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By: palmettobug53 , 11:07 AM GMT on May 31, 2010

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It was about time to get the old blog down and put up a new one. Right now, with all the mess in the GOM, I'm not particularily inspired. There's enough "Oil Spill" entries going on. We don't need another one. And I'm too bummed out about the whole situation to come up with anything lighthearted at the moment. Especially when I opened up the paper to see that it might be August - AUGUST!- before they can get a handle on the thing.

So, I've added our local regional radar. As for the rest, maybe I'll just put up a daily link for "This Day in History", an interesting article from our local paper or something, maybe a little music and we can just have another general chit-chat blog for the time being.

July 2 1937: Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific. 1961: Ernest Hemingway took his own life. 1962: The first Wally World opened for business in Rogers, Arakansas.

July 1 The Battle of Gettysburg commenced on this date in 1863.

In the weird news category today is Ozzie's DNA Decoded: Why is Osbourne Still Alive? Man, you really gotta wonder, don't you? LOL

June 30

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Margaret Mitchell publishes "Gone With The Wind" June 30, 1936.

"Well, fiddle-de-de! Ah'll worry about it tomorrah."

GWTW online at Gutenberg.net

June 29 On this date in 2003, one of my favourite actresses, Katharine Hepburn, passed away and the Globe Theatre in London burned to the ground in 1613.

June 28 On this date in 1914, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie were assassinated, effectively starting WWI. The Treaty of Versaillles was signed on this date in 1919. Germany's disastifaction with the harsh terms of the treaty, as well as the Depression, led ultimately to Hitler’s rise and WWII. What a chain of events.

June 27

Many of you may be familiar with the words of Mary Boykin Chestnut, from having watched Ken Burn's film, The Civil War Here is an excerpt from her diary for June 27, 1861, in which she describes an evening at the home of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, and his wife:

In Mrs. Davis's drawing-room last night, the President took a seat by me on the sofa where I sat. He talked for nearly an hour. He laughed at our faith in our own powers. We are like the British. We think every Southerner equal to three Yankees at least. We will have to be equivalent to a dozen now. After his experience of the fighting qualities of Southerners in Mexico, he believes that we will do all that can be done by pluck and muscle, endurance, and dogged courage, dash, and red-hot patriotism. And yet his tone was not sanguine. There was a sad refrain running through it all. For one thing, either way, he thinks it will be a long war. That floored me at once. It has been too long for me already. Then he said, before the end came we would have many a bitter experience. He said only fools doubted the courage of the Yankees, or their willingness to fight when they saw fit. And now that we have stung their pride, we have roused them till they will fight like devils.

June 26 There will be a partial lunar eclipse this evening: Link. I'll try to watch it but I'm not optimistic. The local forecast is for some heavy rain/T-storms this afternoon and this evening is supposed to be partial cloudy here.

June 25 On this date, George Armstrong Custer let his ego lead him into a gross miscalculation, costing the lives of nearly a third of the men of the 7th Cavalry at the hands of the Lakota Sioux: Custer's Last Stand. The only living thing to survive the massacre was Capt. Myles Keogh's horse, Comanche, who, despite 7 bullet wounds, reached the age of 28.

June 24 On this date in 1314, Robert I of Scotland (Robert the Bruce) defeated the forces of Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn (Blàr Allt a' Bhonnaich in Gaelic).

June 23 On this date in 1955, Walt Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp' was released.

June 22 Bonnie Prince Charlie sailed to Scotland in 1745 in what was to be one of the last ill-fated attempts to reinstate the House of Stuart on the Scottish throne.

June 21 marks the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere.

June 20 Buncha stuff happened this date. Queen Victoria ascended the throne. The British garrison was imprisoned in the Black Hole of Calcutta. Lizzie Borden was acquited of murdering her father and stepmother. And on an insignificant blue-green planet orbiting a small, disregarded yellow sun in Sector ZZ Plural Z Alpha, far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the galaxy, was born a small Bug.

June 19 On this date in 2006, prime ministers of several European nations participate in a ceremonial 'laying of the first stone' of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the island of Spitsbergen.

June 18

Paul McCartney turns 68? OMIGOD!

June 17 Amelia Earhart takes flight.

June 16

June 15 On this day, King John put his seal to the Magna Carta, a document that has influenced government, law and the rights of citizens to date.

June 14

June 13

June 12

June 11

June 10

June 9

June 8

June 7

June 6 - Normandy Landings

National WWII Museum in New Orleans

U.S. Army - D Day, June 6, 1944

Pause for a moment and remember those who fought and survived and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom on this day 66 years ago.

June 5

June 4

June 3

June 2

June 1

May 31: US Memorial Day.Org


Not that I want to "Let it be" but we are in times of trouble and maybe Mother Mary will intercede.

I tried to find "Little Piggies" but there wasn't anything on YouTube except covers; nothing by the Beatles themselves.
Since I can't hear the videos, I hesitate to embed one that may sound terrible and I can't tell.

You'll just have to sing it to yourself, I suppose.

Little Piggies ( My apologies to the songwriter, George Harrison, for fiddling with his words.)

Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt (oil)?
And for all the little piggies
Life is getting worse
Always having dirt (oil) to play around in

Have you seen the Bigger Piggies
In their starched white shirts?
You will find the Bigger Piggies
Stirring up the dirt (oil)
Always have clean shirts to play around in

In their styes with all their backing
They don't care what goes on around
In their eyes there's something lacking
What they need's a damn good whacking

Everywhere there's lots of piggies
Living piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon


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134. sandiquiz
6:38 AM GMT on July 03, 2010
Hi Bug, thanks for the lovely birthday greeting....
I had a a quiet day, out for lunch with friends and then home to cook C his favourite meal,(yes it was MY birthday!) I had a a very small portion to keep him company, of course! Rump steak, chips (French fries), baked mushrooms and battered onion rings, followed by a soft Brie and cream crackers washed down with a mellow red!

I do hope the garage managed to sort out your truck. (Do you call it Archie 2?) I had a Vauxhall that used to flash "STOP" at me constantly, and they could never find out what it was... then one guy removed the dashboard and found a loose wire... he tightened it and it never flashed again!!

I had to smile at Linda's comment about her dad and the fridge. I have 8 cupboards in my kitchen, and to me they all sound the same when they are opened, but if I open the cupboard that contains Blue's food he is into the kitchen like a shot! How does he know! He never bothers about any of the other seven cupboards being opened!!! LOL

Have a great Saturday - out to cousin today?

I have one more meal out tonight - Chinese this time, with our neighbours and great friends. We have lived next door to each other for 18 years. We help each other out, taking in deliveries, looking after the pets, house etc. and we love socialising together... when we can fit it in! She does the same type of job as Chris, and travels all over the world. So far this year she has been to Malaysia, Poland, Jamaica and Bahrain! Each time it is only for a few days, and then it takes her several days to re-adjust to GMT !!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 289 Comments: 26020
133. shoreacres
2:02 PM GMT on July 02, 2010
Bug ~ I've got today off, too, because of rain!
It's really wonderful. I know folks with plans are irritated at the weather, but it's just heaven for us outside workers to have an occasional rainy holiday. Guilt-free and unfrustrated about not being able to work because of the holiday!

I hate those danged lights that come on for no apparent reason. I didn't have one on my Toyota, but there's a "Check Engine" light on the one I'm driving now. A couple of years ago it started acting up just AFTER I took the car in for its pre-hurricane season servicing.
They actually had done something that made it start coming on - and they fixed it. Of course, for all I know they may have disconnected it! LOL

I tend to go "by ear" when it comes to car problems. When I hear a new plinkety-bloop, I try and figure it out, and then take it in. The guys love my descriptions, but I usually can peg the area of the problem pretty closely.

Maybe I get my sensitive hearing from my dad. He could live with background noise forever, but open the refrigerator door, and he'd hear it from three rooms away! LOL
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
132. CoopsWife
1:13 PM GMT on July 02, 2010
Bug - if I remember rightly, we got power back after around 2 weeks (lived up at Ashley Oaks). BUT - everyone in the complex started up their A/C, washers/dryers/ vacuum cleaners, etc and blew our transformer. We had power for about 4 hours - took them another week to loop back around and fix that one. Was miserable to look over at the lights on the next block when we were still playing UNO and Go Fish by lamp light, LOL.

good golly - the oldest was 6 then - and she just turned 27!! Where did all that time go?
Member Since: June 19, 2006 Posts: 63 Comments: 4175
131. palmettobug53
11:14 AM GMT on July 02, 2010
So much for getting a new thread up last night.

It is an unbelievable 71F out there this morning. Humid but cooler. It's not supposed to hit the 90's again until the end of the week. We may even have a couple of night with lows around 68/69F!

We have had rain off and on all week, which we did need. I think this weekend is supposed to be fairly clear, which I'm sure the folks with July 5th plans outside will appreciate.

As you can see, I'm off today. The office will be closed on Monday, so I have a long weekend. YIPEE!

No particular plans for Hubby and myself this weekend.

I do need to take the truck in today. Again. That stupid "service engine soon" light has been glaring at me for the last 5 weeks. I had taken it in, back in April. They did my bi-annual checkup and could find nothing wrong. They changed the gas cap, in case that was it. Then, they informed me that, if it came on again, they'd have to drop the fuel tank and get in behind the thing and guddle around. YIKES! You're talking BIG BUCKS!

Dad about freaked, when I told him that. He told me, "For Heavens sakes, NO!" He said he'd had some issues with that light popping on, when he had the truck. His mechanic told him that they'd been having some issues with the light coming onfor no reason with that particular make/model.

Hubby tells me to ignore it. I am climbing the walls, with that thing glaring at me every day. I know that light is tied to the electrical systems and emission controls. What if the light comes on if I DO have a problem going on with the electrical and I ignore it?

This time, I'm going to take the truck to someone else, for a second opinion. I'm also going to ask them to check the O-ring (?) on the gas tank where the cap fits, to see if that is bent or loose. Also, the dealership replaced the factory gas cap with (what seems to me) a real cheap, lightweight cap. I'm going to ask them about that, too.

I'd been doing some online research and that was a suggestion I found in one of the car problem forums I'd been browsing. Seems like it's the early 2000 models of GMC Sonomas and the Chevy S-10s that are all having this issue.

I drove that truck for almost a year, without the light coming on. This will be the fourth time since Nov, that it has. Dad didn't tell me he'd had some issues with it, until my last visit. He thinks he'd taken it in a couple of times. But they didn't drive the truck much.

It seems like it's just always something.....
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
130. palmettobug53
4:44 PM GMT on July 01, 2010
Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

hi, Ogal and Sandi.

I didn't think I'd get to check in at lunch. Our internet has been down here at work all morning.

Most of our 'work' programs are online now, which means our hands have been tied. Oddly enough, I had no trouble getting to my game sites.

Am going to get a new thread up tonight, I guess. I meant to, last night but got sucked into watching "Ice Age" again. I get such a kick out of Scrat.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
129. sandiquiz
9:19 AM GMT on July 01, 2010

Stopping by to wish you a very happy, healthy and safe JULY :))

Out and about today - hairdressers and manicure! I decided to treat myself ... I mean, you don't get your "bus-pass" everyday of your life!! LOL!!!!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 289 Comments: 26020
128. OGal
5:09 PM GMT on June 30, 2010
Hi Bug, hot, hot, hot. You at least get rain we just get more heat. It is 94º at the moment with high humidity. You go out for a minute and you are soaking we. I hate this time of the year.

My eyes have been watering all day. I think the dispersant's are getting over to us. The thought of all those carcinogens floatin all around in the GOM makes me sick (no pun intended)

Hope you have a good day. Nothing else to tell you other than we have 100 more bear pictures:)
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19222
127. palmettobug53
4:47 PM GMT on June 30, 2010
Hi, Sandi. Hot and sticky is right.

We got more rain sometime last night. It must have been after I went to bed, though I had been watching a line of storms on the radar, off and on, most of the evening.

I can sympathize about eating less at home, so you can eat out. It is so hard to believe that, at one point in my life, I was trying to gain weight. Now? I think all it takes is to be within 5 feet of food and the calories just jump over and attach themselves.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
126. sandiquiz
4:41 PM GMT on June 30, 2010
Been thinking about you this afternoon...
a) it is hot and sticky.... the humidity is horrendous!!
b) - I watched All Creatures whilst I prepared dinner.... Mrs Pumphrey & Tricky Woo were in it!! LOL

I am having a salad for my meal tonight - not because it is hot, (although that helps), but I am out to dinner tomorrow with my new flickr friends, out at lunchtime with the Coffee morning crew on Friday, and out for a meal on Saturday with neighbours and friends.... I shall put half a stone on over the next three days!! LOL
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 289 Comments: 26020
125. palmettobug53
4:04 PM GMT on June 29, 2010
Pros, we got about a half inch last night. It didn't really last long but it came down pretty heavy, while it passed over. We've been pretty dry, too, and need it, despite the humidity and the skeeters it breeds.

Why, thank you, Caro! That's an awfully nice thing to say.

If I don't write things down, I won't remember them, either. You're not the only one.

Wow.. you lost power? We didn't even get a flicker. I think that portion that hit your area was a bit bigger and stronger than what hit us. I had been eyeballing the radar since about 6 or so last night, as I knew some severe weather was in the offing.

Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
124. carolinagal
11:56 AM GMT on June 29, 2010
Hello. This is such a pleasant place to stop by and "catch up." Wish I had a bit more time, but summers are even busier than the school year - just not much of a routine. I absolutely "live" by my calendar, but that only works IF I actually write stuff on the calendar. I found out last night that I'd forgotten about a follow-up appt. at MUSC coming up. I'd been thinking it was sometime near the END of JULY and realized it isn't on my calendar. Been meaning to call and find out the date and time. Then last evening, I get the automated reminder phone call! Good thing they call early, and I have time to rearrange my calendar.

Boy, did we get the rain last night!!! Lots of boomers too. We lost electricity for almost two hours (7:30 - 9:30). I learned another valuable lesson - My flashlight/battery collection needs some attention before a hurricane threat.
Member Since: July 15, 2005 Posts: 157 Comments: 6791
123. Proserpina
11:42 AM GMT on June 29, 2010

It came down pretty heavily in my area yesterday as well. We needed the rain and the yard seems to be happy this morning. The birds are chirping away and enjoy the green apple and the variety of seeds that I keep in their feeders. They provide me with a nice show!
Take care and thank you for visiting my blog in the last several days.
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 169 Comments: 18100
122. palmettobug53
11:49 PM GMT on June 28, 2010
coming down pretty heavy and I'm off of here for a bit
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
121. palmettobug53
11:48 PM GMT on June 28, 2010

743 PM EDT MON JUN 28 2010

743 PM EDT MON JUN 28 2010


AT 15 MPH.





Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
120. palmettobug53
9:37 PM GMT on June 28, 2010
Another hot day out there.

I see a line of storms headed in our direction. It may get to us within the next couple of hours. It will drop the temps but tomorrow, when the sun hits all the wet, it will steam. And I'll have to go around the yard and check for standing water. All it takes is a thimble full and you've got a skeeter nursery.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
119. palmettobug53
5:18 PM GMT on June 28, 2010
Aha.... that record high on this date in 1954 was recorded in Camden, SC.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
118. palmettobug53
5:13 PM GMT on June 28, 2010
Nothing like a Monday....

Well, it will be a short week. The office is closed July 5th, since the 4th lands on a Sunday. I decided to take Friday off, as well, and make it a long weekend. I've no particular plans, other than the usual household chores and just lounging around.

Shore, I sometimes chop up some ham and add it to my macaroni salad, when I bring the leftovers to work for lunch. Like I did today. Hubby wants the ham on the side, not in the salad, when I prepare the meal. So, I do them like he wants and mix mine up!

111 degrees?! OUCH!!! I wonder where that temp was recorded in SC back in '54? I'll have to see if I can find out.

Rob, your steak, potatoes, corn and strawberries sound good to me, too. Your temps sound divine to me, as well. I agree with you: I don't like COLD cold or HOT hot, either.

Coop, I think my next macaroni salad will be with the spirals, black olives, Italian dressing and some turkey pepperoni, feta cheese, maybe some fire roasted peppers. Hubby won't touch that; I'll have to eat it up, myself for work lunches. Come the end of the week, I'll be heartily tired of it.

Sandi, it seems like mining accidents happen every time you turn around. Conditions way back when were rougher and you'd think, with modern technology, that there'd be less accidents now, than there were back then. But it doesn't seem like it.

I can imagine that your Granddad just wanted to forget the things he'd seen and talking about it just opened up the wounds, so he didn't.

In case anyone is interested, here's my receipt for the macaroni salad I made yesterday.

1 box elbow macaroni (or shells, spirals, if you like - Hubby won't eat it unless it's elbow macaroni- Go figure... Pasta is pasta.)

1 small onion, diced
1 rib celery, diced
1 large tomato, diced
1 small cucumber, diced
Duke's or Hellman's mayo
salt/pepper to taste

Cook pasta until just a dab past al dente but not soggy - it will absorb more moisture from the veggies and mayo. Pour into colander, rinse with cold water and drain.

Deseed the tomato and the cuke, before dicing.

Dump drained pasta and veggies in large bowl, add enough mayo to lightly coat and stir well. Add your salt/pepper, if you want.

Refridgerate. Well, you can eat it right after it is mixed up but I like to chill it a bit, first. This will hold up in the icebox for 3-4 days, if you don't eat it all up.

Goes well with ham, fried chicken, baked chicken, any cooked veggies, sliced tomatoes, etc,

It's a good thing to have for those summer evenings when you don't want to heat up the kitchen and have cold chicken or ham in the icebox.

Since you can fix it the day before, it's great for covered dish dinners, family gatherings, picnics, etc. Just be sure to keep it cold in a cooler with lots of ice, if you'll be outside. Mayo can turn on you, if it sits out in the heat.

Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
117. sandiquiz
4:18 PM GMT on June 28, 2010
Here is an On this day in History for you... it is one I remember vividly.

My paternal granddad was a miner and after the accident he organised a team from his pit to go to Wales to help with the rescue. It finished up being a retrieval of bodies, the final total being 45. He refused to talk about when he returned home, and he left mining not long afterwards. (I remember because he missed my birthday!)

When looking for more information I found the worst disaster in the Welsh mines was on October 14, 1913 when 438 men and boys lost their lives. (Mind, you, I don't remember that one... I am not quite that old!!)

Hope you Monday is going OK... I am sitting outside... dinner is prepared (cold cooked salmon, new potatoes and salad - it is too warm to eat a hot meal!)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 289 Comments: 26020
116. shoreacres
1:10 PM GMT on June 28, 2010
And lookie what else happened today, in your state! In 1954, South Carolina recorded its highest temperature ever - 111 degrees. I found that bit of information at Plapman's.

Now, don't you feel better? I didn't think so. LOL
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
115. CoopsWife
10:51 AM GMT on June 28, 2010
Bug - YUM!!

I buy those little packages of spirals now and then. Mostly when I know we'll have enough young 'uns around to finish them up! No clue how I'm going to cook for the next 3 weeks with Ellie gone and the teenage horde she hangs out with not raiding my cupboards and fridge on a daily basis. The L&M may find himself eating soup and salad several nights a week...

Member Since: June 19, 2006 Posts: 63 Comments: 4175
9:13 AM GMT on June 28, 2010
Morning BUGS, can't say that I am in envy of your weather. I complain when the conditions are at least 15 degrees less than what you guys have had to endure. I would be as known locally as being 'spleeney', have no idea of the origin just means can't take the extreme elements whether it be hot or cold.
Your BBQ menu sounds great and certainly what I believe as southern comfort food. We enjoyed the traditional steak, potatoes, corn, etc. Also local strawberries now available, and did not last long once they hit the table.
Have a good one.

Member Since: June 26, 2005 Posts: 3265 Comments: 1474
113. shoreacres
2:25 AM GMT on June 28, 2010

Your dinner sounded so good we're having it tomorrow night ;-) I already had the green beans, squash and tomatoes, so it's just a matter of stopping by the butcher tomorrow for a bit of ham and making some macaroni salad. I might even do the whole thing as a salad - we're rather fond of pasta salad with ham, cheese and raw veggies.

I saw that rain scooting around your radar - and a good bit in Georgia. Our day for rain will come - just hope it doesn't arrive with a proper name! LOL
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
112. palmettobug53
2:17 AM GMT on June 28, 2010
Dinner today really hit the spot. I love it, when that happens.

We've had a little rain; not much but it did drop the temps down and it has been rather nice outside this evening. I do have a bit of the wash hanging up inside. I was late getting it pegged out and everything wasn't quite dry, when it came time to bring it in. I couldn't leave it out overnight, as there's the possibility of scattered showers overnight.

I even managed to cut back all of the spiderwort in my flower bed. By mid-June, it has finished blooming and the stalks are falling down on top of the other things in there. Getting them clipped has opened up the bed for some of the later season plants that were coming up underneath them and getting squashed.

Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
111. palmettobug53
3:34 PM GMT on June 27, 2010
Hi, Shore.

It's been so humid, you can step outside 10:00 at night and, despite the lower temp, the humidity is so high you feel like you're suffocating.

Hubby, for once, went outside to do his yard work before 9:00 this morning. He'd work about 15/20 minutes, then come inside to cool off. He was still soaking wet each time he came in. I don't think he mowed, though. There was a big branch down in the backyard. It was too big to pull to the curb or even get through the gate. He had to cut it into pieces. Those sweet gum trees will snap off limbs as badly as pine trees do. We'd had a T-storm earlier in the week. Not really all that bad but the wind was enough to snap off that huge branch. Didn't hit anything, though, thank heavens.

Though I hate to heat the kitchen up in this hot weather by using the stove, I've a yen for baked ham. I have been buying these packages of ham pieces lately, which are the ends of those spiral cut hams. They are much cheaper than buying a whole or partial ham, the amount is just right for two people and we can get two to three meals out of it.

So, today's menu is:

Baked ham
macaroni salad
squash w/ onions
green beans
sliced tomatoes
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
110. shoreacres
1:26 PM GMT on June 27, 2010
Good morning, Bug,

It sounds like you had a great day yesterday. And, it sounds like you're involved in the same things a lot of us are today - laundry, picking up, yard work. I'm really sorry you're having to deal with the heat, though. Isn't this a little unusual for you - at least this early? I thought you had a more moderate climate. Maybe not.

Anyway, you're right about how unpleasant it can be, especially with the humidity thrown in. It really dried out here last night and even though it was very hot, you didn't start dripping two minutes after stepping out of the house. But it says you're at 86 now - at 9:30? Good grief.

Well, it's a full day of chores here, along with watching Alex. I was SO angry at Fox news last night. I was watching at Mom's, and when they started their report on Alex they showed a cone that reached all the way from Verzcruz to New Orleans. It had nothing to do with the NHC forecast - it was purely hype, just like MSNBC saying a few days ago there was "a strong tropical storm" roaming around when Alex was still a depression. I hate the media ;-)
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
109. palmettobug53
1:01 PM GMT on June 27, 2010
Good morning!

Another hot day in the Lowcountry.

Karen, the salad, beans and potatoes look great. Doesn't it give you a wonderful feeling to eat something you've grown yourself?

We had a nice time yesterday afternoon. With the four boys, their spouses and families, the house was full.

I left about 6:30, as I had been there since shortly after 12:00.

Hubby didn't get home until after 10:00, as he and his brothers started a game of Hearts. I was starting to get worried about him, since he had been up since 1:00 a.m. I was picturing him nodding off at the wheel on the drive home.

Got clothes to wash and need to pick up the house. The yard looks awful; the heat has just dried everything up, despite some recent rain. Except the weeds. It's just too hot to get out and do much of anything out there.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
108. SBKaren
2:29 AM GMT on June 27, 2010
Thought I would share some pictures of our dinner tonight since almost all of it came from the garden.

The salad. Lettuce, green onions, tomato, red pepper, cucumber. Only thing not grown in our garden is cucumber and red pepper. I have red peppers in the garden, but they aren't red yet.

Steaming the green beans..from our garden.

Potatoes. Boiled them and added a touch of butter, salt and pepper.

Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 195 Comments: 14535
107. palmettobug53
2:48 PM GMT on June 26, 2010
Ah, garbage.... I see that I've already missed the eclipse. It was viewable in North America around before sunrise this morning.

Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 232 Comments: 24992
106. palmettobug53
2:35 PM GMT on June 26, 2010
Hey, ho, and Happy Saturday to everyone.

Sandi, 90 degree temps and Russia in one sentence just don't compute, do they? I know they don't have ice and snow all year round but still...

Hi, Gams! HOpe your work day goes by fast.

Peace, that's an idea. If I can find one big enough to cover the box but small enough to fit in that old broom closet., where the pan sits. It's a tight spot. I suppose I could turn the pan so that the short end comes out the doorway, cut the hole in the end of the box and try it that way. I don't have time today to look for a box and set it up, though.

Am a bit late getting online this a.m. I slept in this morning and didn't get up until almost 8:30. I've been making some much needed responses to family mail that had been piling up all week.

No visit to the cousin today. Hubby's mom's birthday is this weekend and the clan is gathering at her house today. I need to get showered and dressed and out the door, before too long.

I see we have Alex this morning. I told the girls yesterday that we would have something to watch by today. I was beginning to wonder if we'd have a named storm before the end of the month or not. With this late start to the extremely busy season that they've predicted, I shudder to think what the rest of it will be like. One can always hope that the predictions are wrong. That's wishful thinking, I know.

I need to finish my coffee, make a few visits around the blogs, then I'll need to get off this computer and get ready to head up to Summerville. Hubby is going straight from work, as he's only about 20 minutes away from his mom's from the shop. If he comes all the way back home, to pick me up, we'll be midafternoon getting there.
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105. PeaceRiverBP
2:11 PM GMT on June 26, 2010
Bug; Hope you are able to stay cool today! Seems like the mid-Atlantic region is getting most of the east coast's heat, lately.

Do you think it's worth cutting up a card board box that is the same size as Daisy's litter box and invert it over the top and see if she likes a covered litter box before you commit to buying one? (I imagine it's very hard to return a used litter box, even if you try to tell them that your cat didn't actually dirty it!) Just thinkin'.

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104. seflagamma
1:53 PM GMT on June 26, 2010
Hi Bug, good morning and happy Saturday to you!
enjoy your day.
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103. sandiquiz
12:49 PM GMT on June 26, 2010
Just dropping by. to wish you a "pleasant-and-not-to-hot" Saturday!

I have just checked out the temperatures on WU for Europe... we are due to reach 85 tomorrow in the south, but just look at poor old Russia!! (Yes, Russia is in Europe now! LOL)

Sitting outside at the moment under the awning, far too hot to be out in the direct sunshine, but at least we have a cooling breeze:)
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102. palmettobug53
4:25 PM GMT on June 25, 2010
Oh, yeah.... we are HOT! Heat advisories have been in place all week. The paper says we've been averaging 5 degrees more than our 'normal' average temps. If it was just the temp, we'd be fine. You add in the humidity and get those high heat indices, that's what does you in.

Peace, that's exactly what Daisy does. She steps in but her heinie is sometimes not in all the way. She started missing the pan on occasion about five years ago, if not more. I switched to a deeper pan and it's worked like a charm until this past couple of weeks. Which is why I'm wondering if it has to do with her leg.

I might try one of those covered pans, if it doesn't clear up soon.

I found some piddle pads at Walmart, 32 of them for 7.00, which was much better than the 6.99 for 6 of them at SuperPetz.

Karen, you'll get stuff coming up underneath your feeders. It's from spilled seed. It will take root, if there's enough moisture for it to sprout and the birds don't eat it.

Sandi, I vaguely recall reading something about Robert the Bruce and that spider. Winning independence back then didn't do the Scots much good. Eliz 1st took it back.

Went over to the Farmers market this morning before I clocked in. I didn't want to walk over there at lunchtime. Even though it is only about a block and a half, it is too hot.

I got 'maters, cukes, squash, green beans, peaches and some boiled peanuts.
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101. sandiquiz
3:31 PM GMT on June 25, 2010
Hey ho Bug... this week has flown by and I don't seem to have achieved anything I set out to do! Hope your week has been good. I saw you were back at the docs for a "routine" app. Hope it went OK:))

Reading your "On this day" yesterday, and seeing Robert the Bruce, reminded me what we learnt at school.... (how true it is I have no idea, but the nursery rhyme we chanted does seem to fit.)

"Incy Wincy spider climbing up the spout,
Down came the rain, and washed poor Incy out.
Out came the sunshine, and dried up all the rain,
So Incy Wincy spider went climbing up again."

"The most famous story of a spider influencing human history is perhaps the story King Robert the Bruce of Scotland. He was involved in a war with King Edward of England who was trying to conquer Scotland. In 1306 he was hiding out in a cave, (or a barn depending on which version you believe), he had already fought 6 battles against King Edward and had been beaten back six times. While he was taking his rest he watched a spider trying to set up the support lines for its web. The spider tried and failed six times. He said "Now shall this spider teach what I am to do, for I also have failed six times." The spider made its seventh attempt and this time succeeded. Inspired by this King Robert the Bruce of Scotland set about rallying his troops and in 1314 he defeated King Edward of England and drove him out of Scotland.

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100. SBKaren
2:23 AM GMT on June 25, 2010
Oh boy you are hot! The hottest thing in this house right now is this laptop on my lap. I have it sitting on a seat pad so I don't have it directly on my legs...talk about hot flash! LOL

I have to ask you, when you put the bird seed in your feeder, do you get weird tall grass growing beneath it? I used to have a bird feeder that attached to my window - on the outside - so that we could sit in the house and watch them feed. The little suction cups eventually just got too old. But it was a neat thing. But I would always have this weird looking grass growing right below the feeder.

You must have your feeder far enough away from trees and fences. I've heard that birds won't feed if they feel they are in danger of being too close to cats. If the birds felt a cat could get them, they wouldn't feed there. We have a lot of cats in our neighborhood, and a lot of birds...but they are perched high in the palm trees and eucalyptus trees around here. But boy can they chirp! All at the same time!!! LOL
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99. PeaceRiverBP
4:40 PM GMT on June 24, 2010
Bug; I hope you get some relief from the heat, soon! We've had a few hot days, but today is considerably cooler with strong breezes to help keep the warm air moving. I think we're somewhere in the mid-70's right now, but it still quite humid (87% with a dew point of 71 degrees) but as long as the wind keeps up, we should be okay.

Your stories about Daisy remind me of my old kitty, Tigger. She lived a long life, dying just a few months before her 20th birthday, but those last few years she had a tough time hitting the target (the INSIDE of the litter box, instead of just beside it) all the time. She'd get all four feet in the box without any problem, but then she'd leave her hiney hanging over the side as though trying to potty over the side of a boat. The only thing that seemed to help was to get a box with a cover on it, accessed by a hole at one end, so that at least she then tended to walk in, turn around so her head hung out the opening and then do her business inside the confines of the enclosed box. She actually seemed to like the privacy, too.

Good Gosh! The Lady and the Tramp! I haven't seen that movie since I was a kid! I hardly remember it, except that the whole family had watched it in what used to be the Westend Theater in Hyannis (the closest thing we have to a near-by city) and we'd all enjoyed it. Like so many old theaters from my childhood, it's gone now.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
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98. palmettobug53
4:13 PM GMT on June 24, 2010

Charleston Air Force Base
Lat: 32.91 Lon: -80.03 Elev: 59
Last Update on Jun 24, 10:56 am EDT (an hour ago)

Temp: 88 °F (31 °C)
Humidity: 66 %
Wind Speed: SW 8 MPH
Barometer: 30.09" (1018.7 mb)
Dewpoint: 75 °F (24 °C)
Heat Index: 98 °F (37 °C)
Visibility: 10.00 mi

Daisy still peeing outside the pan. If she'd just get her butt in there with her feet, she'd be doing OK.

Leaving work early for a routine Dr. appt. I'll go on down to Walmart and get gas, after, since I'll be almost there, anyway. Also need birdseed. I let the bin go empty this time, so as to make sure there were no bugs down at the bottom.

My bluebirds are raising another brood, I think. I spotted one shoot out of the nesting box a couple of days ago. The first batch of babies (two, I think) are still hanging around and begging Mom and Dad for food, from time to time. I can hear the parents now: "Fix your own dinner!" LOL
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97. palmettobug53
4:19 PM GMT on June 23, 2010
It's Wednesday! The work week is halfway over, except for folks like Gams, who work odd shifts! LOL

Thought I'd pop in another Youtube. As mentioned in my header, Lady and the Tramp was released on this date in 1955:

It's been years, since I've seen this thing.
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96. palmettobug53
4:31 PM GMT on June 22, 2010
Hi, Sandi. No, I can't say that I've changed anything recently.

I'm still inclined to think it's just her habit to go, as soon as she gets all four feet in the pan. Plus, that back leg is still a bit gimpy, even though she's putting her weight on it. So, she may be a bit wobbly.

Caro, email me further details and I'll think about it.

((((CRAB))))!!!!! Thankee kindly for the B-Day wishes. I don't mind terribly if they're not delivered right on The Day. Not like I did, when I was small enough to count my age in months, days and, sometimes, hours and minutes! LOL

Shore, those 'piddle pads' are exactly the same pads they use in hospitals; they're just marketed for housebreaking puppies. I'll have to check out one of the local medical supply places and see what they charge for a packet of 100. The pet store wanted close to $60.00 for 100!!!! If I'm not mistaken, there's one or two medical supply places around here.

Sandi, I rather liked Joan Hickson, though she wasn't as plump as I envisioned Miss Marple. I rather suspect that may be the fault of Margaret Rutherford, though her personality as Miss Marple was about as true to the book as her movies. My vision of Miss Marple is rather plump, with a sweet face (like Hickson's) and with rather deceptive absentminded and fluttery behavior.

I also agree with you about Angela Lansbury. I ADORE her but she is NOT Miss Marple.

Can you believe she's back on Broadway?

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95. shoreacres
12:36 PM GMT on June 22, 2010
Bug ~ Good morning to you! Just a thought - how about getting some of those absorbent pads they use in hospitals and put one or two under the pan? That way, you can just pick them up and dispose. One of my friends did that with her elderly cat - she found packs of 100 through a medical supply store and they were about five cents each. You could always try one or two and see how they do.

Dixie has started swatting at me from time to time. It's pure grumpiness, I can tell. But, we're not going to have that, especially since she still has her claws. Time to get out the kitty condo and impose some jail time for kitty misbehavior!

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94. hurricanecrab
12:13 AM GMT on June 22, 2010
Happy Birthday Dear {{{Bug!}}}

See, normally, this would be considered "late", however I'm firmly imbedded in island time, so technically, I'm almost early....... ha!

Hope you had a great birthday! Y'know what I discovered about youtube videos? If I REALLY crank them up and put the speakers face down on the computer table, I can feel the sounds, and actually hear them better. Just a tip from your "deef" friend. ;o)
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93. carolinagal
6:56 PM GMT on June 21, 2010
Hello & happy Birthday. I know it's belated, so I'm hoping you have a happy day-after birthday too!

Have you seen anything about a reunion coming up for our high school? It's for multiple classes.. but I'm not giving away "our" age by saying which ones. I've heard there is some advertising around the area, but I've learned about it thru facebook. I'll email you the information.
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92. sandiquiz
4:50 PM GMT on June 21, 2010
Oh, Dear.. poor Miss Daisy.
Just a query...? Have you changed any washing powder/room freshener/perfume etc? My Blue usually "marks" his disapproval for a few days if I change any aroma in the house.. and bring in new door mat, with a rubber backing ... well, all I can say is, glad I buy washable door mats!

Miss Marple ... I thought exactly the same.
Did you see the series with Geraldine McEwan in the title role? I didn't like her at first, but grew to accept her.

No one will be able to replace Joan Hickson.

And don't get me going about Angela Lansbury as Miss M!
I love her as Mrs Fletcher... but not as Miss M.

How sensible to have a long weekend - do you have time to pop over to help me celebrate - LOL

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91. palmettobug53
4:28 PM GMT on June 21, 2010
Happy Monday!

So much for the slightly larger litter pan. She missed again.

It's busy here at work today. They sent around a reminder that the office will be closed Monday, July 5th, since the 4th is on a Sunday. I put in for that Friday off, too, to make a nice long weekend.
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90. Proserpina
5:39 AM GMT on June 21, 2010
Summer Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook
Comments and Graphics - Layouts - Photobucket
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89. palmettobug53
2:36 AM GMT on June 21, 2010
Thanks, Aqua, and you are not late.

Granted, I'm about to shut down and head to bed but the day isn't over yet! LOL

I'm thinking ham, macaroni salad and perhaps some fresh corn, okra or squash/onions for Sunday dinner next weekend. I've had a hankering and I'm going to fullfil it, gosh darn it! Hehehehehe

Will check in at lunch tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good Monday.
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88. seflagamma
2:35 AM GMT on June 21, 2010
Bug, just one last Birthday Bump..

and as Aqua says.. it is actually a celebration for your Mama for her
"Birthing Day"

On my 50th Birthday I sent my Mama who was in bad shape in Hospital in Memphis for cancer..

I sent her 25 Red Roses, because I could not afford 50...and I wanted her to know how special she was to me...

Yes the "birthin Days" are important..
every one of my kids Birthdays, I think about the real day they were born.

Hope it was a great day!
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87. aquak9
1:26 AM GMT on June 21, 2010
happy late birthday, bugg. and a very late thank you to your mom, on a birthing day.

I think of you whenever I think of good southern fresh food.

you are my friend. ♥
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86. palmettobug53
11:28 PM GMT on June 20, 2010
Shore, I'm trying out one of those under the bed storage bin as a replacement for Daisy's litter pan. I'm not sure if it will work or not, as it is not much larger than the pan she has been using. It might be a tad wider. It is about as deep. I was kind of limited in how big I could get, 'cause the place where the pan goes is only about 25 inches wide. It is in a small alcove, just off the kitchen.

I also bought a very small packet of 'piddle pads'. When I saw how much those things cost? I almost piddled on the floor, myself.

How in Heaven's name can people afford to buy enough of them to housebreak puppies?

I spread one out and put a couple of newspapers on top of it, before I put the new pan in there. It will at least keep the floor dry. I mean, I have tile in there now but still.....
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85. palmettobug53
9:12 PM GMT on June 20, 2010
Yeah, Gams. Whoodda thunk?

I figured someone would take that thing home from the pancake breakfast and hang it a nail in the garage. The kids and dog would play with it and, six months or so later, it would be all dirty and chewed up and thrown in the garbage can.

I had NO idea that thing would take on a life of it's own, the way it did.

What a hoot!

Dinner took a bit of a twist. We got to Ryan's to find the line out the door AND they no longer fix steak. It's nothing but a huge MegaBar buffet now.

Hubby doesn't have the patience to stand in line that long and I said, "Let's go somewhere else." We wound up back at the S&S Cafeteria. It's pretty much a haven for the senior citizen crowd, so it's much quieter and there are no kids running around. Not that there are never any kids there; it IS a good place to take the family. Fairly inexpensive and everyone can find something they like.

Even though I kinda had my taste buds set on steak and baked potato, I was fine with it. I didn't have to cook! LOL
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84. seflagamma
8:41 PM GMT on June 20, 2010
Oh my goodness, shore left me a post on my blog that many of your "adventures" have been posted for your birthday greetings..

Girl you have been around!

What fun.. and just think, it all started with your little project of making a representative figure of yourself and fun into the WUBA Peace River Pancake Breakfast!...I never thought it would come to this almost 3 years later.!
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