One month operation; first rain

By: opalmirror, 5:24 PM GMT on July 10, 2015

Hoorah! My personal weather station recorded first bonafide precipitation. We had a trace of rain last night and this morning.

Over the last month the weather station has recorded a high at 100.6F, but we've been enjoying much cooler weather lately. I've also enjoyed being able to look at the indoor house temperature in the kitchen during the day. The house stays warmer longer than I would have thought.

I set up the weather station June 7th, us...

New VantageVue Weather Station

By: opalmirror, 4:41 AM GMT on June 07, 2015

I've finally replaced the tired old LaCrosse weather station with a Davis VantageVue setup. This feeds in via USB to an Acer Aspire One mini notebook running weewx on Linux Mint 17.1. Everything is working well except the barometric pressure reporting to CWOP... I'll figure that one out later. Very happy with this setup.

Broken wind readings worked around

By: opalmirror, 8:28 PM GMT on March 10, 2014

Since my weather station hardware has been reporting bogus wind readings (99.1 mph, gusts to 114.1 mph), I now null them and send them as zero. Hopefully both Weather Underground and CWOP will be happier with these, until I can afford better station hardware.

Far West Station up and running!

By: opalmirror, 10:08 PM GMT on August 08, 2011

Hurray! My Weather Station is up and running at my home in Eugene! KOREUGEN28 is its ID and the current status may be seen here.Cheers,James KN1X

New Eugene Weather Station to come online

By: opalmirror, 5:43 AM GMT on February 23, 2011

I will be setting up a new weather station at KOREUGEN28 within the next week or so... probably after the big snow storm goes through. The KORCOLTO5 station will go down after that. I guess I will need a new MADIS ID as well.Cheers,James

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