a good cold front!!!


Member Since: Posts: Comments:

Have a smile-filled weekend!!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 287 Comments: 25881
Oh, my goodness! Look at you! I had no idea it might be happening so soon - I'm so happy for you! Nine days left to work? Good grief - that's just nothing! What a wonderful, wonderful gift. Now you'll have the freedom to do all those things you've talked about for so long - I'm just absolutely thrilled for you!

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I am so excited for you. Thrilled might be a better word. The way I figure it is if you can retire early, do it. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and that doesn't mean accumulating lots of money. It means doing as many things as possible that make you look forward to getting up in the morning. I'll bet within the first three months after your life is your own, you'll shed 10 years off of how you feel.

And starting a new career of your choice will be so revitalizing. Whether or not it succeeds financially (and of course, we all hope it does!), it will put a sparkle back in your eyes and a bounce back in your step that's probably been missing for way too long. Maybe one of these days we'll get to see some of your art here.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Congratulations Patti. May your retirement bring you new enjoyment, happiness, and most important good health. Us old timers know where you work, you mentioned it years ago, but it shall remain private as it should.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hello Patti!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! In Germany, that is.

Nice weather, about 80 degrees. Starting tomorrow and through mid week next week it will be 90-100 degrees every day. Hope that doesn't last as we have no a/c. We use beer for a/c. LOL

Our "sealed up" time in the airplane ended up being almost 12 hours. As we were taxiing to the take off point the pilot pulled off and stopped. Finally he came over the PA and said one of the engines had a problem. Ended up going back to the gate. A swarm of mechanics came out and fixed the problem but we were about 2 hours late taking off. At least the problem was found before takeoff and not halfway over the Atlantic!!!

Have a great weekend!! I'll work on getting over my jetlag. Will be very busy at work for the next two weeks as we have a major inspection coming up along with our top people from Washington coming. On top of all that I start University classes 3 nights a week starting Monday. I think my timing is bad here!!!

Member Since: April 2, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 3506
Gamma - I can feel the joy seeping through your words. You, like hubby, were completely burnt out. He worked in the same place for over 32 years. As he said, same key, same key hole!!! Even though we took a week or two vacation almost every year, he accrued a lot of vacation and sick time over the years. I can only think of a few times over those 32 years that he stayed home sick.

I know there are plenty of folks who don't look fondly about the fact that he was able to use his accrued sick time to extend his 'employed time', but I wonder if they would look as badly upon the employee who used their sick time every single month - often when not even sick. A shortened crew put a strain on everyone.

He actually stopped working in July and didn't retire until December, using up his vacation time. If he didn't they couldn't hire another person to take his place until the vacation time was up. As it was though, they never replaced him. Cut I'm sure everyone knows about those. Even after using all that vacation time up, he still had some pay out. We put it towards his new car - so right back in the economy! LOL

He has never looked back. There were many at his job that wanted to throw a party for him, but he didn't want one. They did buy him a bicycle though...a nice beach cruiser! So much better than a gold watch!

Now, with his retirement pay and SS we live just fine. Our expenses are few and we are spending even less with him not working. We still do everything we want. When we were young and naive, we never thought this would be us!

As you know, I still like my job, even though with every growing year it gets a bit harder. I'll probably stick it out another 4-5 years....we'll see.

I am so happy for you because I know this is what you wanted so badly! It'll be fine having the family back, just keep telling yourself it's temporary. :-)~~~
Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 195 Comments: 14535
Skye, thank you... I do believe it has been also!

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
30. Skyepony (Mod)
Congrats! Long time coming:)
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 161 Comments: 37155
Jeff, I attended one of those 2 yrs ago... and YES I am going to get back into the local ART shows and activities starting in January. Going to try and do it like a full time job next year. I know Gallery 101 has something going on a few times a month.

First I need to get serious and get about 20-30 paintings but even if I don't have art in the activity I still need to "see and be seen" around the local artist.

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Ylee, 10 or even 15 yrs ago there would have been a big party for me after work and a hundred "friends/coworkers" would have attended. But nothing these days. We have not spent on employees in about 15 yrs or more.
My "team" and friends here where I have worked the past 12 yrs I am sure will get me a cake and a card....and I've already been told by many the place won't be the same without me running around all over the place and I will be missed. But in the past 3-5 yrs the bad days have far outnumbered the good days.

So no, nothing special from the company...except my "package" of course and for that I am "severence" like it is today.

Jeff, LOL I know...sometimes being "old" has it's advantages!!!

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
I'm just jealous.  :)

BTW Gamma, I was thinking about your art career the other day!  I went to the FAT Village Art Walk.  There was some cool stuff there.  Have you ever been?

Member Since: August 30, 2008 Posts: 5 Comments: 938
26. Ylee
That's funny, I was reading your earlier post and came up with 9 days for you left, and here you just wrote it, lol!

Do you think there will be a touch of sadness? After all, 26 years is a huge chunk of one's life. I'm guessing maybe if the corporate culture hasn't changed so much over the years, eh? Oh well, giggle away! :)
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hey Jeff,
Thank you so much. Yes I am on Cloud Nine! So happy.

And after this week I only have 3 "short weeks" to work because the next two "long weeks" are vacation weeks.

If you notice I am NOT saying anything on Facebook yet, way too many people from where I work on there
and I don't want any problems. I am going to wait until all the legal paperwork is signed and
everything is air tight before I say anything over there.

Actually I probably only have probably 9 more "working" days!!!!! I am giggly happy as I just typed that!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Wow!  So happy for you, Gamma!  I know you've been looking forward to this happening for so long.

It's also great that someone else is able to keep their job, because you are getting a package instead of them.

You have a little over a month..but with the vacation you have to take, I bet you're counting the days!

Member Since: August 30, 2008 Posts: 5 Comments: 938
Good morning!!!!

Bay, so good to hear from you again. Yes my friend you are still very young and have a lot of years. I stayed with my company all these years because of all the senority I had gained and did not want to give it up to go to work someplace else. But I really got burnt out the past few years. Enjoy your weekend!

Janet, I have been wanting to focus on my painting for 40 years and I cannot believe I am finally going to get the chance. Thank you!!!!

Scott, Thank you, I am so happy! WOW I hate being cramped up in an airplane for 3 hours at a time I cannot image 10 hr flight! I've done the west coast 5 hr flight before but there was always the stop in Dallas/Ft Worth to break it up.
Hope all goes well on your trip back home.

Sandi, you know how happy I am. I feel like I have never had "me" time and I am so excited to begin the next phase of my life.

Actually my "last working day" will be Sept 22nd...
But I have some vacation time to use before then.
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appmt and I was going to come to work afterwards, now I will just use sick time for the entire day!

then I am taking off a week vacation Aug 29-Sept 1st (long week) then another "long week" vacation Sept 12 -15th.

I am pretty sure my last day will be Fri Sept 21st; I will be told I don't even have to come in that Saturday 22nd.

I am thrilled beyond belief. I never thought this day would arrive!

Everyone was laughing at me yesterday I had a big smile on face, a bounce in my step and singing happy songs all day.
Most of the time when folks get "laid off" they are not happy but I got a good deal because of my age and years of service.

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Hey, GAMS -So glad I was right!!!

How soon can I say, welcome to the world of the "retired"!!!
After almost 40 years doing the same thing day in and day out, I know how liberating it can be to be your own boss and do your own thing!!

Well, done, girl!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 287 Comments: 25881
Congrats, Patti!!!

Way to go! As all have said, you will probably be busier now than ever but doing what you want.

We fly back to Germany tomorrow. Can't wait to be sealed up in a tin can for 10 hours at 36,000 feet. LOL

Apparently it is quite hot in Stuttgart right now, in the 90's. Whooopeeee! No a/c, either. Luckily it doesn't last long.
Member Since: April 2, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 3506
Congratulations! I'm sure you will no doubt be busier after you retire. Only difference is you will be doing what YOU want to do. Follow your dreams, rainbows & stop along the way to smell the roses. ♥
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Oh gamma I'm so happy for you! I figured that was going to be your news. I have worked for the same company for 22 years now, started when I was 19, and yes it is wearing on me, too. But I'm only 41, and have a lot to go yet, lol. I always think I'm going to do something new, broaden my horizons, etc, but I have excellent insurance, tons of PTO time, and senority, and grateful that I have this job in these trying times.


Have a nice day :)

Member Since: July 16, 2008 Posts: 1 Comments: 126
Number, thank you ... so funny, most people who get this feel bad and it is condolances... people are coming up to me giving me hugs and congratulations!

Ylee, Your Mom after 30 yrs must really need a break. I am burnt out after nearly 26 yrs.
Oh Rylee and Nolan are very excited about coming to live with us for a few months....

GG, I know Freedom. I have not stop smiling all day.
I have all my plans in my head on how I am going to use this time!!!

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879

Very happy for you to get a chance to escape :-D
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 248 Comments: 9240
16. Ylee
YAY!!! I'm glad you're finally getting that "monkey" off your back! Reading your comments about not leaking your good fortune to FB, I can see why you are so glad to leave! If it were me, I may have left for greener pastures years ago, but we have to do what we must, don't we?

And I'm glad you're not pregnant, lol!

My mom is retiring from Wal-mart after over 30 years at the end of this month, and she feels the same as you; she can't wait! :)

I'm sure with Ellen moving in there will be a huge adjustment, but you have a good daughter and good grandkids, so that'll be a big help! Besides, you can have Rylee do the dishes, lol!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I agree - Thanks for spreading your smile around. I'm grinning as I'm reading this - so happy for you!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Ogal, thank you and yes love that song.

Rob, thank you.. yes to have some "me" time and a real opportunity to see if I can make it with my artwork.

I am so worn out and tire of working in "Corporate America"
for the past 26 yrs and I had other jobs before joining here...

still listening to that video!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
11. OGal

Great tune!
Member Since: September 2, 2008 Posts: 96 Comments: 31726
Very happy for you Gamma!
You've worked so hard. Now you can try something you love...and have weekends with the kids too...or an occasional weekend getaway.

Thanks for spreading your smile around.
I can feel it in your's a good thing!
Member Since: September 2, 2008 Posts: 96 Comments: 31726
11. OGal

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
10. OGal

Such great news for a wonderful Gama. I think this may equate to fun fishing time with Nolan. Sit back have a glass of red on me and enjoy.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
What an "early" Birthday Present I got this year!!!!

Could not have asked for anything else that makes me this happy!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Quoting sandiquiz:
Your "company" has offered you a package you can't refuse!


Quoting Ylee:
Are you pregnant? :)

Are my wrist bleeding?

Quoting Skyepony:
That's it..suck us in & run away:)

Happy work, happy Wednesday to you..

But I came back!!!

Quoting GardenGrrl:
Ylee, you made me spit tea. lolol

No but I will make some soon!

Quoting billsfaninsofla:
Should we start guessing? :)

Nope, I can tell you now. LOL

I am not puttting this news on FB yet..
Too many people from my company are on there
and someone would take my happiness as not a good thing.

So I will wait a while before going FB Live with this...

Thanks for all your guesses.

Karen send me mail with the right guess also! LOL

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879
Hey, LOL, home for lunch break.

Part I: I finally got my "severance package into retirement". My last day is Sept 22nd and I have to take 2 weeks of vacation in the next 6 weeks.

This is what I have been waiting for 3 years...
so happy happy happy...

finally it will be my turn....

If my "art career" is not going well and I need to bring in some money after the severance package runs out in 14 months I will just get a job doing about anything for the next y ear until I am 62.

I am so happy.... this so works for me.

now some of my peers who got "re-engineered" are not as happy as me. I have the "age" and "number of years" to get a good deal.

So I will come back with more info later.

As you know I never say the name of the company I work for here on the internet; that could get me fired without anything. But I am so happy I hung in there and get to officially "retire" after nearly 26 years.

Also, Ellen and the kids are moving back in with us for 6-9 months while Christian gets training for a job with FPL that can nearly double his salary.
The only problem is he has to live out of town about 4 hr drive north of us... and he has to rent a place with 3 other employees during this training..
so they cannot afford two rents...

but it will all be worth it when he graduates from this is very good for their future so we have to work it out.
Ellen does not want to move back "Home" anymore than I want them all to move in here.

When they lived here for 9 months about 6 yrs ago.. they only had Rylee and she was a baby.
they did not have any dogs either.
Now there are two kids and 2 dogs!
Both kids will be in school or day care starting this fall so I will no longer have my "every Tuesday" adventure but since they are here all the time I can do things with them when we want.

I don't believe I will not be working on Saturdays pretty soon!!

It will be fun and sometimes I am sure "interesting"..
Rylee and Nolan are so excited; they love staying at our house anyway!

So got to go for now...thanks for all your support over the years of me whining about my job...

so glad I survived it until I got the reward!!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 297 Comments: 40879

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