2016 IS HERE

By: palmettobug53, 11:44 PM GMT on December 27, 2015

It's about time I cleaned house and got a new entry up. I never did get a Christmas thread going, so it is imperative that I do one for the upcoming New Year.

I'll be lazy again and throw some WU photos up and then we can chit chat.

Updated: 5:05 PM GMT on January 05, 2016

GO, TIGERS !!!!!!

By: palmettobug53, 10:13 PM GMT on November 01, 2015

It's November!

Hurricane Season 2015 is over (YAY!) and cooler temps are coming up (oh, boy...).

It's time to start winding things down the year. Or revving them up, depending on how much you have planned for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Get the garden ready for winter. Pull out the cold weather clothing and pack away the summer's. Plan holiday dinners and get togethers. Schedule time for family and friends. Dig out those wi...

Updated: 3:56 PM GMT on November 29, 2015


By: palmettobug53, 5:06 PM GMT on June 03, 2015

Well, here we are. The 2015 Hurricane Season. Let's hope that it turns out to be as quiet at they are predicting and that all the storms are fish storms!

Updated: 4:18 PM GMT on October 28, 2015

Spring Whimsey

By: palmettobug53, 12:52 AM GMT on April 23, 2015

I'm just going to post some pictures and then have a general chit-chat blog. Which is pretty much what I've been doing for a while, anyway!

Updated: 1:29 AM GMT on April 23, 2015

Making It Grow

By: palmettobug53, 10:49 PM GMT on March 29, 2015

Every Tuesday night, I get settled in my recliner and switch the channel on the TV to my local ETV/PBS station to watch "Making It Grow."

This is a live, call-in gardening program produced by ETV in conjunction with Clemson University. It is broadcast from their studio in Sumter, SC. It has been on the air for 20+ years and is one of my favorite shows to watch.

It is currently hosted by Amanda McNulty, a Clemson extension Master Gardener. Ma...

Updated: 10:51 PM GMT on March 29, 2015

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