WU Appearence: You just never know ...

By: ofieldstream , 5:16 AM GMT on February 05, 2006

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In my posting WUground Make the Rounds ..
Posted By: ofieldstream at 11:04 AM EST on October 11, 2005 .. I stated that I would post when I find Wunderground being touted around. Well, today BarnDweller brought to my attention - in an email and on her blog about a siting she made of Wunderground on the Drudge Report; a rather well known news source: over 3.5 Billions view in the last year alone! I'd say that's pretty wide coverage.

It took me a while to find it - I was not aware that they change their news stories quite as rapidly as they do: BarnDweller told me they did. Well, she was quite right: about every 25 minutes or so. But I did find the story and here is a screen capture of the Headline. And when you click it ... well do it.

WUground ... makes ground - BIG TIME!!

Thank you Barn Dweller for the heads-up!!!

Another intersting note. Today, my wife and I attended a memorial service for the brother of a very dear friend of ours; she and her husband live in Windsor, CO. Her husband is a research meteorologist specializing in satellite imagery for NOAA's National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) Office of Research and Applications (ORA) at Colorado State University.

I've visited his office and research facility. Let me just say this, if you're a 'weather geek', a walk through and 'listen in' on the conversations on-going minute-by-minute, would be a real 'natural high'! I don't consider myself a weather geek, but I really enjoyed the visit.. a LOT!

Anyway, he and I were talking and I brought up WUblogs in the conversation. He said the folks where he works - now these folks ARE Weather Geeks - to the max! - really like WU and several read the blogs.

So fellow WU's ... you just never know who's peaking over your shoulder. Eh?

--- Another ONE! ----
While looking around for information to make a comment on another blog ... I found this link to WU from the Nevada Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources: Natural Heritage Program (bottom right).

It links to the weather for Carson City, NV ... and there are NO WUblogs there!! Oh, No! A rip in the WUblog-space-time-continuum!!

les O'fieldstream


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5. BarnDweller
4:18 AM GMT on February 08, 2006
You're welcome Les, for the heads up but I happened to click on your link to the The Drudge Report and I was taken to a site I haven't seen before.

Your link is a very interesting place, but the the site I visit is geared more to the headlines of the news of the day.


Hope this helps. BD

--- O'fieldstream Replies ---

BarnDweller ... OOPS! You're right. My link went to the wrong place! Oh .. and you were much too kind - that link went nowhere. As most bad links that don't go to 404 Hell, it went to a domain hawker; nearly as bad. ": (

I must have had a Stephen Cobert phonetic moment ... by misspelling the word report as "repor" !! No wonder the link when haywire !!! ": O Thanks again BD for the 'enlightenment' ... ": ))

les O'fieldstream
Member Since: May 22, 2005 Posts: 125 Comments: 1182
4. seflagamma
3:02 AM GMT on February 08, 2006
Les, don't want to lose this updated blog.had you up for quite some time today so I could check out those references..but things happen....

want to check it out..will keep the info you have
Thanks for providing it.

Started out as a Weather Nerd, but also getting into Photo now because of all of the pictures I see posted.

Thanks for your info...I read you even if I don't always post...


--- O'fieldstream Replies ---

Gamma ... thank you for the very nice words of encouragement. Sometimes I wonder if people read what I have posted. I appreciate the efforts of those who read and enjoy to keep it floating a bit 'higher' in the polls. ": ))

I know a lot of folks here on WU really appreciate the work done by the WUcrew. So, it's really nice to see and hear about their accolades from around the Internet and beyond.

Thanks for the support and the comments.

les O'fieldstream
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 305 Comments: 41026
3. Chris
4:13 PM GMT on February 07, 2006
Most things are better than Budweiser. Did you know that in the early 1900's there was a Wunder Brewing Company in San Francisco? We have a poster from them in both our San Francisco and Ann Arbor offices! Alas, it does not exist anymore, so we have no way to make it the official office drink.

--- O'fieldstream Replies ---

Chris, I agree - as I stated below to Leia - anything's better than "Bud" .. ": ) .. and yes I was aware of the old Wunder Brewing Co. in SF. And here's a bit o' history on the Wunder Brewing Co., I found online; an interesting read. Scrolling down the links page, will provide some more interesting information on the WUBrew.

NOW there you go Chris ... why don't you all find a local micro-brewery that will brew and label your own branded brew called: WUBrew ?? They do that - you know .. ! Might very well be worth looking into ... ": ) Hey, I'd buy a case of it !

Thanks for the comment and just keep up the great work at WU .. We Love WU!!

les O'fieldstream
Member Since: October 22, 2001 Posts: 2 Comments: 3
2. Leia
5:52 AM GMT on February 07, 2006
I would say "that's cool" but then I would be talking like that Paris chick. So - That neat! :)

How about this little Success story about them?

Or how about how a google search for "Wunderground" nets 53,100,000 results? That is five times more than Budweiser. Proof they are better than beer. ;)

--- O'fieldstream Replies ---

Leia, thank you for that link to the Cogent Story... very interesting. The willingness of WU to continue to re-engineer is another testement to their desire to serve their customer/user base.

And yes.. I'm with Chris - anything is better than "Bud" ": )). As well, those numbers are very impressive .. impressive indeed!!!

Thanks again for the comment.

les O'fieldstream

Member Since: November 27, 2004 Posts: 116 Comments: 381
1. highground
5:21 AM GMT on February 06, 2006
OFS, this is interesting stuff. I'm not a weather nut and almost don't even pay attention to it, just like to foto. I was getting a green flash foto some months ago and I had my 3pod set up by some cliffs in La Jolla. A family walks by and we converse a bit and I find out that he's a paying member of this site. (I'm not) And he's seen my fotos b4 and used WU info to help teach his classes, he's a teacher. Told him to look that nite and he'd see the green flash posted and he did. First and only time I met another WUer (non-fotoing tho). Yes, ya just never know..... Rod

--- O'fieldstream Responds ----

Rod, thanks so much for the comment! That is really neat. I believe I'll have to post an entry surrounding your comment and tie it in with another online 'community' that I've been involved with. In fact - it is the olderst running, under the same management online newsgroup going, Flyfish@ or known just as FF@. I'll talk more about them and give a URL where you can find out more about them in the post. Likely to come out tomorrow.

Thanks again for sharing your story and making a comment.

les O'fieldstream
Member Since: November 4, 2002 Posts: 5 Comments: 96

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