By: joealaska , 10:23 PM GMT on October 10, 2013

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Saw an interesting position I applied for yesterday. They wanted someone to work operations in a company that specializes in selling food, through their food stores, in island communities. Sounded familiar. I think they want more experience than I have, but I gave it a chance. It sounds interesting as they have locations in The Carribean, Hawaii, GUAM, and even Alaska. Sounds like a lot in Alaska. They used to have a store in Dutch when I first went there, but it closed soon after that.

But, like I said, it is a long shot.

Yesterday I was sitting at the computer with the patio door wide open. Weather is perfect right now.
I looked down just in time to see a chipmunk run in and head for the restroom. The good news for it was that the cats were sleeping in the bedroom. It had a lot of energy and was running back and forth, checking the place out.

First thing I did was verify the status of the cats. Fluff was perked up and walking toward the door. I closed her off by shutting one of the doors into the bedroom. There is a second door into the bathroom, and I went to shut it, too. Too late, chipmunk came running into the bedroom. He ran under the bed., then right back out and back through the bathroom. I shut the second door, leaving Dutchie just waking up on the bed with her eyes bugged out sensing something was going on. Good to keep Dutchie away, Fluff could care less.

Meanwhile the chipmunk was into the kitchen and the farthest point possible, the utility closet, AKA The Cat Box Room. It reached panic mode when I started to try to “help” it back out. It was clear that it was not interested in hanging around anymore. I herded it out the kitchen. From there it spotted daylight and was back out the door.

That was the last I saw it.

Reminded me of The Great Desert Toad Debacle of 2004. Goodyear, Arizona. Toad came in and got stuck in my Lazy Boy.

But I think I told that story.

JoeKentucky was stationed in Guam during WW2. GUAM!

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10. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
2:07 AM GMT on October 15, 2013
joealaska has created a new entry.
9. Rotty3
8:18 PM GMT on October 14, 2013
well, quick update... both my 'puters are down, running on work and loaner machines right now, so I'll make it quick.

My girl is doing better, her face is healing though there may have been some visual damage.
However, she's more chipper and eats again. Not much, but she does snack some. Long ways to go, so if you can, please keep her in your thoughts.

Dotmom and OJ: Have a wonderful time. I know with all the kids around, you certainly will :)

Will come up for air in a few days again (hopefully on the new machine or at least close to getting the [new] machine back - for the cyber geeks, it'll be a 6-core with a lightning fast 16GB RAM and a 4.02GHz processor, plus a total of 6 TB of storage. That should hold all of Joe's Dutch Harbor pictures :-D ).
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8. dix608greys
6:57 PM GMT on October 14, 2013
Just watched the new video on YouTube. The highlights of the train trip were
#1. the train going through the tunnel and the guy laughing. (I want to know who was goosing him)
#2 The conductor at the end making the trip extra special for all. Quite amusing, I'm sure for you too.
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7. dotmom
9:25 AM GMT on October 14, 2013
We are almost there. October 17th is the day. The weekend with the family was very nice. It was definitely an adventure. Kept pretty busy - well as busy as you can be with a "super senior couple" and one on a walker. (Sue's broken hip from her bike accident.) Golf was always the prime activity when going to the area. That was off the table this trip. JoeKY may have played his last golf. He twisted his hip the last time out and he made the comment that he might be finished. We'll see. JoeA was one of our official chauffeurs for the trip. He is an excellent driver. I felt safe.

Sounds like a lot has been happening here on the blog since I was last here. Waiting for an update on Rotty's situation. Water in UK's area. Things are changing all the time.

Thanks for the good wishes from everyone. I have to admit, this is quite a milestone for us. We plan on just keeping on keeping on - if we can last till 70, we can sit in the front pew of the cathedral for the archbishop's blessing!!! :)
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6. osdianna
6:40 PM GMT on October 12, 2013
Over here we call Ikea and its ilk "big box stores" for the obvious reason. I fully sympathize with both the clutter issue (Joe didn't even go upstairs to see my cluttered "great room" when he dropped off/picked up the cats...mostly chairs and tables covered with potted plants) and the runaway cart issue; I once got a large cart that had a center wheel a tad higher, leaving it rocking and pivoting around on that one wheel...crazy-making and very dangerous to any passersby.

The thing to do is slip a bit of paper money to a likely-looking lad...or maybe one of those new husbands having a row with his wife over the colors of napkins...or whatever. Have that lad load the heavy stuff for you...smile nicely at the wife and tell her she can now shop in peace. Hopefully she will not require any heavy lifting.
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5. insideuk
1:50 PM GMT on October 12, 2013
Alvin the chipmunk TV star has a very similar shrill vocal tone to my 3 year old niece. This is most especially true, I find, when I have a headache. I call her ‘Alvin’ at such times.

Speaking as the token blog foreigner (again), I have to say that having a chipmunk visit ones home is almost akin to having a giraffe, tiger or a panda pop in to say hello and admire what you’ve done with the place. Since they are all exotic ZOO creatures from distant lands to me.

The chipmunk is undeniably a cute (finger tip amputatorative) little thing, though sadly I have only been able to admire this species from behind glass. They must be on a par with the sloth and the koala in terms of the ‘Aww CUTE - I WANT ONE’-i-ness of all small zoo animals.

Personally speaking, I’d break the glass for a spontaneous adoption of a koala bear.

Busy 24 hours here. Mostly in pouring rain (leftovers from Kentucky I’d imagine).

I have been working on a cunning plan to lose household clutter of late. Mostly this has involved entering each room with mountains of cardboard boxes and plastic bags and being utterly ruthless about NOT KEEPING STUFF. But when it came to the bathroom I got a bit unstuck – try as I might I could not lose enough stuff to be able to hide the remainder in my inadequate storage.

IKEA beckoned.

I like Ikea, just so long as I can visit OFF PEAK hours and ALONE.

That way it is quite good fun.

I enjoy listening to the couples surrounding me having heated discussions about bookcases, rugs and giant packs of paper napkins.

“Why does it matter what colour they are? I’m only going to wipe my mouth with it…”

Ikea branches always have these popular kiddy play areas at the entrance where frazzled parents can dump their offspring on Ikea staff (who have been specially trained not to murder the little buggers) and get their browsing done without the little’uns climbing up and over every piece of furniture and lampshade.

What Ikea should really have is marriage counselling just past the checkouts section. By the time most non single shoppers have gotten through the cardboard box assault course known as ‘the warehouse’ they are red faced with fury at both their partners lack of good taste when it comes to choosing framed prints and their inability to write down an essential aisle and location number for a Josef cabinet hinge pack.

“Of course it’s not in the same box as the Josef cabinet shelf you blithering idiot….”

The only downside to going it alone is that you invariably will end up wrestling something far larger than you, off a shelf much taller than you, onto a trolley with a mind of its own.

Which is what happened.

Ikea UK provide these heavy duty shopping carts for the flatpacks to be loaded onto and you are not permitted to take the carts beyond the loading bay at the store exit. So I guess they were thinking that they’d never need anything like brakes fitted.

They need brakes fitted.

Because when you are all alone, in the remote aisle 22 /location 14 – a place where lost little children grow up, then a 204cm/ 6 feet 8 ½ inch flatpacked Billy Bloody Bookcase is transformed into a horizontal rocket ship propelling one end ever further down said aisle whilst the other end is being shoved onto freewheeling shopping cart. Proper loading was only finally achieved when I hit the fire doors at a location 3 miles from my original aisle and location number.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. I still had a wall unit and 2 matching but differently sized sets of doors to find, all in entirely different locations.

They now need brakes and new fire doors fitted at Ikea, Nottingham.

But back at home I now have every last bottle, tube, towel and spray of my essential bathroom clutter hidden away behind doors.

It appears, to all intents and purposes, as if I have moved out.
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4. joealaska
1:45 PM GMT on October 12, 2013
Day #1 of the weekend trip went great. We were able to get a peek at the new Pete Dye golf course here. You have to stay at one of the expensive resort hotels here (West Baden or French Lick) just to be able to play. You also need to hire a caddy. It goes well above 500 dollars by the time you get to the first tee.

For me the high point was having a drink under the dome at West Baden Springs Hotel. It is a huge open room with a domed ceiling. I took pics, but it was hard to do it justice.

Google it.

Train ride today. Steak dinner tonight.

Member Since: April 2, 2008 Posts: 762 Comments: 571
3. Bogon
11:26 PM GMT on October 11, 2013
Member Since: June 26, 2008 Posts: 76 Comments: 3440
2. osdianna
4:53 AM GMT on October 11, 2013
I would like to add my best wishes for the 60th anniversary to JoeKYSr and Dotmom; may you enjoy many more in happiness and good health.

Glad to hear the chipmunk made it safely through the gauntlet of felines and didn't bite anyone or anything. They're cute little buggers but boy howdy can they bite! I lost the tip of my right index finger to a chipmunk when I was 12 years old, and discovered the weird effervescence of hydrogen peroxide as a result.

After a mostly sunny day yesterday, we had a day of on/off showers today...or so I am told; I drove a friend into Olympia for a doctor appointment. That is one of my favorite drives in the fall as the whole route is lined with mostly Douglas Firs and Big-leaf Maples....the maples were a gorgeous yellow-orange today...nothing to take your mind off a dreary PNW rainy day like a flaming maple!

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1. iaotter
1:59 AM GMT on October 11, 2013
Glad the chipmunk got out in one piece.
Friend of mine was sitting on his deck steps when one of his cats spied a chipmunk. The chipper ran up the steps, up his leg, over his shoulder and down his back and off the far end of the deck. The chipmunk did very little damage, but the cat took the same up the leg, over the shoulder and down the back route and left some nasty claw marks. Thankfully said cat only had back claws, but it was still a bloody mess.
That chipmunk got away too. They are speedy little critters.
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