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Bay of bengal wave now a td. (according to India Met. Dep.)

By: nocaneindy, 1:09 PM GMT on May 23, 2009

A tropical depression has formed in the Bay of Bengal. This is from a invest area that has been monitored for the last few days. Given the very warm sst, (among some of the warmest on earth currently), a moist atmosphere, low shear and weak steering currents, i believe this is a area that bears very close watching for significant tropical development. It would appear this storm is headed towards the northern coastlines of the bay and that puts Burma and Bangladesh right in the crosshairs. For those who dont know these are very poor, underdeveloped nations who do not have the best storm preparedness policies around. If anything significant comes about, we could have us a disaster waiting to happen. This is without a doubt currently the biggest tropical threat on the planet at the moment.

Current tracking map of storm.

Latest sat pic from nrl.

I'll post more on this tonight or tomorrow depending on development.

Now for 90l. At this time it would appear that 90l will run out of real estate before being classified a depression or tropical storm. In all honesty it probably briefly became a tropical storm during the overnight hours judging by satellite and buoy readings. However its peak was probably during the 12am- 2am time frame. This might be unnamed tropical storm 1 during post-season analysis.

Latest sat pic of 90l. (unnamed t.S.)

Well to those in the gulf, be aware of the possibility of heavy rains and isolated tornado's. Stay safe all and enjoy the long weekend.

Updated: 1:23 PM GMT on May 23, 2009


Weather rants and raves by Nocaneindy

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