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Biofuel plant up in flames in Mississippi

By: redagainPatti, 2:34 AM GMT on January 23, 2014

So there is a bit of news on the CBS Evening News which is talking about the massive explosion which rocked a North Mississippi biofuel plant this morning around 5:30 after a fire was reported. There were two men on duty but they both got out safe. The national news of CBS Evening News is saying it is in Jackson, Mississippi. They got the location wrong.

This is NOT in Jackson Mississippi.... but just north of a town called New Albany, and that is Northwest of Tupelo, Mississippi. My mom is about 15 miles downwind of the mess.

Along with sending plumes of smoke hundreds of feet into the air, the blaze meant workers at several nearby businesses could not go to work. Part of Highway 15 was closed as firefighters decided to let the blaze burn itself out.

“One of the chemicals that’s in here does not react well with water, it actually makes the fire bigger and can cause another explosion if it leaked out and we’re not for sure that it has leaked out yet,” said Curt Clayton, Union County Emergency Management Director.

Power has been restored to the Town of Blue Mountain and surrounding areas in Tippah County, including Blue Mountain College, which were affected earlier by a substation damaged by the explosion.

Union County authorities have issued a voluntary evacuation early in the evening for residents near the JNS Biodiesel Plant. But now have moved on evacuating approximately 50 homes in the North Haven Community as a fire continues to burn at the North Mississippi Biodiesel plant on Highway 15 about three miles north of New Albany. There were three explosions at the plant today and heavy smoke is settling in the evacuation area. Union County Emergency Management says the North Haven community is in a low lying area where the smoke is expected to linger.

The Red Cross has partnered with Victory Life Center, offering shelter to anyone affected by the blast. Residents should bring pillows. Cots and blankets will be provided. No pets are allowed. The shelter is open 24 hours and will remain open until the emergency is completely resolved. Victory Life Center is located at 116 North Denton Street, New Albany, MS 38652. You can call the Center at (662) 534-9013.

I am glad my mom is doing ok and has my sister with her or I would be up there now with my mom. The wind has died down and the smoke is hanging like they said.. in the area of the fire.

Here is a link to some clips of the fire.. Link


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