Was Xaver In Europe Boreas For the U.S.?

By: mike4him, 12:44 PM GMT on December 09, 2013

I just read that Xaver pounded northern Europe this last week, breaking all kinds of records. Is that the same system we got earlier for Thanksgiving, Boreas?

Question About Convergence

By: mike4him, 1:01 AM GMT on July 07, 2010

Tracking Tropical Remnants - Help

By: mike4him, 12:11 PM GMT on September 18, 2008

Hey to anyone who reads this.I have been trying figure out how to track remnants of Ike. I checked a map of Western Europe and saw two low pressures way north over Northeastern Canada and Greenland, but wasn't sure if one of them was Ike. Does anyone have any suggestions or websites that can track remnants of tropical systems after they have lost their tropical characteristics?Thanks.MikeParker, CO

Because The Caption Is Too Small

By: mike4him, 4:15 AM GMT on June 26, 2007

Well, I decided to brave the large raindrops and moderate wind to go and capture this shot. The breeze was blowing on the amber colored grass next property over and the dark skies with the first rainbow I can remember in a while all made for an adventure to the side of my property and ensuing shots of distant bow in the sky. It was a full (and high) rainbow for only a short time, but quite brilliant as the sun began its final descent below the opposite horizon. Colo...

Who Can't Love The Weather?

By: mike4him, 9:02 PM GMT on April 24, 2007

If I lived somewhere where the weather never changed, say, the equator, I would be so bored! But to live in Colorado? Now that's why we love the weather! Not many days ago, it was in the mid 60s and three days from now, it's going to be 70ish. And now as the power fluctuates in Parker while wind blown mammoth snow flakes cover all the grass and roads--who can't love the weather?But serioiusly, we here in Colorado are about done with any remnants of winter and as far...

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