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Stunning ineptitude!

By: nash28, 3:16 PM GMT on November 06, 2007

Just curious here, but has anyone sent a memo to the Democratic House and Senate stating it's time to do the freakin jobs you assclowns were elected to do? Pelosi says "there's a new Congress in town". Yeah, there is Nancy. A very INEPT Congress who whines and complains and cannot do ANYTHING without blaming the administration.

Now, we have dumbass Kucinich wasting taxpayers money AGAIN taking up valuable time trying to impeach Cheney. Now I am a Republican who does not care for Cheney, so don't start this "neo-con" garbage. Even though I don't particularly care for Cheney, I do not believe it is wise to waste MORE TIME by chasing after an impeachment. Now, before any of you throw back "well, the Republicans wasted time trying to impeach Clinton", let me ask a question... Why, oh why do these people make it their lives work to bring someone else down? Instead of doing what the people elected them to do, they are playing the spoiled brat entitlement game, and MAN! Is it transparent or what??? Hey Dems! Shut your pie hole, roll up your sleeves, and do some real actual WORK!! It's been a year!

Rant over.


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