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Lock Up Your Daughters !

By: seflagamma, 3:32 PM GMT on January 20, 2010

Sun. Jan 24, 2010:
Congratulations to the Colts and Saints for making it to the Super Bowl!

Wed. Jan. 20, 2010:
Grandson Nolan is now 6 weeks old and ready for the gym.
I went nuts when I saw him this morning in his little sweat pants, t-shirt and "skull" hat!
"Lock Up Your Daughters" indeed!
Give this handsome little boy a few years.

Thank you BD for this special graphic!

Florida Drought Maps are back in Play for the Dry Season:
But they are looking better than any January I can remember; look at all that blue and green!
Thank you El Nino! But not so happy about all this cold weather you are creating for us!

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Cold first half of January

By: seflagamma, 2:43 PM GMT on January 07, 2010

Jan 16, 2010:
finally woke up this morning with temps at 70 and expected to reach 70 this afternoon, before the rain arrives tonight and tomorrow. YIPEE.. that COLD was just too much to handle!

Jan 12, 2010. Today is grandson, Ty's, 4th Birthday and Grandson Nolan's 5 week Birthday.

and our forcast is a gradual warming trend thru Saturday with rain coming Thur, Fri and Sat.
This should be our last really cold evening.

Baby Nolan at 5 weeks old:

So funny, after my rant and blog heading yesterday of "Enough Already!" the front page of the newspaper had the same headline the next day! Everyone down here is having a hard time with this cold weather.

Mon. Jan 11, 2010:
Enough of this cold already. For the SE Florida area it is record breaking and historical that we have gone this many days in a row with these day time temps below 50 degrees and night temps in the 30's. We have broken records of some sort almost every day for 2 weeks.
We are not prepared for it; it is killing our native animals and plants ...and we will all pay the price at the grocery story for the Winter Produce that has been damaged or killed. We have power outtages all over the place because of people turning on their heaters down here. It is a mess. It must end soon!

Sun. Jan 10th, later...we NOW have power again!!!!
Can finally heat the house back up... went 8 full hours today without heat and it was cold. But we are back on the grid now! Whoo HOOO!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010:
This cold snap for tropical South Florida is really getting old. Last night I woke up around 5:45am and come in here to check the temp, it said, 35 degrees and light snow. I bundled up and went outside and did not find snow but was colder than I could handle.

At 9am this morning our transformer blew and now we are without power; thank goodness we are "hurricane ready" because right now we have the generator going. Cannot use heater or oven but can make coffee and use computer.
It is COLD.

Jan 16th: I am removing pictures I have at the bottom that I did load thru WU... just to get rid of dups.

Back to Sun Jan 10th:
Then hubby had me come outside to see the small Iguana...actually it is NOT an iguana, it is a Native Anole
but they also need heat to survive. it also goes into the "Coma" state that happens with temps in 40's or it is in the "Dead" state which happens when temps drop to 30's. I got a picture, of course.
(pic below)

FPL is out there now working on the transformer; it is affecting 10 homes in our area.

Here are pictures of two of the "contractors trucks" waiting on new transformer to be delivered so it can be installed.

The big Crane truck arrive to pull out the bad transformer and install the new one. Along with a little damage to our neighbor's yard and fence.

Here is our "hurricane generator" who would have thought we would be getting it out because we lost power all day due to a cold spell in South Florida.
Hubby does get it out and "test" it every 3 months like you are suppose to do and it cranked right up on the first pull.

And I have this "Sensetivity Plant" in my patio; it is from the Mimosa Family and when you touch the leaf it curls up. Well it is very tropical and has been looking bad for a week now. perhaps it will come back when it warms up.
Yes, I made the pot it is in.

Suppose to be cold again tonight. It has not been this cold since the record breaking cold snap on
Dec 24 & 25, 1989 when we lost power for 36 hours during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
And I lost most of my landscape with that freeze. I will lose a lot of my plants with this one.

Good luck everyone; will check back in when I can.
Stay Warm!!!

Jan 7, 2010: I think I need to go fully into January 2010 and perhaps I will have more time to be here!
But since I never made it to many of your blogs to wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year 2010, I will say it again here!

Thank you BD for this special graphic!

And I did set some New Year 2010 goals:

I do not do "resolutions" because that is sure failure but I do set "goals" and over on Ogal's blog I set some "goals" for this year and want them to be here to see everyday.

1. Be more patient with others and situations.

2. Find more "me" time to enjoy life outside of immediate family.

3. Run all 6 miles in April for March of Dimes 10K.

4. Finally lose those 15 pounds; get & stay in shape.

5. Start working on my next career, my artwork.

And I want to add that I wish to contine to get organized and get rid of "stuff" I do not need. Clean out more closets and cabinets, etc.

Florida Drought Maps are back in Play for the Dry Season:
But they are looking better than any January I can remember; look at all that blue and green!
Thank you El Nino! But not so happy about all this cold weather you are creating for us!

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