Sunscreens and Hats!

By: palmettobug53 , 4:43 PM GMT on April 29, 2009

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Please take a few minutes to read the information provided at

FYI... It's not just us white folks that have to worry about skin cancer. Those of you who are of a darker complexion are not immune: Skin Cancer and African-Americans.
It is that time of year again. Time to think about getting yourself checked. Time to think about your hat wardrobe. Time to check your sunscreen supplies.

It has now been a year since I lost my brother, Larry, to Stage IV metastic melanoma. This last 12 months have been very hard. There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't think about him. Think about how much I wish he had caught it just a few months, or even weeks, earlier. I miss him so much. My only consolation is that he is with my Mama, my Gramma and all our beloved pets and that one day Dad and I will join him.

So, don't let this happen to you or your loved ones. Pick up that phone and make an appointment to have a full body skin check. For you. For your spouse or significant other. For your children.

The entire month of May is Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month, so check out these links:

National Melanoma Alliance

Melanoma Monday and National Skin Examination Day is the first Monday of May. That will be May 4th, this year.

Don't Fry Day is the Friday before Memorial Day.

From NCI/Cancer.Gov:

Estimated new cases and deaths from skin (nonmelanoma) cancer in the United States in 2008:
New cases: more than 1,000,000
Deaths: less than 1,000

From CDC.Gov:

Incidence Trends
In the United States, incidence of melanoma of the skin has

increased significantly by 7.7% per year from 2003 to 2005 among men.
increased significantly by 2.9% per year from 1993 to 2005 among women.
Among whites, incidence has

increased significantly by 2.9% per year from 1996 to 2005 among men.
increased significantly by 3.5% per year from 1996 to 2005 among women.

Mortality Trends
In the United States, deaths from melanoma of the skin have

remained level from 1990 to 2005 among men.
Among whites, deaths have

remained level from 1990 to 2005 among men.

Avoid tanning beds!!!! I don't care what tanning salon owners tell you about how "safe" tanning beds are, DON'T USE THEM!!!


CBS News - 9/18/2008

I'll probably tweak this a bit later on. I'm at work right now and want to run over to the hospital and drop my name in the hat for a free facial at The Spa at Charleston Place. They're going to give away four free facials, worth over $100.00 and I want to get my dibs in!

Free Facials for Melanoma Monday.

(I put my name in the hat but haven't heard anything yet. I'm not sure just when the drawing was going to be. Possibly on Monday, for Melanoma Monday. The facial normally costs $125.00 and takes almost an hour to do. It would be nice!


The Spa at Charleston Place

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151. palmettobug53
3:43 PM GMT on May 30, 2009
Oh, my.. JINX! We were posting at the same time!

I was really looking for the vinyl ones but they didn't seem to have any. As far as I know, I'm not allergic to latex. I've used latex sticking plasters over the years without any problem, so hopefully I'll be able to use these.
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150. palmettobug53
3:41 PM GMT on May 30, 2009
Rats..... I was thinking of doing a summer salad blog. Went back into my archives to double check and found that I'd done one last summer.

Gotta come up with another idea....
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149. sandiquiz
3:41 PM GMT on May 30, 2009
Bug - thank you so much for taking time to look at my photos, and I am glad you saw some you liked!! Your squirrels must be coming back... there can't be so many, surely!! Either that, or they like having the trip across the road, so tell their friends!!
As for "eyeballing" .... he may not get a sale now we have placed an order for the bathroom suite!! LOL (see my blog for clarification)

You certainly seen to have claimed some bargains yesterday. I can't wear latex gloves, I seem to be allergic to the latex, but found a box of disposable vinyl gloves at the local DIY store that work really well for me.

Enjoy your day, I need to iron later, I have washed twice this week, but the ironing is piling up!! LOL
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148. seflagamma
12:28 PM GMT on May 30, 2009
Bug, you are funny!
You are now famous for catching those little critters and finding them new homes!
so sounds like you had a nice week...
I know don't vacation weeks go by just too fast. I was off all last week but couldn't really enjoy it because I had to stay inside and "take it easy" plus it rained everyday.

I like wind chimes also but don't have many. I did get a nice med size bamboo set at Disney about 10 years ago I just loved... I like the sound they make when they clap together, more more hollow sounding than "chimmy" like mettle chimes. I have a little Flamingo chime someone gave me.. doesn't make a lot of noice but it is cute hanging in the patio.. but it was made with string and last week I noticed the strings roted and the chimes were falling off.. so I found all the pieces and have it on the kitchen counter.. I am going to clean it and put it back together with fishing line. I just don't want to throw away something I like and I know I can repair and enjoy again.

I think I would like to have a nice more noisy chime out in the back yard at some point, but you know my hubby, he sounds like yours, and he would not like to have a noisy chime going off all the time in the yard!

maybe if I tell him it will scare off my critters he will go for it; he is not fond of my "feeding" stations either! LOL

oh well, I've rambled on now.. Enjoy the last two days of your vacation week!!!

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147. palmettobug53
12:09 PM GMT on May 30, 2009
Just looked out the window to check the trap. The little bugger has managed to snitch the pecan half out of the trigger and is now sitting on top of the trap, munching away!

Blinkety, blank, blank squirrels!

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146. palmettobug53
11:33 AM GMT on May 30, 2009
Good morning, everyone! Only two more days of vacation left. Where does it go? It seems like I just clocked out yesterday, with a whole week ahead of me.

SANDI!!! For shame! LOL

Most of my wind chimes are the very small, very cheap ones from the dollar stores. I have been eyeing some nice bamboo chimes at Big Lots but I haven't yet sprung for them. I'm going to take my chances and see if they'll eventually put them on sale. Silly of me, I know, esp. since I bought those plant stands at full price over there just the other day.

Yesterday was very enjoyable. I picked up my cousin at 9 and delivered her to the beauty shop. While she was getting her wash and set, I wandered over to Walgreen's and poked around. Found some boxes of blank cards, 2 for $3.00. Very handy to have on hand, as you can use them for almost any occasion. Some clips for bags of crisps, pretzels, etc. Those were .99 each. A box of latex gloves, which are handy for polishing shoes or when you are painting or staining things for crafts. I got a box of 50 for $5 and some odd cents.

Then, it was back to the thrift shop two doors down from the beauty shop. Found a little table top Oriental screen for $1.50, a bamboo desk organizer for $2.00 and a beanbag type pillow (good for back support) for $2.00.

By that time, my cousin was pretty much ready. She wanted to go downtown to Talbot's, as they have a petite store. She picked out several blouses and sleeveless shells.

Then, it was back to James Island and Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. She got the crab cake and baked potato and I got soup/salad bar.

Once we'd eaten, we headed back to her house and visited the rest of the afternoon. I got home about 5:00. All in all, a very nice day.

I got a bite of supper together for Hubby and myself. He went on to bed and I proceeded to nod off in my recliner! I woke up about 9:00 and decided to take myself off to bed. Slept in until 6:30 this morning.

I just set the trap again. I've counted 3 potential tomato thieves out there. I haven't set the trap in almost 2 weeks now and don't want them to get complacent!

Not much on the agenda for today or tomorrow. The house needs cleaning and picking up. Clothes need to be washed. I guess I'll be spending my last couple of vacation days getting my house in order.

I have an idea for a new entry but I need to check and see if I've done this one before or not, first.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

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145. sandiquiz
3:26 PM GMT on May 29, 2009
Your "Peaceful Spot" is lovely! Just the place to end a busy day, with a glass of wine, to relax!

LOL - I was just thinking, drink too much wine and the surrounding area would look blurred, just as it does after my photo editing!!

I saw you got some wind chimes. I bought some today at the garden fair. It was the only "garden" product I bought, but I did succumb to the "patter"** of the electronic blinds for conservatories salesman, so he is coming around on Tuesday evening to measure up and give me a quote!!!

** - It might have been the fact that he was "Drop-dead gorgeous" too!! LOL
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144. palmettobug53
11:06 AM GMT on May 29, 2009
And, Sandi? Your "Peaceful Spot" is lovely! Just the place to end a busy day, with a glass of wine, to relax!
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143. palmettobug53
10:37 AM GMT on May 29, 2009
Hi, Shore, Gams, Sandi!

I wish I was as energetic about housecleaning! I haven't touched a thing inside all week, barring washing the dishes. I'll have to do something before the weekend is out. The house is a mess! Or, more so than usual.. I am so NOT a spic and span housecleaner......

I was at the dealership only about an hour yesterday morning. Going during the week was much faster than on Saturday, that's for sure!

Left there and headed to Big Lots, Home Depot, Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Got some misc. odds and ends for the yard.

Found a couple of cute little plant stands shaped a bit like those cast iron garden chairs at Big Lots. I even paid the regular price of $7.00 each! (When I told my neighbor that, she felt my forehead for fever! LOL) I simply couldn't resist them and knew that if I didn't get them now, they'd be gone if I went back and I'd regret it. So, I got them.

I had to get some more of the plastic edging for my roses. Hubby simply will not stay away from things like that with the weedeater and had torn up most of what was already out there. It is cheap stuff, I know, but it would last a heck of a lot longer if he'd keep that weedeater away.

Got wind chimes, 2 extra small decorative trellises for my pots of wandering jew, a little "welcome" sign with a butterfly to hang in the crepe myrtle out front (I have been decorating it with stuff, much to Hubby's disgust - he claims they bang him in the head when he mows! I told him to watch where he's going! LOL)

I got mulch at Home Depot for my little rose bed. I used two bags last summer. They didn't have the same kind, so I got cypress mulch this time. It only took one bag. Don't know what I'll do with the extra bag. Not enough for my big flower bed. I may just put it in the shed and use it later for something.

I helped my neighbor haul some stuff over to her church around 5 yesterday for a church jumble sale to be held tomorrow. We loaded boxes in my truck and her van! She's doing the same thing I am, this year - clearing out clutter. She has two girls, 3 and 5, and is overloaded with their outgrown clothes and toys.

I let time slip by me and didn't get my azaleas trimmed back in April. I know its late and I may not have much bloom next year but they have to be trimmed. They're WAY too big. Did one last night, after Hubby went to bed. I have one more to do but that will have to wait until tomorrow or Sunday.

I'll be gone most of the day, as this is the day I'm spending with my cousin. I spoke with her briefly last night, just to confirm that I'd be over this morning. She hasn't decided yet what she wants to do. I don't think it matters, really. She just likes company.

Off to browse the blogs for a bit, cuppa tea in hand!
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142. sandiquiz
9:25 PM GMT on May 28, 2009
Darn, I do wish I could type as fast as you (or Linda or Karen or Gams or indeed anyone else who can type faster than I can!!)

I agree with Linda, you fitted so much in whilst away:)

Glad your co-worker liked her roses, I am sure she was grateful you had to share the cab with them all the way back from your Dads!! LOL

I have been playing about with a photo editing programme this evening, and I finished up with this.... I called it "A Peaceful Spot".

Oh, flip! Flickr has hiccups and I can't copy the photo yet, so will come back with it later:))


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141. seflagamma
8:46 PM GMT on May 28, 2009

glad you are enjoying your week off.. I had last week off..but didn't intend to! LOL and it wasn't all that much fun...had to "be good" and keep my leg propted up most of that time. But much much better now.. back at work today.

glad your Dad had a good birthday Sunday, I called my Dad Sunday morning, he was in Church so spoke with Smom (she wasn't feeling very good so skipped church that morning).. he is recovering very well from his shoulder surgery.

Today I am finally getting out on a few blogs.. I am so far behind!

hope you enjoy the last few days of your vacation week.
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140. shoreacres
11:46 AM GMT on May 28, 2009
Well, ok. I've just finished reading every word of your entry and am so tired I believe I'll go back to bed! Woman, you are one of the most energetic I know.

I'm just being so bad about my sun protection. I've got to figure out something, because I can use regular suntan lotions and such on my hands and arms - the least little bit will contaminate the wood and keep he varnish from sticking. And I can't say, "Oh, today I'll be sanding so I'll put some on", because I never really know at the beginning of the day what I'll end up doing.

One thing I've been better at is scheduling and organizing my work so I end up working in sheds or on the shady sides of boats during the worst time of day. I really need to force myself out even earlier and make myself stay out even later. These are the days when I could be out and about at 6:30 and work until 8, with a couple hours off from, say, 2-4, or even 2-5. I've thought of tarping boats to provide my own shade, but I move around so much I have to do the whole boat, and that's a no-go for a lot of customers, especially those who sail and would want to take their boats out.

Maybe I'll just cultivate people with boats in sheds! LOL!

I'd been wondering about the squirrels. It sounds like the word's on the street about you. It's just killing me to read about all these tomatoes - gosh, I want a home-grown tomato. We've got another farmers' market coming along this weekend - maybe they'll be in this week.

Have a great day - I'm going to get out there and try and be Bug-like in my energy!
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139. palmettobug53
10:43 AM GMT on May 28, 2009
I thought vacation was a time to relax. I've been busy every day so far. And it doesn't look too much like it will let up any time soon. I may have to get back to work to get some rest! LOL

Wound up buying a ham yesterday to bake. Mixed up some cole slaw. Got some fresh sweet corn. That takes care of having to cook supper for the next couple of days. (And it gave me a nice bone to use for cooking up a pot of beans.) I bought some green peanuts and boiled them up. Got a few Red Stripes in the icebox, as well as a bottle of wine. Maybe THIS afternoon, I can sit outside, eat boiled peanuts and drink some beer!

Am going to potter here for a few more minutes, whilst getting myself around a cup of tea. It probably won't take me long at the dealership this morning. I'll take the paper to read and I can work the crossword while I wait.

HOpe everyone has a great Thursday!
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138. palmettobug53
1:33 PM GMT on May 27, 2009
Great info, Foxx! I wasn't aware of a laundry additive.

I'm not as diligent as I should be, either. Too often, I get out in the yard without my sunscreen or a hat, thinking, "I'll only be out there for just a few minutes" and the next thing I know, it's been a couple of hours!

Don't forget the tops of your ears, too, when putting on the sunscreen! Lots of folks wear ball caps and think, because they are shading their face, they're good to go. Those ears need protection, too!

Also, don't forget the part in your hair, if you are not wearing a hat. And those guys that go for the Yul Brynner look, natural or otherwise? They need protection, too, if not wearing a hat.

I'm going to change out my entry sometime before heading back to work. I wanted to leave it up all month, more or less, since May is the skin cancer/melanoma awareness month.

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137. Beachfoxx
1:11 PM GMT on May 27, 2009

What great info! I never knew there was a product such as Sun Guard Laundry Treatment UV Protectant! That is awesome.... Being a Sunshine Girl I must admit for many years I was neglectful. Still not as diligent as I should be, but I always use at least 30SPF on face, everyday! If I know I'm going to be in the sun, I pull out the 65SPF. Its the arms! I always forget the arms! LOL

Great info & I'm going to look for some of the stuff for the washer! I have a couple of fishing shirts that have SPF in them.... What a great idea!

Thank you for sharing!

Hugs to you!!!!
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136. palmettobug53
1:01 PM GMT on May 27, 2009
Happy Wednesday!

My vacation week is halfway over. I'd best take adavantage of what's left, before it's gone! LOL

I managed to get up to Dad's and back in one piece. It rained on me heavily all the way out of town but finally stopped, more or less, after about 30 minutes. I hate driving the interstate in the rain, as everyone but me still wants to fly by at full speed ahead, even when you can barely see. The weather was cooperative until I reached Saluda. I hit another deluge and wound up driving through downtown Saluda at about 10 mph. A few blocks out of town? It was like I drove through a curtain - no rain and the sun was peeping out. It did mist, clear, shower, clear, etc the rest of the way to Greenwood and all that afternoon. I told Dad it was like visiting Seattle or something!

I had a nice visit. SMom had planned a drop in for Sunday AND Monday afternoon. Too much for her,IMHO, as she is still in recovery mode from her bypass surgery. Doing well, but still..... Anyhoo, the drop in Sunday got rained out. Only a few couples showed up, due to the rain, I'm sure. Monday? The weather was cooperative and the house and deck were packed.

They both had therapy Monday morning, so while they did their thing inside at Self Memorial, I went outside, circled the block several times, climbed every ramp and set of stairs I could find, did step aerobics along the curbs, etc. A solid 45 minute workout. I was soaked by the time I was done. All that rain had the humidity up and it was rather warm outside.

Went to the Jackson-Perkins outlet and picked up two roses for a coworker for her husband for Fathers Day. Dad and I ran out out to Park Seed but the Garden Centre was closed because of the holiday. Dad will go back later on and get me the spirea japonica I wanted. I'll get it from him, the next time we visit.

I left Greenwood yesterday after breakfast. I took 178 all the way back. I not only dislike driving the interstate in the rain, I simply dislike driving on it at all. It's boring and hypnotic. I much prefer secondary roads.

Had no problems on the way back until I reached Ridgeville. There was a big "Bridge Out - Detour" sign.

Oh, darn!

I whipped in to the little convience store at the intersection and went inside for directions. One of the ladies working there was most helpful and, as it turned out, did me a BIG favour! Now, I know how to take the back way without going through Summerville. Coming home without taking the interstate partway took me 5 hours, rather than 4, but it didn't seem like it was that much longer. I did make 4 stops, so that added time. I wasn't all that tired when I got back.

The only rain I hit coming home was on Hwy 61 after it doglegs over Hwy 17A. It only lasted about 10 minutes or so but it was heavy.

That intersection where 61 doglegs 17A? I immediately recognized it as part of the route we would take from James Island to my grandparent's farm. I hadn't been past that place in over 40 years! What a rush!

GASP..... This is the way we used to go to Granny and Papa's!

That was pretty cool.

Anyhoo, I now know how to go all the way up to Greenwood and back, thanks to some bridge repairs and a helpful clerk!

Got home and Hubby was mowing the yard. He and I unloaded the truck. I then got outside and spent about 2 hours or so doing some edging and watering, while Hubby finished mowing and doing the weedeating.

I also had to trim a few bent/broken stems on the roses I brought back for my coworker. They were huge and it was all I could do to get them in the cab, behind the seats. As careful as I was, they still got slightly bent. I think my coworker will be pleased. They're big, they're healthy and she wouldn't have gotten them here for the price. One is pink but has no open blooms, so I can't tell how fragrant it is. The other one is a very bright yellow and it smells HEAVENLY! I know her Hubby will be happy.

I finished making my bamboo pole teepees for my tomatoes. I realized that two of the pots with the patio tomatoes were not draining well out of the bottom and the pots were full of water. Had to get that straightened out ASAP before the roots rotted. Removed the trays or whatever you call those bottom pieces. I'll need to get a couple of stepping stones to put the pots on or that blasted rattlesnake weed will grow up through the drain holes.

We had supper, Hubby went to bed, I watched a little TV and headed to bed early myself.

I've counted three squirrels out there but they didn't chew my 'maters while I was gone. I've got the trap set and we'll see what happens.

It looks like rain out there now. It was sunny and clear for us yesterday afternoon, here at the house, so it was a good time to do the yard work.

I'll be off to the grocery store and to run a couple of errands this morning. I do plan to fill up another bag or two and some boxes of things to take to Goodwill.

Tomorrow I want to take the truck in to the dealership, get the tires rotated and balanced, the oil changed and a general once-over. Dad told me he's never taken it in for anything but oil changes in the 5 years he had it. It is a 2003 and it is still just shy of 25,000 miles. I figured the mileage may be low but it is now 6 years old and I want to have it checked and get it on the books at Sentry. I believe in regular preventive maintenance. At least, I hope Sentry will still be around in the future. I've seen that GMC will be going through a round of dealership closings in the next few months.

Friday, I will be spending the day with my cousin. I'll take her to the beauty shop for her weekly wash and set. Afterwards? I told her to think about what she wanted to do. Go out to lunch? Drive somewhere? Run errands or go shopping? Just visit? Whatever she wants to do, we'll do. I will be at her disposal all day.

I did show Dad your birthday greetings and he said to tell you all "Thank you".

Time for me to get showered and dressed and get my errands run.

Will be back later on.
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135. sandiquiz
9:46 PM GMT on May 26, 2009
Hey girl, you got rain coming from the land and an invest off the coast!! I do hope you aren't stuck in the middle! Joking apart, when were you coming back? Hoping the weather holds to allow you an uneventful trip, I know how you don't like driving in "heavy weather"

Heading out of the old homestead tomorrow for the day.... going to see the aged relatives:))
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134. oakland
10:10 AM GMT on May 26, 2009
Good Morning,

Take time to stop and smell the roses today.... It just may change your perspective of what seems like a really bad day.

I missed your Birthady. I'm sorry! Hope it was a great day!!!!!
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133. sandiquiz
9:02 PM GMT on May 25, 2009
Hi Bug,
Hope you found your Dad and SMom well and the wet weather held off to allow you to hold the little get together in the decking:)

Safe journey back (Tuesday) ??
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 305 Comments: 27720
132. shoreacres
2:39 PM GMT on May 25, 2009
Hi, bug,

Holiday greetings, and my best to your dad! Hope you're having a wonderful time.

I cleaned up my balcony yesterday - we had good rain, which always is the time I hose it off, so the folks down below don't end up with all my dirt ;-) In the process I discovered the gerberas had started turning their blooms into seed - I've got a nice pile now, myself. And, another one looks to be putting on blooms - these appear to be red or pink. It's like having a present under the Christmas tree - you don't know what you have until it gets opened!

The strangest thing that's happened to me flower-wise this year is my pink and yellow lantana starting to bloom in solid pinky-orange. It must have been a hybrid that's reverting back to what it was originally. I don't have a clue how those things work, scientifically, so I just sit around and watch.

Have a great day - and safe travels on your way home... although I think I remember you aren't traveling yet for a while. All good. Memorial Day itself isn't a day I like to be on the road.
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131. SBKaren
2:24 PM GMT on May 25, 2009
Well, Bug, I've just been informed that it's your dad's birthday and not yours. I think BT's posting of your picture threw me off.

Hope you had a great visit with your dad!
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130. OGal
11:08 PM GMT on May 24, 2009
O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!

Happy Memorial Day!
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129. AllyBama
11:07 PM GMT on May 24, 2009
Happy Birthday MySpace Comments and Graphics

Comments - Graphics - Layouts - Photobucket
Member Since: August 3, 2006 Posts: 133 Comments: 20639
9:47 PM GMT on May 24, 2009
Evening BUGS, still cool here in the Bay. Fog just off shore, coming into the harbour, had to start the fire to get the dampness out of the house.
No tomatos in the ground as yet. A long way from one on the vine for sure. Relocating squirrels a new one on me, they are not pestshere, but deer cause havoc over the winter.
Rob back in the neighbourhood suspect they are in Blacks Harbour waiting for the boat to come for them. Twenty-five or so 13-14 year olds cooped up in the bus after a 12 hour run would be entertaining or something like that.
Thnaks for dropping by, enjoy hearing what is going in your part of the world.


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127. SBKaren
4:51 PM GMT on May 24, 2009
Happy Birthday Bug!!!! Have safe travels! Cute, cute picture from last year.

Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 199 Comments: 14730
126. bigtrucker
4:41 PM GMT on May 24, 2009
From last years WUBA Meet

Safe travels, watch this big slug of rain poised to move ashore

Member Since: January 9, 2006 Posts: 80 Comments: 6119
125. code1
11:34 AM GMT on May 24, 2009
Safe travels Bug. Just heard on the news that your area has some heavy rains in the area. Happy B'Day to Big Bug.
Member Since: September 18, 2005 Posts: 66 Comments: 13872
124. OGal
11:16 AM GMT on May 24, 2009
Hi Bug, looks like alot of the rain that has been hugging our coast has headed up your way. I am sorry! We are hoping now for a sucessful landing of Atlantis. Still some questions of weather. Those two booms will really make my weekend. Be careful, just remember those slick roads. Hope you have a terrific time with your dad. I love what you are giving him for his birthday.
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
123. palmettobug53
10:55 AM GMT on May 24, 2009
Good morning!

Thank you, Sandi. I'll pass the message along.

Woke up to .... take a guess. Yep. Rain. And it looks like it will be rainy all week for the entire state. I'm just hoping that it doesn't get heavy, while I'm on the road.

It may put a damper on the ice cream and cake drop in on Dad's deck this afternoon. We'll just have to move it inside.

I wound up getting Dad a green/white hosta and a red mandevilla vine. They had no trellises at Walmart and I did not feel like checking Lowe's and Home Depot. By the time I got to Walmart, it was late afternoon and I was tired.

I had a nice visit with my cousin. After she had her hair washed and re-set, we went to lunch at a little neighborhood bar/grill near her house. I got the chance to try some of Samuel Adams' Summer Ale. It is delicious!

Dropped her off at the house and took all my laundry to the laundromat to wash and dry in one fell swoop. Proceded to Total Wine and picked up a six pack of that Summer Ale to take to Dad. I think he'll like it.

Headed to Walmart to get gas, some groceries and the plants for Dad. By the time I got back to the house, it was about 6:00.

I'll be getting dressed and on the road shortly. Just wanted to check the weather, once I got up to find it raining. I'm hoping the early start will avoid traffic, esp with it raining out there.

Might, might not, check in from Dad's. Just depends on whether or not I get on the computer.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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122. sandiquiz
8:55 AM GMT on May 24, 2009
Hope you have a great drive up and the rain stays away .... :)

Enjoy your time with your Dad... and wish him a Happy Birthday from me :))

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121. palmettobug53
12:33 PM GMT on May 23, 2009
Good morning, everyone! It's Saturday, it's Saturday! And I'm officially FREE from the office for a week! It will zip by too fast, of course. Before I know it, it will be next Sunday evening and I'll be setting my alarm for bright and early Monday morning!

Caro, I probably was within a few feet of you two, as I frequently pass through Storm Eye, the Children's Hospital and the cafeteria, itself. (I torture myself, by hopping on the scales at the cafeteria entryway!) I walk the second floor hall, the most. Over to the Rutledge Tower, back and down past Medical Records, Forensic Autopsy and then, over to the Library building. I nip into the stairwells and climb a few levels and come back down. I get a pretty good workout in my 20-30 minute walk.

I picked up some 1 lb wrist weights last weekend, as I've heard rumors that using them on your walks burns up a few extra calories. Plus, carrying a little weight helps to build muscle mass.

Which begs the question: Why doesn't walking with all that overweight poundage count as carrying extra weight to burn more calories and build muscle mass? Hmmmmmm?????

Today is going to be very busy. When I talked to my cousin last night, she has already decided that we are going out to lunch at Skeebo's, I think she said. I've never been there, so have no idea what it is.

I really don't have time for that today but I feel quilty about not doing it last Saturday, when she wanted to go. So, to compensate, I have loaded all the laundry in the truck and I will do it at the laundromat in one swell foop, before coming back to the house. I can hang out all of it when I get home. That will save a bit of time.

Then, I'll be off to Walmart, to gas up the truck, pick Hubby up some things to bung in the micro while I'm gone, get the kitties some food and a plant for Dad's birthday. I'm thinking one of those red mandevilla vines. I may get a trellis, too, as it will need something to climb on.

I've been getting him wine and munchies, wine and munchies and nothing but wine and munchies the last few years. He and SMom enjoy it but I'm in a rut with that. Time for something different, at least, for his birthday. I can't buy him "stuff" anymore, as the house is splitting at the seams with "stuff". ( See George Carlin, on "Stuff". Dang, I miss that man!)

The neighbor ladies told me this morning that their potted plants haven't been dug up lately. Nor have mine. But there is still at least one. It was sitting on the windowsill yesterday, when I pulled the blinds up, before leaving the house. Sitting there eating an acorn. He better eat be eating acorns! My tomatoes are off limits!

Just got a call from my cousin. Her perm is fuzzed out and she has "Big Hair". She's trying to get ahold of her beautician to have her re-set her hair, as she says she cannot go all weekend "looking like this". So, I'm going to go over, take her to the beauty shop. There's a thrift store next door! LOL

Will BBL.. probably late this afternoon!
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120. 0084PenguinLover
12:00 PM GMT on May 23, 2009
Hey, Bug, I am sorry I haven't been around your blog much lately. But I do want to stop in and wish you a happy holiday weekend. Please, be safe and take some time to relax.

Peace and blessings
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119. carolinagal
11:54 AM GMT on May 23, 2009
Have a great weekend! Be careful traveling.

My daughter's appt. was changed at the last minute, and we were actually there at lunch time on Wednesday. You could have been walking the halls and we'd have seen each other!!

We ate in the cafeteria. It was quick and easy, but I think we got in the "healthy" line - cause there wasn't a lot of taste. Guess we were hungry enough - cause we both cleaned our plates.

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118. sandiquiz
4:30 PM GMT on May 22, 2009
Yup - I am out gallivanting!!!

If I don't catch you again before Sunday morning, have a wonderful time, hope you find both Dad and SMon well. Safe trip:))
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117. palmettobug53
4:19 PM GMT on May 22, 2009
Hi, Emmy! Hi, Shore!

Hope to get on for a bit tonight, perhaps, and maybe in the morning. But the rest of Saturday will be busy. I'll be hitting the road bright and early Sunday morning. I won't have much blogging time until I get back from Dad's on Tuesday.

So, just in case, here's wishing everyone a great Memorial Day weekend and don't forget that's it's not all hamburgers, cookouts and fireworks. Take a few moments to remember the reason for Memorial Day - it's to remember and honor the fallen from all our wars.

Here's links to a couple of my previous Memorial Day entries:

Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 241 Comments: 25645
116. shoreacres
12:08 PM GMT on May 22, 2009
Bug ~ I'm ready to be done with these loooong work days. One more, and then a bit of time to sit back, browse the blogs and see what all have been up to. We've had such gorgeous weather it's been a pleasure to be out working - rare for this time of year.

"See you" when I get past this crazy Friday - then, the boats go play, and I do my own kind of playing. It involves air conditioning, lemonade and maybe even a book!
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
115. EmmyRose
5:13 AM GMT on May 22, 2009
Great blog Bug thanks for doing this
I hope you and yours have a great Memorial weekend

happy memorial day Pictures, Images and Photos
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114. palmettobug53
4:16 PM GMT on May 21, 2009
OUCH, Karen, that is HOT! Guess the humidity level was about zero, though.

I did get over to browse your pictures. It is a lovely area. Fabulous views!

Didn't get by for a check in yesterday. I browsed a few blogs looking at pictures but that's about all I did.

If you have not been by Karen's to see her AZ pics or by Aqua's to see her garden (wet) and yard (wet), do go visit!

We cleared off yesterday. It's kind of half and half today. It was misting rain on my way into town this morning. The forecast for this weekend (and my trip to Dad's) is still kind rainy looking. Just as long as it doesn't rain while I'm on the road, I don't care, really.

Or while SMom is having her drop in for cake/ice cream for Dad's birthday. She's setting that up on the back deck Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours. Or Dad and I will be setting it up. I don't know what activities she's cleared for at this point. From all reports, she is doing well.

Time to wander a bit!
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 241 Comments: 25645
113. SBKaren
8:28 PM GMT on May 19, 2009
Hey Bug! I thoroughly enjoyed our trip out to AZ to see Taliesin West and Dale Chihuly. It was all perfect except for the heat. It was 104º on Saturday. We all went out for ice cream on Saturday night after we left the gardens and it was 99º - it was 8:30 at night!!! Nuts! I just could not live there. I'm uploading pics and I'll try to get a new blog up real soon so you can wander over and take a gander at the pictures!
Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 199 Comments: 14730
112. palmettobug53
5:39 PM GMT on May 19, 2009
I've been doing more and more of my lunchtime walks over on the main campus. I've been exploring the various hallways, stairwells, etc, within the main hospital and the Rutledge Tower. This will work out well for those hellishly hot days this summer. I still have to get over there but it's not but about a block away. Just a couple of minutes walk gets me there.

Hopped on the scales outside the cafeteria. I'm up to 122.4 lbs. I've gained 2 lbs in one week. Sigh.......

There's not much point in doing anything until my vacation is over on June 1st. Then, I think I'm going to start sucking down Slimfast for lunch during the work week. And I foresee a lot of salads with lemon dressing, skinless chicken breasts and steamed veggies in my future. And lots of plain popcorn for snacks.
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111. palmettobug53
4:40 PM GMT on May 19, 2009
BLU! I'm SO glad I gave you a kick in the butt and you've gone in. Will keep the fingers and toes crossed that the two suspects are benign.

Yep, Sandi, we are WET! And we've even had a suspicious area off FL that got written up as a possible subtropical system! It's not even June 1st yet!

And I DO hope it dries up some by this weekend. I hate rainy road trips. Esp since most of it will be on Hwy 178, which is two lane, winding, lots of hills and populated by 18 wheel lorries! Hopefully, there won't be many of them Sunday. I'll see a lot of them on my trip back.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 241 Comments: 25645
110. sandiquiz
4:51 AM GMT on May 19, 2009
Hi Bug, looks like the East coast is going to get a dousing, and as you said in my blog, it will last all week. Hope it has dried up before the weekend for your journey north, and how disappointing that the first outing for your SMon might be a a wash out!
Have a good Tuesday:)
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9:27 PM GMT on May 18, 2009
From May 4th...
Quoting OSHNBLU:
Thanks for timely blog, Bug...I have been a sunworshipper for all my Florida life. Used to go annually for the body "look-see", but as insurance coverage declined so did these visits.

Now I have a couple of "age spots"(thats what I have been telling myself they were.) One on the wrist and one on my back. The one on the back is kinda worrisome.

I set my appointment today for the 18th.

Thanks for the reminder and the gentle bump.

Had the check I suspected, "age spots, both of them!HAHAHA

However, in the "full body look-see" she found 2 suspects that have now been removed for biopsy.

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108. palmettobug53
4:43 PM GMT on May 18, 2009
Happy Monday!

We are unindated here. Flood warnings are up. I'm going to try for the lunchtime walk but I'm not sure just how far I'll get. If push comes to shove, I can always walk the halls and stairwells at the hospital!

I want to check myself on the scales over there. I'm trying to avoid that obsessive weighing. Just do it once a week and that's it. It's just so tempting to hop on, everytime I go past the cafeteria.

Which brings to mind something else. They're going to be renovating the cafeteria this summer. Wonder where they're going to put the scales?
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107. palmettobug53
8:02 PM GMT on May 17, 2009
I thought I left a post here earlier. Guess not.

Anyone want to take a wild guess at what I found this morning, whilst sorting laundry? After looking all over for two days? And after buying a new one?

If you guessed "pedometer", you'd be right! Never fails. Buy something and you find it on sale somewhere else or at a better price. Lose something, look everywhere and then replace it? Find it!

Ah, at least I have a backup now.

Took the easy way out for our Sunday meal. I had a package of what they call "stir fry" beef strips. I use those for small pots of soup. And that's what I've done today.

Bug's Cheater's Soup

1 lb beef, diced into small pieces

Brown in large soup/stew pot. Add chopped onion and cook until transluscent.

Add two cans veggie broth, one can sliced okra and one can fire roasted tomatoes. Bring to boil; reduce to simmer for one hour. Add one can succotash and one can mixed veggies (drained). Heat through.

Serve with salad and cornbread.

I have to fix a pot of rice for Hubby, though. His mom always fixed rice when they had soup, stew or chili and he grumbles mightily, if I don't. (His mom had 5 children to feed, so she used rice a lot to stretch things out)
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 241 Comments: 25645
106. sandiquiz
12:57 PM GMT on May 17, 2009
Hi Bug - you sound to have done a "fair amount" yesterday, no wonder you were tired.
I have just poured myself a brandy and coke to celebrate finishing the cloakroom. I know I set myself a limit to two hours a day, to save my back and knees, but if I hadn't worked all day yesterday I wouldn't have got finished today, to allow 48 hours for the gloss paint to harden before they come to lay the carpet on Tuesday pm. Just a picture to Knaresborough to go on the wall, (taken it from the bedroom as it has a pale oak/pine coloured frame which goes with the mirror frame and accessories - towel holder, light pull, shelf, etc.) and a plant to stand in the windowsill once the gloss is hard.

I have a load of laundry to go out and another load in the machine.... I never did any washing this week, just had too much to do to bother with household necessities!! LOL

Have a lovely Sunday:))

PS - thanks for the links to bacon butties you left in my blog. Breakfast today was a plate of "traditional English" in the local supermarket. C said he would come with me if we could have a breakfast from the attached cafe - so we did!!
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105. AllyBama
12:06 AM GMT on May 17, 2009
Member Since: August 3, 2006 Posts: 133 Comments: 20639
104. palmettobug53
11:43 PM GMT on May 16, 2009
Whew.... I've hardly had a chance to sit down, all day. Was over at my cousin's until 12:30, helping her go through her bedside table drawers. She was looking for a particular rosary that someone had given her and can't fine the thing.

We didn't find it this morning, though. Unless she's lost it somehow, I'm sure it may be in her other bedside table or in her dresser or jewelry box. As it was, we must have found 15 or 20 rosaries! Hubby said, "You only need one," but I'm sure most of them were gifts or perhaps ones she bought on her travels, years ago. I've brought two of them home to see if I can repair them. The chains have popped. I think I probably can. I do have a jeweler's or crafter's needle nosed pliers, so I told her I'd give it a try.

Hubby got home shortly after I did and we went over to a Chinese buffet place for lunch. I pottered a bit here inside the houes, then decided to haul my old set of dishes over to Goodwill and then go on down to Walmart. Which makes two trips to Walmart today; two different locations! I didn't get much; just wandered around, looking, mostly. Picked up my pedometer and some wrist weights. Found a white blouse. Got 4 blue glass bowls, which blend nicely with my new dishes and are more suitable for soups, than the ones that came with the Corelleware. Gassed up the truck and put some $$$ on my Walmart gift/gas card. I can stop for gas at Walmart in Orangeburg and in Greenwood, if I go up. There's no need for me to carry much cash at all, when I go to see Dad, unless I think I might go someplace where I'll need it.

Hauled off two more squirrels this a.m. The 23rd and 24th. When I pulled up in the drive a little while ago, there was one toddling along my front walk! ARGH! The trap goes back out in the morning. I know this is an on-going proposition but I'd like to see a bit of a lull.

So far, the tomatoes haven't been messed with and that's all that counts.
I'm tired, now.
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103. seflagamma
2:03 PM GMT on May 16, 2009
HI Bug,

Good morning to you. Sounds like a lot going on in your family lately.

Yes, both our Dad's birthday is next Sunday! Papa Joe and Big Bug, LOL

I've got to call him and see how he is recouping from his shoulder surgery from last Tuesday. Instead of us going to Mississippi to see them in July, we may wait until September.

Sounds like you have a full day. Hope you and your cousin have a good one and enjoy the Arbor Mist! I've had that before and it is good when you are drinking it very cold on a nice warm day!

have fun.

MySpace GraphicsMySpace Graphics
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102. palmettobug53
1:28 PM GMT on May 16, 2009
I got in a nice walk yesterday after work. I thought I was going to have to give it a miss, as it looked like the bottom was going to drop out there for a while. By the time I clocked out, it was clearing off. At least, downtown. I could still see very dark clouds up in the North Area.

Lots of Harley's in town. It's Bike Week up on The Strand and we always get a good number of day trippers. Quite a few of them down on The Battery yesterday. I love those machines! There's just nothing like that deep-throated rumble of a Harley! Even though my hearing is shot, I can feel that rumble coming up through my feet! LOL

One of the sights on The Battery may soon be no more: folks doing their fishing. A new law is going into effect here for saltwater fishing: you're gonna have to have a license to fish from docks, bridges, shoreline, etc. I heard a lot of grumbles yesterday. Fishing License Net Expanding

I didn't get to see him, as the commencement ceremony was yesterday a.m. and I couldn't leave the office, but Stephen Colbert gave his speech to our graduating physicians: Link

The newspaper also did an interview with him: Link

I plan to go visit my cousin this morning. I've missed the last couple of Saturdays, due to one thing or another. And, if things go as planned, I'll be up at Dad's next weekend, for his birthday, so I need to get over there today, if possible.

I've got some of my pimento cheese to take to take to her, along with a bottle of some Arbor Mist. Walmart has had a lot of wine on sale lately for 2.97 a bottle and I've been stocking up! LOL My cousin does like a nip, now and then, and I think she'll enjoy this particular vintage; it's Arbor Mist's White Zinfandel, the exotic fruit blend.

I'm also taking over a set of my dishes, so she can see what they look like.

I plan to run over to the James Island Walmart, after I leave her house and pick up a new pedometer. I've lost mine, sometime this week. It could be here at the house, dropped on the floor and up underneath something, but I've yet to locate it. If it dropped off my pants outside, it's long gone, I'm sure. I kind of looked around in the parking lot at work when I got there yesterday but I didn't see anything. I may not have pinned it securely to my pants Thursday morning. I've learned to do that; otherwise, I'm buying a new one every couple of weeks. The cheap ones from Walmart work great, as far as counting steps but they do not secure very well to your waistband.

I told Dad at the reunion, that I'd like to come up the weekend of his birthday. He wasn't sure if SMom would feel up to it. I haven't heard anything back, so I emailed SMom this morning to see how she felt about it. I know she's still in recuperation mode after her bypass but she really doesn't have to lift a finger. Their meals are provided by the dining hall and the café, there's no need to clean the house just for me, I can change the linens on the bed, if need be, and we don't have to go anywhere or "do" anything. Just visit. I do want to make a run to Park Seed, while I'm there and go visit my aunt and uncle but I can do that on my own or with Dad. If they have something planned, I can take care of myself for a couple of hours. I know where Walmart is! LOL

My aunt and uncle are currently in Hawai'i with their oldest daughter. A ten day trip. They'll be back home on Tuesday, I think it is. I can't wait to hear all about their trip.

Guess that's it for now. I just got a call from my cousin; she's up and is going to be home this morning and is looking forward to seeing me. So, guess I'll finish getting ready to go.

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101. palmettobug53
4:31 PM GMT on May 15, 2009
It's Friday! It's Friday!

I've had homemade pimento cheese sandwiches for lunch three days running and I'm not tired of them yet! YUM!!!!

I mentioned to one of my coworkers yesterday that I'd made a batch of homemade pimento cheese. She said she hadn't had any in she couldn't remember when.

So, this morning I brought her a taste, along with some Triscuits. I thought the girl was going to just lay down on the floor and scream! LOL I got a feeling that I know what she'll be doing this weekend. Want to bet it involves cheese, a grater, a jar of pimentos and some Dukes?

Just have a second and then I'll be off on my lunchtime walk. I'm also planning on perhaps going to Colonial Lake or maybe The Battery after work and walking for a little while. Both offer free parking and nice walks in downtown Charleston.
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