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Long time since last post....

By: osdianna, 4:52 PM GMT on March 17, 2014

My first post of 2014, and about time! I suppose I have sort of let this blog go due to lack of photos to display; my cameras refuse to take a full charge...might be an electrical problem as I have tried batteries/battery chargers in various combinations, to no avail. My next attempt to charge is via a USB port on the computer.

As to what I have been doing since the last post, I ran the Grays Harbor Christmas Bird Count on Jan 4th, gave a few talks on Gardening for the Birds and have a few more to do, will be doing a few more talks on the shorebirds and the upcoming Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival, try to get my own garden started...nothing like BriarCraft has though...and see if I can get some 2nd story platforms built just under the windows to support planters; I figure that's a great place to grow sweet peas and nasturtiums out of the reach of the deer. Then in the winter I can use it for bird feeding out of the reach of the raccoons. I can even grown my sugar peas there if I add a will also shade the west-facing window.

By far the biggest news for me is my "new" car, a 2008 Scion xB (the boxy one), purchased last Wednesday. The last time I bought a car was in 1995, my 1995 Toyota Corolla, which now has nearly 247,000 miles on it, and still runs well, despite needing work. I didn't realize Toyota makes Scions until I looked under the hood and found a big Toyota logo on the engine block...that sort of sealed the deal. It has 82,000 miles on it but that is just getting warmed up with a Toyota!

Things that I now have that were not on my Corolla: intermittent wipers (I know, how can you get excited about that? But I really enjoy them!), a CD/MP3 player, rear wipers on the hatchback, a hatchback, rear seats that fold down for even more storage...and I'll bet I could even sleep back there. Those are just a few things....I am a bit nervous about driving it on the beach though. On Sunday the 9th I was out there driving my Corolla on the beach right after high tide, when the beach was covered with kelp, logs, and root-wads (stumps), and lots of run-off from the big rain we had the day before. I won't do that with the Scion.

Meanwhile, the spring birdsongs are music to my ears, and the new growth is showing on nearly everything; my red currant is blooming, and all the lilacs are leafing out...time to feed them. They are in big containers, so need a bit more help.

And the rufous hummers are here! The FOY was a male, arrived on the afternoon of Feb 27th; that's early.


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