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update - life and CARS!

By: redagainPatti, 4:06 PM GMT on May 29, 2007

First note:
Keep doing the rain dance for Mississippi. We need more rain around here.

Now on to the main show below ----

Good Morning - Good Evening - Good Day-
oh heck.. Hello to all!
My school/work is out for a few weeks!.. in fact.. about seven weeks! I have to be back at work on Aug 2, 2007.
I am enjoying the freedom for a while and will try to keep things moving along in here.
I set a few goals last year about this time. One was to lose weight and get the blood sugar levels lower. Well, the blood sugar levels are lower and better but the weight is still here with me.
I am keeping a record - One good and one bad mark on the chart of life. Oh.. but there is another mark on the good side of things!

Because the levels are going down, I was given the OK to cut back on some of my meds.. the ones in the late evening. I have to check around 7pm to see what I am running. If things are below 100, I can drop a few pills but if it is around 80, I can skip the whole lot of meds in the evening. During the month of March and April, I did a lot of skipping! Afterwards, my reading in May was 6.2 - still down from the last one in Feb of 6.3 YEA!!

The very good side of this is my pocket book. The meds cost a pretty penny for sure and with this cut back I am alittle better -money wize. (one set of meds run me 96 bucks for three months and I take about eight different things)

Money is something I am watching closely as I have plans to buy a new car. My old GEO 1992 Prizm has about had it and I wish for something a bit bigger. I am planning on KEEPING the older car as it is a reliable little thing that does not cost much in gas. It is just not the thing I would hop in and go across the county somewhere. She just too darn old and needs a gentle set to the slower lane of life.
Ok, the next step is what the heck do you buy? and oh yes.. dont forget the extra cost of taxes, tags, and the insurance will be high as I will get full thing
Now this is where I need some input from you all. Can we run a vote/poll on what you would buy from the list I have? Please share with me why you would go with one over the others in my list.
Here is the list of the cars I am looking at -

2007 Honda Accord
2007 Toyota Camry ... and their Avalon
2007 Nissan Altima and their Maxima

Yes, I have sat and drove all of the cars one day. I like the feel of the Avalon the best but both Toyota cars have a cheap looking inside!
I feel if you are going to lay out big bucks for something, darn it! It should look sweet inside and out!
The Honda had an odd feel to the brakes. They seem to grab or stick or something.
The Nissan felt and looked cool but I am worried about what I am reading on their reliable of their cars. The recall about the locking of the steering wheel was scary too.

OK, I would like some input from you all out there. Do you have anything you like or dislike about one of those cars on the list above? Please leave your comments.

Updated: 11:18 AM GMT on June 05, 2007


What R U up 2? I am painting!

By: redagainPatti, 9:09 PM GMT on May 17, 2007

I am in the last week of my job as a school teacher. We get out next week. YEA!
Things get kind of hard at this time of the year so I take time to do a little of my art.
Last week, I uploaded some of my art work to the Internet and showed the different steps of the work while creating it to the final drawing.. well maybe the end.. Anyway! Was thinking maybe some of you in here just might be interested in a look.

Below are a few samples of the work in process....

First one saved -----

White Night 1

Few steps ahead -----
White Night 3

Maybe the last step, if I can call it quits here that is....

White Night 6a

Well few more steps were placed in and this above is the current final. I think the work is starting to look over worked and tired. That is what you have to watch out for as you work with anything - painting, drawing or even creating a good meal. ... (hungry.. must find food!)

Updated: 8:30 PM GMT on May 18, 2007


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