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By: marsHen , 1:29 PM GMT on January 19, 2012

07:00, 40F, fog, waning thin crescent moon in the SE. hawk out already - noticed that the squirrel population is getting thin.. rooster up. guard dog at back door. making turkey chili. oatmeal for breakfast..
lost lamb. mom frantic. dog and I found her in the middle of the pasture, sunning herself. dog took her home. meanwhile one of the yard dogs busted a rotten fence and tried to help. I pieced the fence together with cable ties. another thing to do this weekend. yard dog got chastised by me and the guard dog who does not allow any other dog near her sheep.
in a hurry to get to work with 3 doz. eggs, I dropped them and broke a dozen and had to wash the other 2 dozen so no one at work got eggs today. the whole day was like this - little annoyances.
med. high tide at 11:00, sunny, variable winds, 5 knts. upper 50's. the usual birds. continued mending the trawl. left at 15:00 to go to the cow town to bmy dog food which I should have gotten on tues. all the pastures are burned from frost. rye fields eaten down. cows wandering around in groups. price of hay going up at tractor supply. have to get more this weekend. it's only january and already the hay farmers say their hay won't last until spring. a lot of hay's being shipped to texas. grr..
16:15, 58F, at the farm. got more 3 eggs. :)
18:30, 52F. fog starting. fed the dogs and gave them the broken eggs. some were happy, some not. found some more dry cedar so got another fire going. this is the last of the cedar from the huge cedar that grew in front of the house and died of fungus before the hurricanes of 2004. my sister's husband cut it down in 2007 and it gave me almost 2 years of firewood. smells great!
19:20, 48F, clear enough to see the stars. venus blazing out in the west.

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