north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:18 PM GMT on April 15, 2014

07:30, 72f, a drizzle. rain out in the gulf. roosters crowing. gave hay to sheep and donkeys. 2 deer down the lane. guardian tired, pup wants to play. got 3 eggs. thunder in the distance.
north florida - wild florida. a little corner of the old south still in existence, but under seige from the sea and from the mainland.
yesterday on a crashing moon high tide I counted at least a half dozen black mangroves that were toppling over. derrick key th...

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north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:36 AM GMT on April 14, 2014

06:00, 66f, wolf light. some stars showing. venus blazing in east. roosters waking up. guardian sleeping in front yard.
07:10, 66f, gold sunrise. chores done. got 2 eggs. pup watching deer in donkey woodlot. guardian lazy this morning. crows.
the fish are coming back inshore. water temperatures, 23C, 74f. water color like coffee from the flooding suwannee. the big net caught snook, redfish, flounder, black drum, ladyfish, sheepshead, stingrays...

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north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 11:22 AM GMT on April 13, 2014

06:20, 59f, fog. rosy in the east. venus brilliant. roosters crowing. guardian sleeping by dinner bowl. pup wants to play. sheep going out into woodlot.
09:00, wild turkey flying across road on way to town. low tide rising at CK. east wind, 6 knts. 65f. cormorants at oyster bar. white pelicans off to the east and some flying in spirals over marsh. church was good. palm sunday!
worked at church boothe selling home-baked goodies after church. (...

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north florida - wild florida

By: marsHen, 12:17 PM GMT on April 12, 2014

06:50,59f, foggy. dawn. roosters crowing. guardian sleeping in huge hole she dug in driveway. pup dives in. sheep out in pasture. donkeys get 2 books of hay. shorty's looking skinny. too picky about his hay. lettuce tucks right in.
11:10, 80f, sunny. chores done. hung up 1st load of wash. 2nd load in the washer. scrambled eggs for brunch, shared with dogs.. donkeys got more hay.
19:30, 76f, orange/gold sunset in the making. got 2 eggs. all ...

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north florida - wild florida - out islands

By: marsHen, 10:36 AM GMT on April 11, 2014

06:00, 54f, partly cloudy. a few stars, venus blazing. guardian tears out to meet pup and myself in lane. roosters awake. lighting in the east.
08:00, low tide rising at CK. ENE wind, 6 knts. 65f. comorants at oyster bar. ibis fly over.
sampling the fishes for population study between goose cove and sea horse key including the back creeks off of #4 channel with the bait seine and the 600 ft. seine. catches were moderate. pinfish, spot, killifish, ...

Updated: 2:12 AM GMT on April 12, 2014

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