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Happy Birthday America !!!

By: seflagamma, 2:12 PM GMT on June 30, 2009

Thank You BD!

July 4, 2009:
Happy Birthday America!

and Happy Birthday OSHNBLU!

July 3, 2009:
Today is Rylee's 4th Birthday. Her "big party" will be next weekend on July 12th. But tonight her parents, grandparents and great grandparents will have cake and coffee over at our home around 7pm to celebrate her "real" birthday. We will give her our gifts tonight.
Sure wish she wasn't growing up so fast!
See Post #60 for her newborn to recent pictures.

July 2, 2009: It is Sandi's Birthday, please stop by her blog and leave her some Happy Birthday wishes!

July 1, 2009: Still Raining on my house and yard.

June 30, 2009:
I've been meaning to open a new blog thread for a week now so doing it today. My house has received over 6" of rain in past 7 days and it is raining today. I really need to dry out a little.

Still not putting up any of the "dancing Icons" because my area does not need rain right now. LOL Except for a few isolated areas like over bills house and spathy's house and oaklands house, everyone else is soggy! LOL

But will keep up the drought maps.

Sunday I ventured to my herb garden where I have two very large pots of parsley. Curley Parsley more for decorative purposes and Italian Flat Leaf Parsley for cooking. The Zebra Caterpillars had taken over both of them! by eating all those parsley leaves they exposed the weeds in those pots! I plant parsley and dill in my butterfly garden but they did lay eggs on those NOOOOOO,they would rather be munching on my plants I cook with of course! But 50 new butterflies will be worth it!

I planted a lot of flowers from seeds last winter and they were beautiful. And as they ran their life spand, I collected some of the cosmos seeds and replanted them in the pots to bloom again. What I did expect was for all the volunteer plants to come up in the rock mulch between our pavers and the fence. They were such a nice surprise!
(The plants in the big tub will last several seasons I hope)
I just put in the annuals as filler.

Our Royal Poinciana, I love this tree that graces our front yard. I know, my front yard is not nearly big enought to hold a tree of this size so I have to have it professionally trimmed every year to keep it contained and hurricane proofed. It blooms from Late May to Late June. The blooms are now fading a bit but it is still beautiful.

And since we didn't have lightening or thunder just rain, Rylee finally got to go swimming in the Spa while Gamma watched. And when Gamma has a camera Rylee goes into posing.. and I've got dozens of pics of her but only posting two here.
One she is getting into the spa with her goggles ready to go. other she is showing me how she flips on her back and swims backwards..well looks to me like she is sinking not swimming.and the girl is a great swimmer, gamma doesn't get worried when she is floundering around like that.. she is fine! She is doing that on purpose. She is "Gamma's Girl" very "rough and tumble" she is! LOL

and Betsey updated Baron's website with new pictures this week and they are so cute. That little boy is becoming a handful! He is adorable.

She did the "vintage" affect on some of them was great. here is one of those:

Then Scott got a red bean bag chair with "DADDY" on it to match Baron's red reading/watching videos chair in the play room... except Baron likes to sit on Daddy's chair now:

And Baron, in his cute little Crocs, and his PJ's is getting the doggy leashes out to take his little Bro's for a walk.

I haven't posted pictures of Baron in a while so I may have overdone it this time to make up for it! LOL

Two Pictures of Rylee's 4th Birthday with just her grandparents.. one of Rylee with her Mama and Daddy and of Rylee with Gamma and Poppy. Ellen said to remind everyone she is Pregnant so ....

IN case you are wondering; that is not her normal "outfit" it is one of her "birthday presents" a Fairy Princess's
Outfit complete with beads and pearls and wings, etc.....that she had to wear at her "party". lol

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Rainy June

By: seflagamma, 11:05 AM GMT on June 20, 2009

Sat. June 27, 2009:
We got over 3" on Tuesday, 1/2" Thursday over 1/2" Friday and today alittle more than 1".. over 5" of rain at my house since Tuesday, in 5 days. This is just not fair; some of this rain needs to go to other places like the Panhandle or the North Gulf Coast or Texas.. Why us???
and more to come. We have 70% chance of rain Sun & Mon and 60% Tue & Wed. We are going to drown here. LOL got to have a good sense of humor about it I guess.
Either flooding or drought it seems, nothing in between.

Wed. June 24, 2009:
After Months of trying to get together for lunch; today Gamma and StormKen finally got to meet each other. It was great. He was exactly the funny wonderful gentleman I knew he would be. The hour went by so fast.

Here is Patti and Ken after our lunch at Bru's Room

And, I had prior agreement with Amy to present Ken with a bottle of Geritol from her and Emmy had the promised Red Bandana from her. So I delivered the two gifts along with greetings from many others of you.
Ken is such a great sport; here he is in Pirate Fashion wearing the bandana swigging back the Geritol! LOL

Tuesday, June 23, 2009:
Record heat yesterday and around 4:30am the storms moved in and been raining since 5am. as of 9:45 little over 2" and still falling.

6pm, almost 3" of rain has fallen today and we had some terrible wind storms this afternoon; with 60-70 mph gusts. Some damage and some flooding going on. Nasty weather for my area in Broward County and looks like more to come.

10:45 pm, new thunder and lightening.. round 3 of storms for today on the way now..wonder how much more rain we will get from this?

Monday, June 22, 2009:
That is today's forcast for my area. All this heat around the Gulf States is getting don't get me wrong, I love summer time weather, it is the BEST! but it can get to the point of being repressive when we reach 100 day after day. Let's just have a few days and cool down to the low 90's how about?
4pm today, Ft Lauderdale's official Temp was 100 degrees F.. and offical record. of course out in the sun it was even hotter. :o)

Sunday, June 21, 2009:
We have so many wonderful Father's here on WU so we just want to give them all a Happy Father's Day greeting!

Awesome Dad
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BD Thank You So much for my new Graphic!!!! I love it!!!

Sat. June 20, 2009:
Today is special, it is our very own Bug's Birthday and folks, she is 49 once again this year! LOL
And tomorrow is Father's Day so will add Father's Day decorations later this afternoon.

Our Rainy Season has started so the Dancing Baby can be retired for the next six months. (except for special people like Bills who does not get enough rain at her house lol)
I like to keep the drought maps so you can see where all the excess rain is during the wet season..we will watch blues and greens instead of reds and fushia! LOL

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Everglades Holiday Park pics

By: seflagamma, 5:33 PM GMT on June 08, 2009

June 10, 2009: Rylee and Gamma's Great Adventure Wednesday was in Everglades Holiday Park in Broward County.
We drove out to the 'Glades and took an airboat ride in the Everglades, one of the bigs ones lots of people can ride on... and we watched an Alligator handling show.. Rylee held a baby alligator.. and we went fishing.. loaded up about 11 photographs of this mornings adventure.
I may remove some of the others so it won't be so many to go thru.

June 9, 2009:
took a lot of pictures of Rylee playing in the rain. put some here.

June 8,2009:
The official weather forcast for South Florida is above average rainfall in this area thru August. They cannot really tell beyond August if this will continue or not for more months. South Florida is now well above where we should be in rain fall. We know everyone did not get all this rain in their backyards but most of us have gotten more than our share. My backyard is going on 4 weeks of not missing a daily rain. Oh well, get use to it.

Our Rainy Season has started so the Dancing Baby can be retired for the next six months. I like to keep the drought maps so you can see where all the excess rain is during the wet season..we will watch blues and greens instead of reds and fushia! LOL

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Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

By: seflagamma, 4:26 PM GMT on June 02, 2009

Today is the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing at Normandy Beach France that turned the tide of WWII on the European front. On June 6, 1944 many of our Americans and our friends and allies the British, displayed bravery beyond belief and many gave their lives in this great cause as we freed Europe from Germany's Hitler. We honor those who took part in this great historical achievement.

June 6, 2009:
It is now getting crazy all this rain, over 3 weeks of daily rains and some of it has been very heavy with a lot of rain falling at once. That isn't good for anything but runoff and flash flooding. South Florida needs a break from the Rain.

Remember the old nursery rhyme
"Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day, Little Johnny Wants To Play"
"It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man Is Snoring"
LOL Rylee and I sing those together when it rains on our parade .. or one of our Adventure Days! LOL

Check out post below... today article claims S Fla has the wettest May on Record. SEE I wasn't just making this up.. my house has been deluged with rain all month! lol

June 2, 2009:
What happened to January, February, March, April, & May?
It is already June and the start of the "Season" Oh NOOOOO!!!

Thanks to all who posted on my prev blog and I did get back there this morning. But I like to have my blogs "organized" ROFL.. so I need to put May blogs in to archives and start afresh!

Hubby and I had a blast Sunday at Lake Josephine, not a drop of rain.. all sunshine and fun. Have a few pictures to put in here.. you know I will have pictures in my blog!

So Happy June to all and remember, now is the time to get our Hurricane Closet or Supply area organized and start getting the stuff we have to renew every year.. like the non parishable food stuff and the bottled water supply; and check those batteries to make sure they are still fresh.

Our Rainy Season has started so the Dancing Baby can be retired for the next six months. I like to keep the drought maps so you can see where all the excess rain is during the wet season..we will watch blues and greens instead of reds and fushia! LOL

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