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So Close, Yet So Far Away ....

By: ofieldstream, 4:09 AM GMT on February 16, 2012

[UPDATE: 02.16.12 ]

I didn't have time to peal the image and make a map again, but noticed that today's Xtreme temps were in roughly the same places as yesterday. So for another FIRST, this was the first time with a double-day where the Xtremes temps are so close togther! Interesting.

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I thought y'all might find this bit of trivia interesting.

WU extreme temp distancesI have been paying rather close attention to the Extreme HI and LO for the day, posted on the Default WUnderground website.

Today I noticed the phenomena where the extreme temp positions were quite close - adjacent continents!

This is the closest I've ever seen the temperature locations be so close together.

Not sure what it says, but it in interesting.

les O'fieldstream

Temperature Extreme Climate Change

Updated: 7:42 AM GMT on February 17, 2012


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