north florida - wild florida - suwannee river delta and sound

By: marsHen, 3:15 PM GMT on April 11, 2015

11. april, 2015. 11:00, 78f, overcast. fog on the pasture this morning, waning half moon. rain offshore in the gulf. we need it. sheep just came in from their morning perusal of their pasture and wood lot. will let them in the yard tomorrow. went to the feed store yesterday morning and came home with feed and araucana and golden wyandotte chicks. got some turkey chicks last week. the old smoke house has been turned into a chick nursery. apprehended a 5 ft...

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north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 1:58 AM GMT on March 17, 2015

07:00, 68f,waning crescent moon. when I went out at near light to check the sheep, I found a new lamb. it was very small but sturdy. the mom was a yearling ewe. this was her first lamb and she was attentive but did not want to stay behind in the barn when the rest of the flock left for the pasture. she went out. the lamb, a small ram lamb, followed.
she lost him in the pasture, in all the tall grass.
after a long search in early afternoon, with sun...

norh florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 3:08 AM GMT on February 27, 2015

22:00, 49f, overcast but half moon showing some. guardian on the trail of a skunk. pup wants out.
last night the wind was so fierce that it blew 2 doors open in the house. it was 63f around 21:30 when I took the pup out for her final walk of the day. the wind was picking up from the south. in the morning, large oak and pine limbs were on the ground, several in the paths I travel to do the chores, and a dead oak went over in the donkey woodlot. the top ...

north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 2:40 AM GMT on February 17, 2015

21:30, 63f, windy - SW. mostly cloudy, stars coming and going. report is that we will get some rain over the next 24 hours. we could use some rain.
can hear a barred owl in the woods to the NW. sheep snoozing in the barn. guard dog barking down the lane. I repaired some holes in the lane fence this afternoon so I'm hoping that the deer don't hurt themselves crossing it. perhaps my smell will alert them to the change. surprised a skinny yearling in the l...

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north florida - wild florida - suwannee river

By: marsHen, 1:04 AM GMT on February 07, 2015

05:30 at farm. 43 f, clear. waning gibbous moon setting through the donkey woodlot. sheep up. roosters crowing. house temp, 61.
pack lunch, do chores. oat hay to sheep, lambs, and donkeys, as well as coastal bermuda hay.
09:00 at suwannee fl. 45f, cold NE wind 10-15 all day. incoming tide. river flow upstream significant. we were sampling the fishes of the lower suwannee river with trawls and the bait seine. the mud on some of the boat sets wit...

Updated: 1:16 AM GMT on February 07, 2015

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