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By: seflagamma, 1:19 PM GMT on January 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009:
The Master Bath Renovation has begun. Yesterday we purchased all of the tile for the work so the demo will start today or tomorrow. It will be a mess for several weeks but be worth it in the end!

Sunday, February 1, 2009:

Super Bowl Sunday. May the Best Team Win; they are both super teams with super players.

I got this new month off to a good start.. I Ran 3 miles straight again this morning! I walked 1 mile, Ran 3 miles, and walked 1 mile for 5 miles total! YIPEE.. cannot believe I was able to do the 3 miles running again. My new goal will be to do it at least once a month.

Hope everyone has a Super Sunday!

Wed. January 28, 2009:
Rylee and I returned to Flamingo Gardens again today in Davie, FL (Broward County). We had a great time and I know we've been there many time and I taken pictures and posted them many times in the past 3 years; they are always different. I just loaded up 16 photographs from today. I will load them into the blog once they all get approved.

BD made me this and I love it so putting it in my header:

Monday morning, January 26, 2009:

WOW, where did January go? I cannot believe it is almost over and February is around the corner.

I knew I needed to set up a new blog thread the prev one was getting old and long. When I get a chance will put up new pictures of the garden but for now my blog will be sort of boring!

Jan 26, 2009: Since we haven't had rain in a while and many areas are under fire watch I think it is time to bring back out the Florida Drought Map which does not look good this morning at all.

Jan 29, 2009: (I know it may be different tomorrow so dating this statement) Look at this over 1,800 views today but less than 5 or 6 posts. LOL
But I appreciate the lurkers also! And the ones that come look at my photographs!

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Back to normal Temps

By: seflagamma, 10:20 PM GMT on January 13, 2009

Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009:
We didn't get to freezing at my house early this morning and I am so happy... I put info in a post below this morning. We got very lucky again and I am grateful. I know many in South Florida got frost and freeze which is horrible on our tender topical plants. And the West Coast and Central Fla and even the entire Lake Okeechobee area got hard freeze.
We are warming up today and going to be having more normal temps for our area. Highs in 70's lows in 50-60's at night. I am ready for warmth again!

Wed. Jan 21, 2009:
Just noticed.. my zip code 33351 has a

Freeze warning in effect from 2 am to 9 am EST Thursday...

This is crazy stuff... hasn't gotten this cold in 20 years.

Tuesday evening, Jan 20th.
Well it is expected to get into 40's tonight so I guess we will have Iguanas falling out of trees again over the next two days. "Watch Out Below!!!"

And tomorrow, Jan 21st is Baby Grandson Baron's FIRST Birthday. Remember this time last year.. he had to be taken 2 months early.. at 2lb 7oz.. and I was a basket case and all of you were so wonderful and supportive.
Hard to believe it has already been a year.
And Baron is doing great; he is walking all over the place. He is still a little on the "small" side for his age still but catching up rapidly.. I think he will surely catch up for size with his age group in the next year.. then he will start surpassing his age group. The little boy has big Feet! LOL
So we are very blessed by all the wonderful miracles of his first year of life.
So tomorrow about noonish, it will be Happy First Birthday Baron

Tuesday, January 20, 2009:
Today we are all Americans as we watch the transfer of power come alive in celebration among us all.
This Inauguration has even more significance in that it is the first time that a White Man is not being Sworn In as President of the United States of America.
While I am a conservative, I believe in our American System of Government and our Constitution. And Today Barack Obama will become my President. I wish him well for the sake of our Great Country.
I want and pray for him to succeed as the Great American People work through the problems of our day. I am sure later, I will "disagree" with some of his administration's policies but hey, I disagreed with some of the policies President Bush enacted. This is America and we are allowed to "agree to disagree" I just wish we could do it without the name calling and hysteria that usually goes on with the disagreement. And we have to remember 70% of the Country is not far Right or far Left, they are in the moderate Middle. So the debates and disagreements will go on and on and most of the time it is healthy.

But today, I will Watch the Inauguration of our New President and the new First Family and I will be Proud of our Great Country. And tonight when I pray for the Leaders of our Country, I will be Praying for President Obama.

Sunday Jan 18, 2009:
A few weeks ago I set a goal to run 3 straight miles by June 1st. Something I hadn't done in over 25 years. I figured I would work my way up to that accomplishment.
I can run 2 miles in a row and I have done total of 8 miles many times in walking and running but never ran more than 2 miles in a row and it is always hard.
Well this morning, I did it. I walked 1 mile, RAN 3 MILES, and Walked 1 mile for total 5 miles. I ran 3 miles in a row! YIPEE!!!
You all need to remember, I am 55 years old and grandmother of 4! LOL

Tonight's Firepit:

Sat. Jan. 17, 2009:

See Post #92 for news article about too cold for Iguanas in South Florida. Too funny!

Goodness, January is now half over. Time is flying by.
Thank you all for your posts and comments. It appears we have a lot of "gardening" folks on these blogs. I understand only a few of us can really garden in January like we in SE Florida do, but it will get you excited for Spring.
I don't know if I am able to do this or not, with all the crazyness about links and such. But, over the past 29 years I've been gardening in SE Fla, I have purchased many gardening books and magazines for information and helpful hints. Gardening in Florida is different than gardening in the rest of the USA. We have to do most things backwards, like gardening in middle of winter instead of summer like most of you! LOL

Then in 1995 I saw an ad in the Sun Sentinel Newspaper about a new gardening magazine that was coming just for Florida Gardeners. I signed up. So I am a "Charter Member" of the Florida Gardening Magazine since 1995.
And no matter where you live in Florida, it covers your area completely. It is published by a couple from Malabar, FL (close to Melbourne)and has contributing editors and Master Gardeners from all over the state. I've been getting it for over 13 years and I devour every page of every copy.
So if you are really interested, they have a website:
and it is published 6 times a year for around $20 a year and worth every penny.
And I have NO connection at all to the magazine nor will gain from this recommendation, I just wanted to let my Florida Gardening friends know help is out there. The rest of you have all kinds of help; most other gardening books and magazines covers the rest of the USA.

So, those of us doing gardening or landscaping of any kind, keep on sharing our pictures and comments and let's all have fun together. I will try to have a gardening blog with garden pictures at least once a month if I can.

I love my WU Friends!

Wed. January 14, 2008:
Please stop by StSimonsIslandGAGuy's blog and wish him a very happy Birthday today!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009:

Well, the first wave of the first cold front is on top of me; we are getting the front line of the rain now. According to Ken our SE Fla SunSentinel and WU Weather Man for those of us down here, the really cold weather will be with the second wave that comes thru Friday. This morning was in 80's but now down to 75 with light rain.

I decided it is time for a new blog thread and this one will be about gardening and a little on the "path to bathroom reno" LOL.

will get some pictures in here later.

Ok, I loaded up about 16 new pics of the herbs and veggies I just planted.. and a few flowers. Two of the pics I am also going to post here are from the Nov 9th pic of the Upside down Tomato and the Cilantro.. such a difference 2 months makes!

Also, on the East side of the house, my succulents and the Kalanchoe are blooming again and doing great. I need to "clean up" that area but those old plants keep coming back every year. Also some of my orchids are getting ready to bloom again.. sure hope this cold doesn't hurt my orchids they really do not like cold. If it really does get down into low 40's on Friday night I may bring some of my orchids that are hanging in the tree inside for the night... the ones I cannot bring in I will just "water in" well and hope for the best.

I love getting dirt under my fingernails.. good for the soul!

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First Half January 2009

By: seflagamma, 5:02 PM GMT on January 03, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009:
Today we celebrated grandson Ty Mitchell's 3rd Birthday. However his real birthday is tomorrow, January 12th..same day as our friend Hills!
He loves trains and Thomas the Train is all he is about and got him into trains. So for his BD Party, the family drove about a hour to SW Miami, near Metro Zoo, to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. It was a lot of fun.
Those old railroad cars we could walk thru reminded me of those old movies.. (bug you would have loved it!)
It made me think of any old movie that involved a train ride, like the recently viewed White Christmas!
It was so hard to believe how cramped and tiny everything was... no way in today's world could 60% of American's even be able to walk down the aisles of those trains from our early years and all those rooms and cabins were so tiny. and Ashtrays were everywhere.. after 30-50 years you could still smell the "smoke" ingrained in the carpets, leather and fabric of those rail cars.
But it was special. We also got to go on a couple of train rides which the kids loved. It was fun. I am loading up 4 pics of 3 of the grandkids (Baron is home now up north) from today. Ty was loving it!
It did make me want to take a train trip.

Below with today's pic I also put in Ty's picture from 3 years ago when he was in NICU for 8 days. See, another miracle in our family.

Don't forget, tomorrow, Jan 12th is also Hill's 63rd Birthday! Ty was born on his 60th birthday 3 years ago.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009:
Well, the Dolphins are over for the year but at least they made the playoffs this year and gave us a hope and joy we haven't had in years. And today I got some time to myself and made some around around the blogs and enjoyed reading about your holidays and what's up on your blog.
Tomorrow, Rylee and I will have an "Adventure Wednesday" and then Back to Work for me on Thursday. Betsey and Baron are having a hard time getting out of West Palm Beach Airport flying into Philly tonight.. her flight is delayed 3 hours and possibly will not get out until tomorrow. Philly airport has nasty icy weather. She and Baron are with Scott's family in Palm Beach County so they are keeping track of the flight on computer.
Again I wish all of you, my Wonderful WU friends a very Good 2009 and another fun year together!

Saturday, January 3, 2009:

To everyone who left me wonderful greetings in my previous blog, Thank You Very Much! It was so great to read them when ever I had a chance to take a peek. I truly value the friendships I've made here over the previous years.

But now it is time to start out with a clean slate for a new year. Several friends already cover the basic goals we strive for each year so I will not repeat any of those.

I am still very busy around here. Scott drove back to Penn yesterday but Betsey and Baron stayed behind; they will fly home Tuesday morning. They wanted a few more days of warm weather before heading back to the cold. And they will return the last two weeks of February.

Hubby and I hope to start our Master Bathroom renevotion at the end of this month. It is so 80's and small. Cannot do anything about the size but we do need new tiles and fixtures and cabinets, etc. Need to bring it up to date as much as possible. While excited about a new bathroom, sort of dreading the mess!

So here's to everyone, my dear friends, and our ambitions and goals and faith for the new year 2009!

Go Dolphins!!!

Once again posting our Family Christmas Eve Picture.
As Hubby is famous for saying
"This is What it is all about!"

Below are pics from Ty's BD party and also I put in the one from when he was a new born 3 years ago after 8 days in NICU. Another Miracle.

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