Weather Trivia October 3

By: plapman, 1:42 PM GMT on August 16, 2015

Today's Weather Trivia

October 3 1922: It was unusually cold in Edmonton, AB, with below-freezing temperatures, but it was especially cold at the police station. Prisoners were wrapped in blankets. The station's basement and furnace room were stacked to the ceiling with cases and barrels of "real" beer. The police had been ordered not to light the furnace, lest it spoil the beer, which was evidence in a case.
Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Triv...

Updated: 2:27 PM GMT on October 03, 2015

Severe thunderstorm watch and Heat warning in Effect for the Northern Edge

By: plapman, 4:25 PM GMT on August 15, 2015

Severe thunderstorm watch in effect for:
•R.M. of Cartier including Elie St. Eustache and Springstein
•R.M. of Dufferin including Carman Roseisle and Homewood
•R.M. of Grey including St. Claude Elm Creek and Fannystelle
•R.M. of Headingley
•R.M. of MacDonald including Brunkild Starbuck and La Salle
•R.M. of Portage la Prairie including Portage la Prairie
•R.M. of Portage la Prairie including St. Ambroise

Updated: 1:41 PM GMT on August 16, 2015

Today's Weather Trivia August12

By: plapman, 1:12 PM GMT on July 25, 2015

Today's Weather Trivia

Today's Weather Trivia

August 13 2003: Forest fires burning in the Crowsnest Pass (at the AB-BC border) produced thick smoke, ash, and haze over southern Alberta that was visible from space. People, complaining of eye irritation, itching, wheezing, and shortness of breath, were told to curtail outdoor activities. Pets also suffered. Hundreds of people called the 911 dispatch centre thinking their own communities were abl...

Updated: 2:52 PM GMT on August 13, 2015

A Lighting Strike at the Northern Edge

By: plapman, 4:10 PM GMT on July 24, 2015

Yesterday's heavy thunderstorms kept Portage la Prairie firefighters busy.
They were called to a home on 2nd Street Northwest just before 5 o'clock, after a neighbour reported it was struck by lightning.
A fire official says the bolt hit the northwest corner of the house, and travelled across on old wire to the southwest corner, where it tore a 2 foot by 4 foot hole in the soffitt.
The lightning also blew a 24 to 30 inch hole in a bedroom. While there...

Today's Weather Trivia July 23

By: plapman, 2:56 PM GMT on June 29, 2015

Today's Weather Trivia

July 23 2007: Parts of British Columbia's south coast had a "funny" July. A 2-week heat spell was followed by 7 straight days of rain, cool temperatures, occasional fog, and loads of overcast. Greater Victoria had never had such persistent rain in July. Vancouver also broke an all-time July record with 7 consecutive rainy days. Usually the driest part of the year, mid-summer felt like early autumn. . xcerpt from 'The Canadian Weat...

Updated: 4:07 PM GMT on July 24, 2015

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