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Weekly Weather Roundup: Rex and Seneca

By: Riah Gouvea , 1:42 AM GMT on February 25, 2014

For the week February 17-23:
Winter Storms Rex and Seneca sweep the Midwest to Northeast, a severe outbreak hits the South and Midwest, and Tropical Cyclone Guito passes through… the Mozambique Channel.

winter storm tropical Climate Change tornado


Weekly Weather Roundup: So Much Winter

By: Riah Gouvea , 11:58 PM GMT on February 17, 2014

For the week February 10-16:
Winter Storms Pax and Quintus tag team the East, the UK floods after a very wet January and Mount Kelud erupts.

winter storm


Weekly Weather Roundup: Nika and Orion

By: Riah Gouvea , 1:32 AM GMT on February 11, 2014

For the week February 3-9:
The games have begun, California is gaining inches, Winter Storms cover the U.S., and Tokyo receives a rare snowfall.

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winter storm california


Weekly Weather Roundup: Leon and Maximus

By: Riah Gouvea , 12:06 AM GMT on February 04, 2014

For the week January 27-February 2:
Winter Storm Leon brings snow and ice to the South; Maximus covers the country coast to coast and groundhog results are in.

Updated: 12:07 AM GMT on February 04, 2014


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