October 2009 in the Record Book for Illinois - and Portlight Honor Walk- Midwest

By: juslivn, 7:54 PM GMT on October 30, 2009

Thought I'd add a bit more to my 'blogging' than the 'What I've Learned' edition, but that was fun!!! I found the chart below on the NOAA site, and think we may break this record tonight and tomorrow for rainfall. One saving grace up here in Northern, IL has been that it has come in smaller amounts, regularly, and not a 6" event like other parts of the state and country. Leaves are hampering storm drains in the burbs, along with the already saturated ground, swollen creeks and waterways. There are watches and warnings for Lake, McHenry and Cook counties, and in many other parts of the state.

My thoughts go out to all those struggling with the rains, fires, or blizzards and the recent tornados.

As you know, I am trying to get a group together for the Honor Walk for Portlight As we all know natural disasters can affect us...no matter where we are. The registration is easy, and can be found on the Portlight blog here on WU. If you would like to walk with us here close to Chicago, GREAT, if not and want to walk where you are, GREAT...Either way, hoping you'll support Portlight and the Honor Walk. Drop me a line (a few have already) if you would like to get together and walk Dec. 5.

If you have any more sophisticated weather updates to add to my blog in the coming days, please do. Or if there is a link you think I would be interested in, please let me know. My thanks to everyone for helping me learn more more everyday. And for the fun and sharing.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Near Record Wet October in Illinois
Updated: October 30, 2009Cold, Wet October
The state-wide precipitation for the first 30 days of October was 8.35 inches. This is 5.6 inches above normal. Based on preliminary data, this is already the second wettest October on record. The wettest October was 1941 with 9.23 inches. The heaviest rains fell in the southern half of the state with totals ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

Statewide temperatures for October 1-30 have been 5.0 degrees below normal, making this the seventh coldest October (based on records going back to 1895).

Below are maps of the precipitation as well as tables with the October rainfall rankings and reports of individual stations.

Table 1. Top Ten Wettest Octobers since 1895. Rank Amount Year
1 9.23 1941
2 8.37 2009
3 6.87 1919
4 6.04 2001
5 5.96 1991
6 5.90 1969
7 5.14 1954
8 5.05 1967
9 5.04 1949
10 4.91 2004

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What I've Learned From WU Main Blog: Lessons for Life

By: juslivn, 10:11 PM GMT on October 09, 2009

1. Don't play with trolls. (I am now using this theory in all I do lol and giving this advice to others...my kids and husband when they encounter a trouble maker...'troll'!)

2. "Link please" Shuts up a know-it-all in their tracks without being mean...

3. "poof" very empowering! I use it often in my head dealing with unruly people...

4. The essence of being quiet and listening. Hard for me because I'm so curious...and not so quick to catch on to scientific stuff. But, usually if I wait, and watch (listen) the answers show up.

5. "You go now! You been here tooo long." WU, like anything else, can be addicting. Easy does it.

6. There are soooo many smart and hysterically funny people on the blog.

7. I am not alone in my facination with weather. And, I'm feeling good because on WU I'm in the company of so many rich and caring, facinating people around the world.

These are my first season observations...who knows if I'll write again, or if anyone will ever read. But, that's ok. It's been very cool. Trying to think of a better ending, joke, or etc...but bfn.



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