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By: ofieldstream, 9:30 PM GMT on December 05, 2005

Poll Results as of 12.05.05

How do you Archive your photos?

It is interesting that there are some who store on Memory Media and their Computer. Both disasters waiting to happen.
And there were only 5 who valued their images enough to store then in multiple places. This BTW - is the best way to insure protection. Also, multiple places can mean storage media as well as physical locations (a very good idea).

What do you use Digital or Film?

The hands-down majority is Digital only - 21:6,, But it is interesting to note the number of Film+Digital users we have. I do hope the film finishing business holds up to help all of us who still use film - even if it's only rarely..

Thank you all for participating in this Poll. I'll post another one in about a week.

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