Long time since last post....

By: osdianna, 4:52 PM GMT on March 17, 2014

My first post of 2014, and about time! I suppose I have sort of let this blog go due to lack of photos to display; my cameras refuse to take a full charge...might be an electrical problem as I have tried batteries/battery chargers in various combinations, to no avail. My next attempt to charge is via a USB port on the computer.

As to what I have been doing since the last post, I ran the Grays Harbor Christmas Bird Count on Jan 4th, gave a few talks on Ga...

Dogs on the Beach

By: osdianna, 4:47 AM GMT on October 24, 2013

Two friends and their dogs joined my dog and me out on a foggy beach last Friday, Oct. 18th. One of the friends has two dogs, a young Brittany named Libby and a Brittany/Springer Spaniel mix named Sarah. The black dog in the photo is a Puli named Luca; Puli's are Hungarian herding dogs, so it was appropriate that Luca tried his best to keep all dogs and people within his jurisdiction, to no avail.

Libby and Sarah are not usually allowed off-leash, so this...

More September heat.

By: osdianna, 5:15 AM GMT on September 22, 2013

Another surprising day, a reprieve before another round of rain. Each succeeding storm cools us off a bit more, turns a few more leaves the yellow of fall, and drops the brown ones to join the gathering pile on the ground under the trees.

So after a damp morning, we turned sunny and warm (a high of 68), and everyone headed on cue to the beach. It was such a gorgeous day! I literally live for these September days...the last days of summer. Tomorrow will be...

September heat

By: osdianna, 5:06 AM GMT on September 11, 2013

The high today hit 75, it says; I was inland about 35 miles and it was mid-80's there. I was glad to get back out to the coast where the ocean breezes were much more comfortable for my taste.
Tomorrow will be the hottest, and I will be staying near home, visiting with a friend up in Copalis Beach for the mid-morning to early afternoon time frame, then taking Maggie for a romp in Conner Creek, a shallow, tidal creek that empties into the ocean just south of th...


By: osdianna, 5:33 AM GMT on September 03, 2013

Today was the official end of the tourist season and being Monday, it was also the day I normally shop for a woman who has medical issues preventing her from driving. She pays me to get her groceries and her mail from the P.O. box, lives about 15 miles north of me, and I usually enjoy the trip. Not so much today. I had two issues going; the get-out-of-town traffic and the noon, first-Monday-of- the-month, emergency network testing of the tsunami warning siren.


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