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Thanksgiving is Here!

By: seflagamma, 9:26 PM GMT on November 23, 2008

Saturday. Nov 29, 2008:
Betsey had a rough night but better today. She is hoping to be released from hospital tonight. Thank you all for keeping me company here yesterday afternoon and evening.

Betsey was released from Hospital Sat afternoon; she will take it easy this week then should be ok by next week.

Friday, Nov 28, 2008:

Well, it was a great day yesterday; a time to be thankful for all our wonderful Blessings.

I did get a call from Betsey last night. She ended up in emergency room to be checked out and we were hoping it was nothing serious so I didn't say anything here.

This is part of life, the good stuff and the stuff we have to deal with; at least since it was hopefully caught early it shouldn't be too bad. I will let you all know how it went when I learn anything.

2:24 pm: Scott just called.
The laparoscopic surgery was a success.
They took out appendix and also took care of a few other things..but if recovery goes well with the laparoscopic surgery could go home tomorrow night because there is not a big opening.
We are so relieved everything is going to be just fine.

Sunday, November 23, 2008:

Decided it was time for a new blog. So will decorate this one for Thanksgiving and Winter Themes and getting ready for Christmas.

Baron got to see Santa Yesterday!

And another shot Betsey got while they were out.

This little boy has come a long long way since his birth Jan 20th at 2 1/2 lbs. Prayers do work, and Miracles do happen, he is a miracle.

Wed. Nov 26, 2008:

Just got back from the Preschool program that Rylee was in.
Last year she was a Pilgram, this year she was a Native American Indian. They were all so cute.

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008:
Rylee took the tree skirt and put it around her like a cape, then put on a Santa hat and I had to go find the camera.. Christmas Girl! (I didn't even realize she was barefooted.. well this is South Florida and we don't wear shoes even in Winter!)

Finally got some pictures of grandsons Cole and Ty that I can load up here!

Ty and Cole with Santa at Bass Pro Shop last Sunday.

Cole, 5K, 5 1/2 yrs old:

Ty Mitchell, 2K, 2 1/2 yrs old:

Son Greg and wife Pam, sons Cole and Ty.

Wed. Nov 26, 2008:
Betsey took some photos of Grandson Baron this morning trying to decided which one to use for the Christmas Card this year. I loved both of these! LOL

Lights are a "complexing" part of Christmas!

What a Present this would make!

Poppy & Gamma, Thanksgiving at family in Lake Worth, Palm Beach County.

Thanksgiving Sunset in Lake Worth, FL

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Tropical Gardening

By: seflagamma, 6:32 PM GMT on November 09, 2008

Sunday, Nov 23, 2008:
1pm kick off time.. Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots in Miami. Weather should be nice, temps around 75 degrees, p/c skys and slight chance of showers.
going to be a tough game..hubby is at this game; I think MP is also.... sure hope we win!!!

well, bad new, Dolphins lost this game to the Patriots...48 to 28.. nasty loss...

Friday, Nov 21, 2008:
Happy Birthday Catawife!!! and this morning I received 2 pictures from Betsey of the beautiful snowfall they woke up to this morning in West Chester, PA (outside Philly).. I put both pics here in my header (at bottom) and in a post below a few minutes ago. The snowfall pictures of her yard look like winter Christmas Cards!

Found out today that our very own Pencola21, Katie, got married last Saturday, November 15th and is now a Married Lady!!!! Some of us that have known her since summer of 2005 knew this day was coming soon and now it has come and gone... That is why she has been so busy lately and never around! LOL It is not yet out on the blogs but she gave me permission announce this wonderful happening in our WU Community!

I know we all want to wish her and her husband, Josh, all the BEST!!! Congratulations to Katie!!!!

Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008:
We got that cold front that pushed on thru South Florida Sunday evening and tonight getting another one that should bring us temps into high 40's by tomorrow morning. It isn't so bad we have to bring in the plants but we are turning on the heat in early morning to "knock the chill" out of the house!

Sunday, Nov 16, 2008:
Miami Dolphins playing Oakland Raiders today at 1pm.
Let's Go Dolphins!
Dolphins won 17 to Raiders 15.. and it was a very exciting game..but our special teams must do a better job if we are going to make the playoffs....oh my goodness, did I even mention the "playoffs" words... haven't hear that in many years! LOL

Sunday, Nov 9, 2008:
Miami Dolphins playing Seattle Seahawks at 1pm in Miami today. And we are winning at half time 14 to 7.. hope it lasts.. Us Dolphin Fans have developed thick skin over the past 10 years LOL..
I do not believe this.. we pulled it out again and won!
Hubby is at the game he will be so happy!

Sunday November 9, 2008:
I decided it was time for a new blog. But that doesn't mean we are not still praying and worrying about our friends on the Brac Cayman Island after Hurricane Paloma caused so much damage there. We will continue to wait for more news. Paloma is suppose to go away and only bring us a little rain on Wednesday.

Today is beautiful and I hope to get in some yard work but while out in the yard I found myself taking pictures of some of my projects and plants. I will share a few of my morning photos.

Skye, we talked about the "upside down hangin tomatoes" I got 2 last Monday, I went out this morning and one had died the other seems to be thriving. I probably broke the plant of the one that died last week when I tried to plant it.. It is not easy to plant in an upside down planter.. this is all new. I will put another one in there in the next few days.

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{{{{Cayman Island Friends}}}}Hurricane Paloma

By: seflagamma, 7:35 PM GMT on November 06, 2008

Sat Nov 8, 2008. Paloma is now a strong Cat 4 and heading toward the little Caymen islands. Our friends on Grand Caymen got lashed last night and the storm went just to the east of them but hitting Cayman Brac head on it appears.
I will give updates as much as I can today.

Fri, Nov 7th: Oh my goodness, H Paloma is getting so much stronger than we expected. Not good for our Cayman friends. They are now preparing for Cat 2 storm and could be worse. I cannot believe what I am seeing on the models and on radar... and the models are going loopy now.
Prayers for all in Paloma's path.

8:00 pm Nov 6, it's now Hurricane Paloma!

We have a November storm! Tropical Storm Paloma. YIKES! Well we have had November storms before. Hope it doesn't hurt the islands too bad and it stays away from us.

Thursday, November 6, 2008:

I am going to try again. I've got about 5 troll handles banned; these handles have just come out in the past few days; I never saw them before.

I would like to have a positive blog; like I use to have...I do not want this one to go political, please. Now it is the time for us to come together for the good of the country.


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It's a New Day

By: seflagamma, 1:56 PM GMT on November 05, 2008

Wed. Nov 5, 2008:

Congratulations to the Democrates and hopefully the Republicans will get their house in order. Politics can divide people that is why I do no like to have it in my blog but felt some of us needed an outlet last night and this morning. But now we must become positive and hope for the best.

Rylee will be here soon and my new range will arive this morning and I'm going to make split pea soup this afternoon.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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