Halloween Movies

By: palmettobug53 , 12:14 AM GMT on October 17, 2011

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What's your favourite Halloween movie?

Mine is, and has always been, Arsenic and Old Lace.

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79. code1
1:18 AM GMT on November 03, 2011
Don't watch them Bug, even with one living, & one dearly departed witches in my immediate family. I'm too 'skeered, either because of them, or in awe of them. :-)
Now for Turkey with Charlie Brown, Rudolph, & our fave Snowman? I'm all about them. I'm easily entertained & amused. ;-) Wishing you a WUnderous holiday season ahead!
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78. Barefootontherocks
8:26 PM GMT on November 02, 2011
Hi Bug,
Thanks for your mention of the film Much Ado about Nothing over at shore's. Had to do some investigating. Now I want to see the movie!

And on the subject of film - best horrors of all time for me, Boris Karloff in Frankenstein and Lon Cheney in Dracula. Modern ones, The Shining is on top of my list. And the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis was pretty scary. I haven't seen the sequels.

Have a great eve!
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77. palmettobug53
4:30 PM GMT on November 02, 2011
Oh, boy... so much for getting up a new thread last night. They had Fried Green Tomatoes on and I have to watch it, whenever it airs.

BBQ, anyone? LOL

Pat! Thankee kindly. I did make it before the sunset deadline. Now, it remains to be seen if Madame Marie grants my petition.

Eeeeeek! My blood runs cold just thinking about it, plapman. I knew from things Rob has said that he'd spent time out that way. That's just a little bit too chilly for my thin blood.

Ylee, sometimes all you have time for is zipping through and waving.
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76. Ylee
11:03 PM GMT on November 01, 2011
I'm copying one of your patented fly-bys today! Work is heck, lol!
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75. plapman
10:30 PM GMT on November 01, 2011
Good day palm
You ain't seen nothing yet as far as cold goes here on the northern edge of the prairie. In January the temp can fall to -40 and stay there for a week. Check with GrandmNanan he'll attest to that. He spent part of his career here on the prairie.
Sorry about taking so long to get back o you but I got tied up in projects.
I did another 2 successfully today.
The Queen says "Keep busy, if I catch you chasing young ladies down the street your in big trouble. :)"
Enjoy the day.
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74. Patrap
4:17 PM GMT on November 01, 2011
P-bug, Im going by St.Louis # 1 cemetery today to clean a friends Tomb and I will leave Marie Laveau a Wu-token, mark 3 X's and then Knock 3 times for you.

Make your Wish/petition before Sunset.


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73. palmettobug53
4:12 PM GMT on November 01, 2011
Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

Happy November and Day After Halloween! Is everyone on a sugar high?

I never did get a commercial break to sneak back to the blogs last night. AMC ran Night of the Living Dead straight through without any interruptions.

I definitely need to get up a new entry but I'll have to try to do that tonight.
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72. palmettobug53
1:58 AM GMT on November 01, 2011
Well, lookit all the Halloween greetings and graphics!

I had no time at lunch to do much more than a quick peek.

Gams, you were having all kinds of problems posting. Loved your frightful punkins.

Ylee, wish I'd gotten on here earlier. They're running the 1968 movie, "Night of the Living Dead". I remember the first time I saw it; scared me silly!

Wish someone had run "Shaun of the Dead'. That is a hoot!

Sandi, lovely witch. And White Rabbits to you in the morning.

Pros, your witches cooking up something good? Love that Shekespeare quote from Macbeth. Trust us Scots to come up with 'Double, double, toil and trouble.'

Peace, Halloween kitties!

Alley, that mummy looks nicer than the one I watched earlier in "The Mummy", with Basil Rathbone and Christopher Lee.

Peace, more cool jack o'lanterns!

Shore, Walken is a good choice to read 'The Raven'. He's a good actor but has a rather weird streak.

GG - that's an adorable little four legged witch. Give her a skritch behind the ear for me.

Pat, that mausoleum is too clean to be Madame Marie's, that's for sure. That fellow wouldn't fool around like that at her's, either!

Hi, Huri! BOO! to you, too!

Oh, Shore! You found a Gorey Halloween greeting!

Hope everyone is having a spooky Halloween!

Will try to pop back in during a commercial break. Back to "NOTLD".
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71. shoreacres
11:54 PM GMT on October 31, 2011
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
70. hurigo
11:18 PM GMT on October 31, 2011
Member Since: October 9, 2005 Posts: 100 Comments: 6749
69. Patrap
6:53 PM GMT on October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween P-bug from us here in Nawlin's

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68. GardenGrrl
5:03 PM GMT on October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween

From Roxi Hollywood who wants to be a movie queen.

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67. palmettobug53
4:56 PM GMT on October 31, 2011


We had our little goodbye lunch with our coworker who is moving to another job, elsewhere in the office. The food from Hubee D's was good.

I only have a few minutes to stop by and wave. Will try to get back on here tonight.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
66. shoreacres
2:39 PM GMT on October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween!

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65. PeaceRiverBP
1:50 PM GMT on October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween!

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64. Alleyoops
12:06 PM GMT on October 31, 2011
zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Happy Halloween my dear friend. Have a wonderful day.
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63. OGal
11:08 AM GMT on October 31, 2011
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
62. Proserpina
10:38 AM GMT on October 31, 2011
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adders fork, and blind-worms sting,
Lizards leg, and owlets wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
William Shakespeare
Witches in Macbeth.
Happy Halloween Pictures, Comments, Images, Graphics
Happy Halloween Pictures Comments - Photobucket
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61. sandiquiz
10:02 AM GMT on October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

White Rabbits and Happy Month :)

I am all set, and raring to go!
I have been shopping this morning to top up supplies, including a box of my favourite chocolates to give my brain a boost if it should need it! (hehehe)

All sketching pencils are sharpened, a new note book is ready beside the keyboard and the large computer screen has been turned to portrait position for ease of checking a word document!

Have a great month and I promise to drop by my own blog, daily, with updates :)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 316 Comments: 28703
60. Ylee
7:57 AM GMT on October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween, Bug! Have any movies planned? :)
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59. seflagamma
1:25 AM GMT on October 31, 2011
it is here now.. so when my next 2 posts finally show up I will come back and delete them!!!
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58. seflagamma
1:24 AM GMT on October 31, 2011
my posts are still not here..will come back later to see if they finally got here.

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57. seflagamma
1:23 AM GMT on October 31, 2011
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 305 Comments: 41026
56. seflagamma
1:21 AM GMT on October 31, 2011
Hello Bug, got your mail thanks..

I know isn't it crazy, Christmas has been up since almost end of Sept!

I must get a new "fake" Tree this year...the one I have loved for the past 5 years..

well it sort of died last year...and I more than got my money's worth out of it...

but to replace tht tree today would be a lot more than what I paid.. so I think I will be down sizing this year on my tree.

I have decided about 2 years ago...and only accomlished it last year...that I must get my Christmas Decorations up before Thanksgiving..
because it is a 2-3 weekend project..and remember I have "grandkids" here on my "days off" so I only have Sunday (family day) and MOnday (erran apmt day) to get it all day..

December is too busy to have a mess around all the time...
I know I bring this on myself but I have to decorate and still enjoy December so November is what it is...

YOu have a great Halloween and will catch you later.

I may be busy tomorrow and tomorrow night so wanted to get by a few WU friends tonight while I can.

Happy Halloween!!!'

Happy Halloween my WU Friends!!!

Enjoy your evening!!!

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55. palmettobug53
3:20 PM GMT on October 30, 2011
Happy Sunday, everyone!

Had a nice visit with my cousin yesterday. I stayed about an hour and a half. We had coffee and chatted about this, that and the other. About 12:30, a friend of hers stopped by. I stayed long enough for introductions and to pass the time of day but left so that they could give each other their undivided attention.

Went to Walmart around 4:00. They're still offering 10 cents off on the gallon at Murphy's, if you use your Walmart gift/credit card. I was able to fill up at $3.12 a gallon. Good thing, too. I was almost down to a quarter of a tank.

Because of the coolth this weekend, I decided to try fixing a pot of potato chowder today. Got the fixings for that while I was in Walmart. It is a recipe from my Campbell's Soup cookbook and one I've not tried before. Hubby is so resistant to trying anything new. He's grumbling already. He likes all of the ingredients; it's just the fact that he's never had it before. He does not like trying anything new. Tough tootie; I'm in the mood for comfort food. He can eat it or not.

We've got some new managers in the office and they've come up with some job and personnel shifting about. One of the girls in my unit is moving to a new position. We decided that we'd like to do something for her to say, "Sayonara', even though she's only moving one section over. She's been with us for a long time. We decided to bring in lunch from Hubee D's. I try to avoid eating too much fried food but this is a special occasion. We've gotten a card and a gift of chocolate - she's a real choco-holic! I've also picked up some jalepeno slices and pickles to go with our lunch. We're getting the chicken tenders, cole slaw and cornbread. They're just across the bridge, not 10 minutes away, but they wanted $15.00 to deliver! Needless to say, one of us is going to pick it up.

Shore, we've already kicked on our furnace. Mostly in the early a.m., to knock the chill off the house. I can understand you not wanting to try that at 5:00 a.m., if your smoke alarm always gets triggered the first time. I wouldn't want to deal with that, all half asleep and bleary eyed, either.

Every year, I'm shocked at how early they start putting out all the Christmas stuff. Some of the stores here had their displays up at the beginning of Oct. I must have turned into an Olde Farte a long time ago, because it just irks me something awful that they start so early. By the time Christmas gets here, I'm so sick of it all, I could rival old Ebenezer saying, "Bah, humbug!"

I know this Thanksgiving is going to be emotional for you. The first year, with all those 'first' holdidays, birthdays, special days, is very rough. If you don't think you can manage a trip to your aunt's in KC, perhaps you can get together with friends that may not be able to be with their families and share the day. Or volunteer to help with a local church or organization that puts on a Thanksgiving dinner for the needy.

I'm glad to hear that you've done so well with your consignments and have been able to pay for getting your clock fixed. I thought about you last night. I was reading a book and had half an eye on the TV. 'Storage Wars' was on and one of the storage units that was auctioned off had a grandmother clock in it. "Ooooh! There's one of those clocks like Shore has!" I don't know if it was antique or not but it looked very nice.

OGal, what a nice thing to say about my blog! I was telling someone the other day that I blogged on WU but that I wasn't much of writer or blogger, in the best sense of the words. My blog was more of a chit-chat blog (like many of them here), though I do try to have some kind of theme in the header. I used to go all out but it takes a lot of time, thought and research and I just don't get headers like that done anymore.

We didn't get that much rain Friday night and yesterday morning. It was more misty stuff than anything else, I think.

Hi, Sandi! You managed to do a few fly bys?

Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
54. sandiquiz
3:55 PM GMT on October 29, 2011
Passing through.... Hi :)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 316 Comments: 28703
53. OGal
2:17 PM GMT on October 29, 2011

Bug what is Satuday without reading your blog. Just finished with our rain. We had over and inch total. Good for heading into our dry season.

Wish you were on FB to see my Yosemite pics. It is just so much easier to post there. It is a hastle here and anything that is not themed outdoors is not liked. I will try to post some later. The sign for Ferretti Rd in Groveland really caught my eye. Karen has seen it.

Hope you have a nice day. I loved Shore's posting. I need to get stuff out of this house and on to the resale shop. I have parting with stuff anxiety.
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52. shoreacres
1:32 PM GMT on October 29, 2011
Morning, Bug,

We're cooler than you are this morning! It's 46 now, just on the edge of where I might turn on the furnace to take the edge off a bit. But, when I thought of it about 5 when Dixie woke me up, I decided not to. I haven't had it on yet this year, and I need to give it a go the first time during the day. It always sets off the smoke detector, and that's the last thing I want to be dealing with at 5 a.m. while I'm still half asleep. Talk about a Halloween horror story. ;)

So. It's cool and lovely and the weekend. I believe I might get some cooking and cleaning out of the way this morning and work for a bit this afternoon. Four hours today andfour hours tomorrow would get me to the point of finishing a job on Monday or Tuesday. All good, especially since it's been a big job, which translates to lucrative.

I've about got a new entry done for here - I found an interesting site that I think everyone will enjoy. I'll get that up today. And I have a "halloween" related entry for wp I haven't started yet - need to get that up pretty soon, too. Luckily,it's more about hauntings (no, not Mom!) than about our holiday, so it will wear well even if I don't manage it until Sunday evening.

I got a quiver when I saw the word "Christmas". It's time for thought, isn't it? I still haven't figured out Thanksgiving, for heaven's sake. It's going to be so different this year, without Mom. I've thought about going up to my aunt's in KC, but weather could put an end to that pretty easily. Even if I got up there, the forecast would have to be really good, as I couldn't afford to get caught by weather and not be able to get home. I wouldn't worry so much about snow, but Oklahoma ice is always a threat during that time of year. Just have to see. It may even be worth staying home, just to get that experience past before Christmas. We'll see.

What I can do is sort through the Christmas stuff again and get anything I don't want to the consignment shop right after Thanksgiving. I've done very, very well with the things I took there - if November's check is anything at all, I will have made enough to have covered the cost of having the grandmother clock repaired. That's pretty extraordinary. I never would have been able to make that much money with a "garage sale", or perhaps even an auction. A lot of people go through that shop on a monthly basis - you can't believe how big it is. And their insistence on accepting only "good" items and no clothing makes it a great place to shop. Every time I go in, I find items I would love to have. Have to keep myself on a straight and narrow path right out the front door! ;)

Have a good day - I'm off to visit a bit more, and then become whatever passes for productive around here.
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51. palmettobug53
1:31 PM GMT on October 29, 2011
Well, my brief online time is up. Gotta get showered/dressed and off to the cousin's, if she's home when I call.

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50. palmettobug53
1:03 PM GMT on October 29, 2011
Good morning from an overcast, wet and chilly Lowcountry.

It's about 52F out there right now. It's not actively raining at the moment and is expected to start clearing up around lunchtime. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but chances of rain will be back on Monday.

Had to dig into the back end of my closet earlier for a longsleeved shirt to wear, as well as my jeans. The high today will be in the mid 60's.

A possible visit to my cousin will be on tap this morning. She was out last night, when I called, so I had to leave a messaget that I'd call back around 10:30 this morning.

I'll try to get some clothes washed and make a run to Walmart for gas and groceries.

Happy Halloween to you, too, Ogal.

I've been putting up Halloween themed desktop backgrounds on my computer at work. I've done a different one each day, mostly from old classic horror films, such as Nosferatu, Bride of Frankenstein, though I did throw in one from Young Frankenstein and an old B&W picture of a ghost on some stairs, that I ran across when Googling 'haunted castles'. I'm trying to think of a good one for Monday.

Come Nov 1st, I'll probably pick some fall/Thanksgiving themed photos from WU's photo gallery. I normally leave each one up for a week, then find a different one.

Hope everyone has a good Sat.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
49. OGal
6:55 PM GMT on October 28, 2011

Just some music for your blog. This is my favorite. We even own this movie and still love watching it.

Tried to copy Young Frankenstein music .....had no luck!

Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
48. palmettobug53
4:40 PM GMT on October 28, 2011
Oh, thank goodness it's Friday. I've got about 4 more hours and I'm free for the weekend.

They go by so fast, though. It seems like no sooner than I clock out Friday afternoon, its Monday morning and I'm in front of the time clock, checking back in again.

Went back to the library again day before yesterday after work. I had books to return. I really shouldn't have, but I checked a few more out. I need to start looking at what I'm going to do for Christmas. And find my cards. I stashed them somewhere after last year's mailings and I'm not sure just where I put them.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
47. palmettobug53
4:25 PM GMT on October 27, 2011
Hi, Gams!

I'm ready to stop watching the tropics, too. By the end of Sept, it has gotten old.

Heard there were folks panicking about trying to get flights out of Cancun the past few days. I can sympathize but if you take vacations in the Caribbean, Mexico and the southern U.S., hurricanes are always a possibility. They're obviously not weather geeks or they'd know better.

Another busy day here at the salt mine. All the bosses have gone to an all day training session. So far, I've had nothing come up that requires the hand of someone with clout. Let's hope it stays that way for the rest of the day.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
46. seflagamma
1:50 PM GMT on October 27, 2011
Hi Bug,

Thursday and that means your weekend is only 1 more day away!!!

Just wanted to pop in and say Hello...

yes, my family "canned" but it was always with "Ball" or "Mason" glass jars!

they did a lot of freezing also.

So glad Rina is not going to present a problem to any of us.. perhaps the door is now "closed" to the 2011 hurricane season.. I am ready to stop watching the tropics already!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 305 Comments: 41026
45. palmettobug53
5:01 PM GMT on October 26, 2011
Hi, ylee and Sandi.

Another hectic day. Spent most of the morning working on a project for one of the managers. Nothing hard; it just takes some time. Now, I've got to scurry to get my usual jobs done before 4:00.

ylee, I'm sure Granny used whatever was available, at times. And washed and reused what she had.

Sandi, where do you find the time for all this coming and going and still manage to peep at the blogs?
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
44. sandiquiz
3:24 PM GMT on October 26, 2011
Happy hump day - to you anyway! Many WUBA's now seem to work odd days and weekends!

Busy, busy - trying to get all organised before I hit the 1st of November, so I can really knuckle down and "write" everyday. Prior to that I have a meal out tonight, the usual Thursday meet with K and visitors for Friday night over Saturday!
Why is is all or nothing!!

Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 316 Comments: 28703
43. Ylee
5:24 PM GMT on October 25, 2011
When my grandmother used to can tomato juice, she used mostly mayonaise jars. The mouth of the jars were the perfect size for lids.

Don't work too hard!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 109 Comments: 18688
42. palmettobug53
4:13 PM GMT on October 25, 2011
A quick dash in to say 'hello'. I'm rushing through lunch, as I've a lot to do today.

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. Eyes are on 'Ramblin' Rina'.

I reckon Crab and The Bride are all battened down.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
41. palmettobug53
4:32 PM GMT on October 24, 2011
Hi, Gams, Caro and Sandi.

I see we've got some language difficulties with canning and bottling. when reading Sandi's original post, I assumed it was the same. I just didn't provide an explanation. Sorry about that!

We do not 'can' in aluminum or tin cans at home with stuff from the garden.

I've seen stuff in Mason jars, used jelly jars/bottles. Just about any glass jar or bottle, really, as long as you are able to seal them well.

I couldn't say how we wound up saying canning here in the U.S. rather than bottling. Or maybe it is a 'Southern' thing? I've heard people talking about 'putting up' veggies, pickles, relishes, etc., without specifying how. Some folks apply it to freezing as well as canning/bottling.

Granny also made kraut but her's was made from collards, instead of cabbage. Rather an acquired taste but they were SO good! It is not something you can find in the stores.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
40. carolinagal
8:43 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
Here is a youtube on "water bath canning."

All about canning - includes directions for "water bath canning" and pressure canning. My grandma used a pressure cooker. There are youtubes with using a pressure cooker also.

Are these the "jars" that you call "bottles?"
Member Since: July 15, 2005 Posts: 157 Comments: 6814
39. carolinagal
8:29 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
Speaking of "old" movies. There are quite a few Abbott & Costello movies with "ghostly" themes. One of our favorites is "The best time of their lives."

(I had to link. Don't know how to post youtubes these days.) Did your realize that you can watch just about ANY movie on youtube? My daughter watches all her favorites - old and new.

Hi, Sandi! I'll be back with some "canning" links.

Member Since: July 15, 2005 Posts: 157 Comments: 6814
38. sandiquiz
8:01 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
Quoting carolinagal:
aw, I wonder if your "canning" is the same as sandi's "bottling?" After all, "canning" is not really done with cans, right?

My mom and grandmom did more of the freezing, but they did "can" some good pickles! We had plenty jars of home-canned goods however (including tomatoes) from generous neighbors and friends.

Caro, are you telling me that we have another mix up with the English language, here!

To me, something that is canned has been sealed in aluminium, and heated to very high temperatures for several seconds to kill all bacteria, but not cook the contents.... so canning can be done in bottles?????
Oh, boy - you are never too old to learn!

Hi Caro :-)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 316 Comments: 28703
37. carolinagal
7:58 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
aw, I wonder if your "canning" is the same as sandi's "bottling?" After all, "canning" is not really done with cans, right?

My mom and grandmom did more of the freezing, but they did "can" some good pickles! We had plenty jars of home-canned goods however (including tomatoes) from generous neighbors and friends.
Member Since: July 15, 2005 Posts: 157 Comments: 6814
36. seflagamma
5:59 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
you know it is so funny, when I look at the blogs from work with all the "firewalls" I am so use to not seeing about half the youtubs and graphis posted..

when I look at the blog from home computer I see everything!!!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 305 Comments: 41026
35. seflagamma
5:56 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
Hi Bug, my beef stew is on the last hour of it's 3 hrs simmer and smelling up the house so nicely..

Love it with all the doors and windows open..

Canned tomatoes.. my family did it all the time while I was growing up.. I think my Dad and Smom still can tomatoes...actually not in a can but a glass jar...

I would love to be able to produce enough tomatoes to need to preserve some of them!!!

The only "good" thing about cooler temps is being able to make good "big pot" foods!!

Just a stop by to say Hello!!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 305 Comments: 41026
34. palmettobug53
5:51 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
Good afternoon!

I sat up late last night, reading, so slept in really late this a.m. I never did get the rest of the laundry done yesterday, so started that almost as soon as I got up.

Shore, I was rushed for time when responding to your post yesterday a.m. I didn't check those links until a few minutes ago. Oh, gosh! Those jams, jellies and preserves have my mouth watering, as does the tomato tart.

Gams, I did beef stew a few weeks ago. With the cooler weather moving in, it will be on the menu again soon. Maybe next weekend.

Today it will be smoked sausage, Kraft Mac N Cheese and broccoli.

Sandi, Granny and Papa got a freezer sometime in the 60's and most of their 'putting up' was freezing. What I do remember is her pickles, jams, jellies, relishes, chow chows and conserves.

Shore, she did do spiced peaches. She had a white fleshed peach tree, rather than something like cling peaches. She also put up pickled pears. When I've mentioned that to the girls at work, they immediately flashed on that as a version of dills. They were't; they were in a sweet syrup with cloves. She may have put other spices in there but I don't know what kind.

Sandi, your Sunday plans sound good to me. Too bad I can't wander over and join you!

It is football season, which means I read, blog, potter about the house/yard or run errands. I suppose I could watch TV in the bedroom but it's not as comfortable as my recliner in the living room.

I've tried and tried, for Hubby's sake, but I simply cannot get into football. His younger brother is over here this afternoon, so I've got two of 'em under my feet! I can't even watch my beloved Clemson Tigers play. I like to see them win (they are unbeaten so far this season) but I don't watch the games.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26014
33. sandiquiz
3:07 PM GMT on October 23, 2011
I have never known anyone who canned food, but 'bottling' was very popular with my gran. I can still imagine her large walk-in pantry, as large as my now kitchen, with shelves lining the walls stocked with bottled this and that. Pears, apricots, beans, apple purée and pickles!

Hope your Sunday is a good day - I am alternating between knitting, crocheting and blogging, whilst watching old films on the TV.
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 316 Comments: 28703
32. SBKaren
1:46 PM GMT on October 22, 2011
Good Morning Bug - I got up early today too. Lay in bed with things rolling around in my brain, so I just got up. Sun is still just coming up here. At least it is out. We've had such a marine layer this week. They promised a clear and warmer weekend, and it looks like they are delivering.

I don't really have a favorite Halloween movie. I'm not a big movie watcher. We don't have the TV on much during the day. We might catch a snippet of news in the morning (especially work days) to catch the weather, and then the TV doesn't go back on until the evening news and a show or two in the evening.

Now that said, on a cold, blustery, winter weather day, I don't think there is anything better than watching an old movie with some popcorn and hot chocolate! We haven't had one of those days yet, but I know they're coming!

Our library has a good selection of old movies. You can rent up to 5 at a time. We only watch one movie at a time though. I do rent movies from Red Box or Blockbuster Express - but still, only one at a time. They are always giving me offers to rent 2 and get the 3 free, but to make sure that 3rd one is free, you have to return all 3 within 24 hours. I don't think that'll ever happen for me!

I keep finding free codes online for Blockbuster Express, so we haven't paid for a movie in months!
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31. shoreacres
1:23 PM GMT on October 22, 2011
OMgosh - no canned tomatoes? I can remember those bushel baskets filled with the things, and the glass jars lining the cellar. Grandma canned tomatoes, corn, beans, applesauce, and pickles.
Oh - and spiced peaches and cherries. Probably other things I can't remember.

Mom was more of a frozen food devotee - but of course, Grandma never had a freezer until her later years, and canning, as she said, is "just so easy". Uh-huh. ;)
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30. seflagamma
1:22 PM GMT on October 22, 2011
Yes, I remember
'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir' with Jean Tierney and Rex Harrison? Love it but like the other old classic I have not seen it in years.

Shore,"Gamma just makes me laugh. It was 60 something there this a.m. and she was talking about layering. A real southern lady, she is!"
ROFL.. LOL everyone knows How I get cold easily! LOL I can hear Sandi laughing at me from across the pond everytime I talk about our "cold" winters! LOL
Yes, portion control is how it is done, if you only gained 5 lbs during that time you did good and fact you already lost 3 of those 5 even better.
I am trying to lose the 5 I put back on in the past few months... that 15 I lost last winter was hard to get and I do not want to gain any of it back permanently.

Hi Bug and Good morning to you. Glad you got such good results at your check up!
Sounds like you have had a productive morning already.. Good for you!

Have a good visit with your cousin and good luck with getting your ingrediants for dinner tomorrow.

Hubby thinks I should make a big pot of Beef Stew or something like that tomorrow.. and we hope it is "open the house up for the day" weather... low 80's will be nice for us.

Enjoy your day!

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29. palmettobug53
1:15 PM GMT on October 22, 2011
Hello, Shore! Hehehehehehe.... I'm not surprised you put on a bit of poundage during your trip. All that good food and not having had anything like it in a long time, it would have been awfully hard to not dive in and luxuriate in it!

But, you're back home and back to your regular routine now. You've already gotten over half of it off. With a little attention, the rest will go soon.

Tomato preserves? That's not something anyone in my family ever put up. Frankly, I don't recall them canning tomatoes at all. They may have; I just don't remember. We tended to eat them all up as fast as they ripened on the vine. I never even had fried green tomatoes until I was grown. Granny would have tanned our hides, if we'd picked a tomato before it was ripe! LOL
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