north florida - wild florida - rocky hammock

By: marsHen, 1:13 PM GMT on December 13, 2014

07:45, 32f, clear, sunny. might be some frost out on the pasture. sheep in woodlots looking for acorns. had some lambs born last week-end.

full moon solstice lambs
sleeping in the sweet dry hay
by their tired moms..

watching them race around the barn yard makes me smile big time!
this whole week has been cold. fixing to build yet another fire in the fireplace. house is 56f!

been working on the water around the ced...

Updated: 1:18 PM GMT on December 13, 2014

north florida - wild florida - suwannee delta

By: marsHen, 3:32 AM GMT on November 21, 2014

had frost this morning. it was 26f and there was a skim of ice in the troughs and buckets.
went out fishing 11/18 and 11/19 - sampling the fishes around the suwannee delta, north and south of west pass, with a 600 ft. haul seine and a bait seine. air temps, 30- mid-40's in the afternoon. water temp, 14C, 57f, warmer than the air. NW winds 10-15 knts. with higher gusts. very muddy in some areas. we generally stayed in the feeder creeks, but did have the...

Updated: 3:35 AM GMT on November 21, 2014

north florida - wild florida - corrigan's reef

By: marsHen, 1:32 AM GMT on November 04, 2014

05:50 EST, 36f at the farm. calm. roosters crowing. guardian sleeping in front yard. oatmeal for breakfast.
08:30, 50f at CK. NE wind, 10-12 knts. sunny. medium tide rising. going out to sample the fishes around corrigan's reef and atsena otie for life history, population studies, and mercury samples.
catches were moderate - a few juvenile trout and redfish, 8 large sheepshead, a juvenile snook, pinfish, spot, white mullet. fish were identifie...

Updated: 1:49 AM GMT on November 04, 2014

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:57 PM GMT on November 01, 2014

08:30, 46f, slight breeze from NW, sun's up. roosters crowing. guardian running through the yard.
thinking I should close the windows in the house after it warms up some.
building a fire in the fireplace. house pup making herself small on the couch. house temp = 61f.
brrr.. put an extra shirt on.
13:00 in CK, 53f, NW winds, 15-20 kts.. peak gust, 28 kts. sunny.
in rocky hammock, 57f, breezy. wash on the line. mellow fire...

Updated: 5:56 PM GMT on November 01, 2014

north florida - wild florida - halloween

By: marsHen, 2:05 AM GMT on November 01, 2014

19:50, 56f, a mist. waxing gibbous moon high in the SSW. quiet. barred owl calling from the forbidden field.. a few stars. guardian sleeping in the front, watch-rooster sleeping on the swing set. supposed to get windy and cold this weekend. a little fire going in the fireplace.
today was lovely - 60's in CK, sunny, north winds, 5-10 knts. creating a blow-out tide. egrets and stilts were out.
mended nets most of the day. good breeze, good sun, ...

Updated: 2:15 AM GMT on November 01, 2014

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