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Deck The Halls!!!

By: seflagamma, 8:42 PM GMT on November 23, 2007

Nov 30th: Today my street became a "crime scene". When I tried to get home tonight, there is police tape blocking the end of my block.. after sitting there for 30 mins finally the cop talked to me (with my drivers lic for proof I lived here) I had to turn around and go a different way and come into my street thru a back direction... I know that doesn't make sense I live on a "U" street... it doesn't go anywhere.
Anyway.. My Broward Bunch, if you see the story about the "aunt" who stabbed a little 12-14 year old austic nephew in both eyes and then stabbed herself i nthe eyes and no one reported anything for 10 hours.. in Lauderhill.. that is at the end of my street. No one really knows that family.. you know it is one of those families where everyone is very weird and you stay away from them. They are all very "not normal". I will put the piece from the paper as they know it now in my comments. and add what I know about the situation in posts.

Attention all Bloggers: Friday, November 30th.
Our friend, Rob "Spetrm" is having a baby; well rather his wife is actually having the baby. It's a boy and due Dec 20th but they don't think she is going to make it that long. So if you get a chance drop by his winter blog and leave him a post. He just now found out about the baby shower last night! And he hasn't been by his blog yet this morning so will he be surprised. It is their first baby and they are so excited.

To clarify the Baby Shower is in Spetrm's Blog today.

And after today I am 6 months Smoke and Nicotine Free!
Still a challenge and I still think about wanting a cig from time to time..but getting a little easier. I understand it will take a year before I am really out of the woods.

Trying to put up the Christmas Countdown Clock here:

NOV 24, 2007:
I finished the Christmas Tree today. I loaded 12 "portraits" of a few of the detail ornaments of the tree and will post them for now. I took out the 2 Thanksgiving day pics. I will put these 12 in now..then later take them out and put in other pics as I get thru this decorating.
Anytime I go anywhere, I buy Christmas Tree ornaments.. I collect them; especially tropical ones. And Everyone who knows me knows if they "draw my name" in a
Secret Santa or what ever, I love unusual Christmas Ornaments. And over the years I've collected many to add to those the kids made. Here are a few:

November 23, 2007:

You knew I couldn't resist not having a Christmas Decorating Blog! Some place for all of us "WANNA BE" Martha Stewarts to drop in from time to time to update their progress.

Well this is the blog. When we need to get off that ladder and take a break.. come here and report your progress...
It will be fun!

I will decorate my blog once I get a little further on my home decorating!!!

Trying to do the MapLoco:

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Precious Metal P51 Mustang

By: seflagamma, 4:52 PM GMT on November 20, 2007

Nov. 23, 2007: Still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinners but got decorating to do today. It takes me over a week to get it done so I better get going and not spend too much time on the blogs today. I am off work until next Wednesday so that will help.

Nov 21, 2007: It is almost Thanksgiving and I wish you all a wonderful day tomorrow where ever you may be spending it!
So I cannot "skip" a Thanksgiving Blog LOL I didn't think I could.. so will change the header just for tomorrow then go back to the airplane blog. LOL

Nov. 20, 2007:

Wishing all of your a wonderful Thanksgiving Week and Holiday weekend coming up. Those that are traveling I hope you travel safely and arrive without mishap. And we all enjoy the Thanksgiving Holidays.

I will skip an official "Thanksgiving Blog" this year to put up some of the photographs I took last Sunday.
A friend of hubby's owns an Airport in Lake Placid, FL and has an annual Fly In every November. People who are in to planes fly in every year for the fellowship and the love of planes. Now I am not really "into" planes but for those of you who know about them; you will be impressed with some of these.

The WWII P51 Mustang fighter planes, are famous.. it is said they won WWII for us. A few of those plans are still around and around 150 are still in flying conditions. I've got 3 photos (if they all get approved) of a very famous one "Precious Metel".. I understand a movie has been made about this plane and it just won the Reno 2006.

If you google Precious Metal P51 Mustang you will get all sorts of information on this plane... including the owners and current info. Someone here doesn't think this plane is the original and I advised him it really is the real McCoy. We know the owners and trust me it is real.

Some of the other planes were interesting also. I didn't get any good pictures of the stunt flyings they were doing but did get a little variety of the ones there.

And of course I have one of 3 birds out on the boat dock on Lake Josephone. Had to add it to the collection.

Precious Metal:

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'Glades & Lake Okeechobee Updated Pics

By: seflagamma, 12:01 AM GMT on November 08, 2007

Sat. Nov. 17, 2007:
Yes, I am home now and off work until Nov 28th.
Tomorrow hubby and I are taking a road trip...
Going to Sebring, Lake Josephine to meet his Sister and BroInLaw from Sanford, FL then see how their lake house is coming along. Then going to the Lake Placid Airport (a friend is the owner) to the Annual "Fly In" they have every year in the hanger. Will stay there awhile and eat lunch. then take a drive back home. So I hope to get some picture and set up a new thread tomorrow night or at least Monday morning. This blog has been up long enough. LOL

Tuesday,November 12, 2007:
Long Live Strong Women!!! I just need to give 24 hours of my blog to strong women. If you have done something that is Strong Women worthy.. please post it between
Tuesday Night Nov 13 and Wed Night Nov 14th...LOL...

Sunday and Monday, Nov 11 and 12th:

Thank you to our American Veterans!
Our American Flag is proudly flying on the front of our home! God Bless the USA!

Nov 10:
Happy Birthday to the USMC!!!
and tomorrow is Veterans Day (Monday is the legal holiday) so all weekend and Monday be sure and say Thank You to all of our current and past Military Service People.
We are a Land of the Free because of the Brave!

Ok deleting all that stuff with all of you peeking in before you were allowed LOL.

Nov 7, 2007: I took another road trip up Hwy 27 thru the Eastern Everglades to Lake Okeechobee and got some great shots along the way. I've got lots to say about what is going on here... about the way things are being handled as well as the progress that is not being met at this point. I have a lot of opinions about all of this..but for now I will let the photos speak for themself and add my comments later... my work week starts tomrrow so I have no idea when I can elaborate on my thoughts but trust me I WILL give my 2 cents worth of opinions when it comes to my beloved Everglades and Lake Okeechobee and how it is being treated.

There is a lot of information out there in the media that I will add into this blog as I can.
but for now:
Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties are far above our average rainfall for 2007; our canals and lakes are over flowing with water.. just ashame, it cannot be stored and stopped from flowing into the ocean...becaues just out West of us into the Everglades and Lake O.. water is so desperately needed...... something has to be done and be done soon..and water resovours in the 'glades are the answer.

I've got 7 (which will be 14 total pictures) of the May 30 and Nov 7th comparison of similar views.

Then I have another 5 pics of interest I didn't previously post.. and I have so many more but will try to be patient and do it in installations...I have others but they may be for another blog.

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My New Computer...

By: seflagamma, 11:51 AM GMT on November 03, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007:
Hi everyone. Sorry I did not get on my computer since Monday evening. I haven't answered any mail yet nor will I get a chance right now. I had some household errans to run this morning and Rylee is with other Grandparents and I this is my Wednesday I am off work. So this afternoon I am driving up to the South End of Lake Okeechobee and get some updated pictures of the lake. Articles almost everyday for past week about water levels. I will cover it all when I return and se up a new blog.

Monday, November 5, 2007:
I love my new computer! Took a pic of it just now and will post it. I know I am not technical saavey and all but this is so exciting to have something new that is not held together by hope and a prayer. Of course, our old system didn't cost us anything, which was nice to have had a computer for about 5 years and never had to buy one. Thank you my son! Going to probably be playing on it some today to get comfortable with everything.

Saturday, November 3, 2008:

"Spring Forward, Fall Back" yes, and this year we sprang forward a couple weeks early and are falling back a week later. Tonight we finally get back that hour of sleep we lost last spring. Yipee!!!!

And our first Cool Front has made it thru South Florida. It is in the 60's outside now and going to get into low 60's for the next 4 nights and only get up into low 80s for daytime highs. This is nice....

picture got approved of computer. Look at the size of the tower! 1/4 the size of my prev old one that was the size of a small suitcase and had to be on the floor! and it has about 6 or 7 ports when my old only had two.. and all 7 are used! LOL

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