Sturm und drang

By: rboerger, 3:06 PM GMT on July 05, 2006

... or, better yet, much ado about nothing.To hear the local forecasters talk, one would have thought that North Texas was going to float away on all the rain we were supposed to have starting last Saturday. 70% chance of rain! Heavy rain likely! Spotter activation possible!Then, the usual "oh, sh*t, we don't have a clue" things started happening. Each day we awoke to sun or light clouds only to discover that the serious chance of rain had been pushed back until...

Longest day of the year, followed by the heat

By: rboerger, 8:43 PM GMT on June 20, 2006

Well, tomorrow marks the official start of summer. With several record highs and 100+ degree days on the books already, not to mention it being the hottest year on record to date, this is probably going to be the most miserable summer since at least 2000. That year had, if I remember correctly, a string of 30+ consecutive 100 degree days.Add to the already penetrating heat the fact that McKinney has seen basically zip in the rainfall department for the last 45 day...

Updated: 8:43 PM GMT on June 20, 2006

Here comes another hot, dry summer

By: rboerger, 1:49 PM GMT on June 07, 2006

After a promising winter and early spring, it looks like this part of North Texas is back in the hot-and-dry pattern that we had most of last year. We missed out on last week's minor rain event - and fairly substantial rains the last two days slid by about 30 miles to the east (Monday), twice that yesterday. Today a wind shift line comes through that will do nothing but bring us drier conditions and hotter weather. It is all we can do to keep the major cracks out...

Can we PLEASE have some rain today?

By: rboerger, 2:20 PM GMT on May 31, 2006

Today appears to be McKinney's best chance (60%) for significant rain in a long while. Our last measureable precipitation was 0.03" on May 10th, the last significant rain 0.47" on May 6th. Once again we have missed out on the storms that have been scattered around the metroplex. Stage 3 water rationing starts tomorrow regardless of what happens today.

Tornado hits just north of McKinney

By: rboerger, 2:35 PM GMT on May 10, 2006

We were driving back from Richardson last night around 10pm when we observed an intense lightning storm north of town. While we didn't get as much as a drop of rain in McKinney, folks 10-20 miles up the road in Anna and Van Alstyne were hit by a very severe storm and tornado which has so far resulted in three deaths. Westminster, a few miles to the east of Anna, appears to have bore the brunt of the damage. Very scary for those folks up there, and we pray for al...

Updated: 2:38 PM GMT on May 10, 2006

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