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By: nonblanche, 3:23 AM GMT on January 24, 2014

I was originally going to post this to the Guns over Google: Discussion community, but I didn't feel like it turning into a AGW flamewar.

So yes, this is about firearm ownership, and laws, and changes in laws. And water.
I have been watching as California, a state where once firearms weren't a big deal, has been turning into New York State.

I'll start off with my question: Is it time to ask whether ...

Politics Drought Climate Change

Still waiting...

By: nonblanche, 9:32 PM GMT on January 21, 2014

It seems like '77/'78 all over again.

I suspected this from watching the weather patterns on the east coast (US), but didn't think about what happened in this part of the US then. Turns out it was a bad few years for drought.

So I'm thinking, probably one more dry winter. Housemate wants us to grow more field corn for personal use (corn bread, tortillas, etc) but like last year, I'm thinking no way. Corn is a greedy plant, demands a bunch ...

Waiting for water

By: nonblanche, 6:23 PM GMT on January 19, 2014

Computer projections are showing rain early in February. I hope so. Abe the Hay Guy is anticipating, if all is good as it can be under current conditions, two irrigation cycles. That's about 1/8 of what we would usually get.

He said "Gotta be optimistic, right?"
I answered "That's what farmers do. We stay optimistic, what it's all about."

$13 a bale isn't too bad. I didn't ask him what he's likely to charge next year. I sort of luc...

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