Today's Weather Trivia July 28

By: plapman, 1:12 PM GMT on July 25, 2015

Today's Weather Trivia

July 28 1923: West of Thunder Bay, ON, a young woman searching a house attic for clothes for the baby she was expecting within a month was killed when lightning from a severe thunderstorm crashed through the chimney. The bolt threw the young woman into a corner of the attic, burning her. The woman's brother and a friend saw the lightning enter the house, but arrived too late to save her.
Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Tri...

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A Lighting Strike at the Northern Edge

By: plapman, 4:10 PM GMT on July 24, 2015

Yesterday's heavy thunderstorms kept Portage la Prairie firefighters busy.
They were called to a home on 2nd Street Northwest just before 5 o'clock, after a neighbour reported it was struck by lightning.
A fire official says the bolt hit the northwest corner of the house, and travelled across on old wire to the southwest corner, where it tore a 2 foot by 4 foot hole in the soffitt.
The lightning also blew a 24 to 30 inch hole in a bedroom. While there...

Today's Weather Trivia July 23

By: plapman, 2:56 PM GMT on June 29, 2015

Today's Weather Trivia

July 23 2007: Parts of British Columbia's south coast had a "funny" July. A 2-week heat spell was followed by 7 straight days of rain, cool temperatures, occasional fog, and loads of overcast. Greater Victoria had never had such persistent rain in July. Vancouver also broke an all-time July record with 7 consecutive rainy days. Usually the driest part of the year, mid-summer felt like early autumn. . xcerpt from 'The Canadian Weat...

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Today's Weather Trivia June 28

By: plapman, 4:01 PM GMT on June 28, 2015

June 28 1957: The tail end of Hurricane Audrey lashed Metro Toronto leaving washed-out roads, flooded cellars, stalled cars, and power blackouts. A 2-year-old boy drowned in Black Creek. Rain amounted to over 70 mm. Mud and silt remained in cellars and streets-deep enough to derail 2 streetcars. Police used sirens to warn residents in Highland Creek Valley.
Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar' by David Phillips. © Environment Canada

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Today's Weather Trivia

By: plapman, 1:39 PM GMT on June 26, 2015

June 261952: A fisher near Cowansville died when a thunderstorm swept southern Quebec. In Montreal, a quick-thinking conductor kept passengers from panicking as he rolled his smoke-filled streetcar to a stop after lightning hit its pole and blew the switch box. Lightening also killed a man watching the storm on his veranda. Before the storm, Montreal Harbour river traffic was stalled by thick fog.
Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar' by David P...

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