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May the New Year be Sweet.

By: redagainPatti, 3:41 PM GMT on December 29, 2013

Life moves onward. Sometimes with joyful happenings such as the birth of a new baby or your child getting married... Maybe it is the discovering of something new in your life or in the world around yourself. For me, at least two of those will be happening in my life. So in the New Year ahead, there will be happy times ahead.

There is a wedding ahead for our family. This is not our first time so I am not as worried about details as I was before with my first child. And then when you add in the fact, the daughter who is getting married, was a major planner in the older sister's happy day, things are lining up so far... with no problems. However if problems pop up... and they truly may happen, .. one just finds a plan B or C.. or even plan G, to make things work. Sometimes life is more about how you step around the large rocks in your life... or how you climb over those blocks.

And trying and trying again... and working around things... is something I am learning how to do a lot... since I found my first cache find on 05/20/2010.

Cache ??? For those who do not understand, I have a hobby called Geocaching and my nick in there is just - redagain, no "Patti" part was added as I was trying to keep the nick short.. in fact most of the time now, when I sign the logs, it is just a letter "R" within a circle.

Caches, logs ??? - you may wonder but I know you can "google" if you are a "muggle" when it comes to geocaching. At anyrate, as I travel doing my thing with my hobby, I somethings have to find a way to reach stuff that normally, I would not be able to even touch. I have been finding and sometimes, creating tools to aid me.

And in working around or finding how to make things work - sometimes there, THERE is where the joy of living is discovered. In fact, THAT IS a good deal of the joy of living. To find a small light when things are so dark. To reach where you could not before. To find something hidden away... Discovering a new friend..

We are about to start a new year. I wish and pray for all who read this -

May you have good days ahead
May you find the pathway over any large rocks.
May you find small and large joys in this time ahead.
May you discover something wonderful about your life.
May you discover a new friend to share in your joys, both large and small.

redagainPatti ... also aka - Patricia McCarthy

Updated: 4:11 PM GMT on December 29, 2013


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