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IT is getting hot!

By: redagainPatti, 3:37 AM GMT on July 26, 2006

Maybe we should call this blog.. how hot is it?.. but I am using the name my child .. oh.. 28 year old, living in Memphis, called her photo.

She lives in Memphis and works as a sound person. This puts her sometimes outside in the weather. Last week, July 20, Thursday, she was working a stage on Beale Street. Sometime around 4pm she picked up her cell phone and took this photo.

I am copying her comments from her blog off MySpace -

I am feeling much better now!

The weather here has been ruthless, just as it's been for most of you too.. I nearly collapsed at two different shows this past week. Lucky for me, my boss-type forced me too take some breaks and cool off.. I don't think i was very cooperative tho. I'll have to tell him thanks. I just wasn't making much sense.

So, how hot was it? This was taken with my cell phone at aprox. 4:00 pm in monitor world.. during sound check.

yup.. that's reading at about 123degrees F

My main comment back was .. Ok.. who is the boss guy who needs flowers or something sent for watching over you?? YOU can be so darn hard headed at times!!

Oh Dear! I dont care if the child is 28 years old.. I worry still.

I called her today to get her ok before grabbing/posting her photo up here. LeaMo gave me a bit more details about that Thursday.

It seems the stage was surrounded by concrete and the streets. She seem to say .. this is just normal for summertime. No big deal huh? I used the records here on Wunderground to find the temp for that day.. for the city of Memphis, TN was posted Max at 99F - oh my Lord! and she got a reading on the stage .. welll you see it!

Now also for the record back in 1986 the temp was found to be 104F/40C Hum, ok.. wonder what the stage downtown would had read on that day?

If anyone is interested... the normal temps for the city is around 92F/33C for most days in July.

NOW - How hot was it really???
And no accounting for humidity has been factored in here. That's makes breathing like dealing with a hot, wet sponge over your face.

Now I have heard eggs can be fried on the sidewalks.. but I am more worried about brains being fried.. like that of a certain 28 year old in Memphis, Tenn.

Here is her photo -

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temp hitting 100F and thunderstorms rolling N Mississippi

By: redagainPatti, 10:09 AM GMT on July 16, 2006

You know it is going to be a hot day when at 8am you are heading back inside the house and the AC. It was so hard to take a breath with the high humidity. One could think what it would be like to breath with a wet sponge over your face, and you will gain some idea of how the air was so darn thick!

About 12 noon, I looked out the window cause it was getting kind of dark outside. Ok, must be a storm brewing and it is blocking the light. I checked the radar, humm.. clear over my place but there stuff growing red/green to the east and south of me. There is like a pathway of lots little spots of color running from the south toward the east. But the whole mess is south and east of me. It is at least 30 miles away. Oh well, while I would not enjoy the winds.. we should do need the rain. I shut the computer off and move on back to doing the wash and seeing about some cooking.

Later, as I am stirring the pot of stuff on the stove, I find I have to turn on a light as the house is getting REALLY dark! I hear some thunder rolling. Humm, maybe we will get a little rain after all! I hear stuff starting to hit the roof and bang into the vent over the stove. Hail?? or.. just hard, big, fat raindrops? I put the spoon down and go to the back door to find a sheet of gray water pouring down.
As I watch I noticed I cannot see across the road in the back. This is a four-lane highway. I noticed a few bits of hail around dime size but only a few bits here and there.

Then I noticed as the traffic moves down the road, so much water is being kicked up into the air, it is spraying over the tops of the cars. I start looking for my camera.

I only took photos for five minutes as the darn battery gives out! But I got four photos posted up here. They are a bit dark as I used the natural lighting and did not mess with the photos afterwards.

Noticed the fuzzy mess around the vehicles in the photos. That is the standing water on the highway being thrown about into the air.

The curb along the road catches the water and holds it for a bit till it makes it way to the gutter located about fifty feet apart. Then the gutter shoots the water over the little ditch below the road and into our back yards. There the water floods the last third of my land till it finally drains down the little ditch into the city sewers.

What is needed is a wider and deeper ditch or even better, a continuous concrete trench drain system for efficient and safe highway surface drainage. But have I ever been able to get anyone at City hall to listen to me??

Google the words "concrete drains" and one can find many different solutions.

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r we blood family ?

By: redagainPatti, 5:11 PM GMT on July 10, 2006

I found a question in another blog asked)

- Are people on here related by blood?
I've been seeing stuff on the blogs now for a while that led me to believe so and now I'm sick of wondering....
So, I realize it's none of my business but it's driving me nuts. Are there actually people that are related on here?
If no one wants to answer me in a public blog, maybe in private e-mail? Or tell me to mind my own business?

My answer was off the topic for that blog and pretty long so I made an entry for you here for others to comment on if they wish-
My two cents is the only conecting factor is we love to talk about weather. We come from different backgrounds, age, and parts of the WORLD.. not just USA.
A few very lucky folks have met face to face but for most of us.. the only contact is thru Wunderground.
We hold each other in hearts and prayers as the bad storms roll over our homes. We offer support as to preparing ahead of time and cleaning up afterwards. We share photos and advice on how to do different web things.
In short, we are becoming a family, caring for each other, and trying to make the world a better place in which to live in.
So Darling, Welcome to your new family and any more questions?

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summer break? - second time try 2 post

By: redagainPatti, 5:07 PM GMT on July 08, 2006

I am trying to repost my first entry made an hour ago. It showed up but then.. faded away. I had noticed that nothing had showed in the list of update blogs. When I went to check from my home page.. geeeee my summer break was gone.

Ok I was thinking back on how much we make plans for things and then stuff just happens, those plans never get carried out. I had a long list of TO DO as the school year ended and the summer break started.

However the plans have all just about faded away in the heat of the summer days. Much like the grass is fading, due to the lack of water in my part of the world.
I had planned for a camping trip out westward.. but due to the cost of gas, that too faded. When I took a good look at my darling car (1992 Geo prizm) I had money fade away as a new water pump and timing belt was needed. With the heat in this high humidity, folks fade from the yards to inside with the sounds of the AC running in the background. Heck with the temps, even one's mind starts to fade.

I look at the date, shesss three weeks left of summer left, I am back on duty as a teacher on 4th of August. I need to get up to the school and set the room up! Naaaaa, I am going to fade back to my bed and finish a book!


wondering why my blog faded away?

By: redagainPatti, 4:15 PM GMT on July 08, 2006

trying to see if this one shows up


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