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Weekly Weather Roundup: Boreas and Cleopatra

By: Riah Gouvea , 2:27 AM GMT on November 26, 2013

For the week November 18-24:
A storm moves from the West to Southwest and on to the Great Basin, Rockies, Texas and Oklahoma; Sardinia floods from Cleopatra and Pennsylvania has lake effect snow.

snow flood


Weekly Weather Roundup: Super Typhoon Haiyan

By: Riah Gouvea , 1:01 AM GMT on November 12, 2013

For the week November 4 - 10:
Super Typhoon Haiyan gets ranked as the most powerful landfalling tropical cyclone and causes major devastation in the Philippines.


Weekly Weather Roundup: St. Jude’s Day Storm

By: Riah Gouvea , 1:03 AM GMT on November 05, 2013

For the week October 28 - November 3:
Western Europe gets hit with a major storm, Fairbanks, AK breaks a heat record, Texas floods, the Midwest sees major tornado activity as we wrap up October.

storm wind flood tornado


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