By: joealaska , 11:47 PM GMT on July 23, 2013

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I am sitting on my patio listening to the birds, cicadas, and The Watterson in the distance. Possible storms tonight. Yesterday it rained most of the day and my babbling brook behind the apartment turned into a torrent.

I have jumped into the job search, finally. But I am being very picky at this point. I have tried a couple other search sites, but I still feel the old tried-and-true CareerBuilder offers the best avenue. I have a resume posted for employers to search, and I have already had maybe 8 responses. Mostly insurance sales, so nothing really interesting. And I have applied to a few jobs I saw posted. Today I had my first interview on something I applied for.

It was with a company based in Souix Falls, South Dakota. A warehouse / distribution position. It would involve a lot of travel (OK!) through the USA. Maybe 50%. My position would be running all of these distribution centers, in charge of the warehouse managers at each location. I think the interview went OK, not DONE DEAL by any means. But the lady I was talking to seemed like she was interested. She had just returned from a cruise through the Inside Passage in Alaska. There were a lot of ALASKA questions which had nothing to do with the job. Cool. It sounds good and I hope they make me an offer, but I am not sweating that.

I am now sitting in my air-conditioned apartment, trying to cool down from sitting outside. WOW. Hey UK, so air-conditioning in England is rare? I heard that there was air conditioning in the Lindo Wing when the ROYAL BABY was born. I never thought of that situation, until you were talking about your FAN setting recently. I understand it is usually not needed. I figure, put it in homes and just turn it on when needed....

I have been fighting my apartment for some basic repairs that were needed after I moved in. I made the request after I returned. It took 8 days. I called maybe 4 times. There were excuses about a recent storm knocking out a bunch of air conditioners, and they were an emergency basis. OK. Then I heard other reasons. Finally TROY my hero showed up and was very apologetic.

Now the toilet flushes with little effort. I am still waiting for a new bedroom blind. Hopefully tomorrow. Right now the blind is stuck open. The DOG WALK goes right by that window. 20 feet or less. Great way to meet the neighbors...

Dutchie has not gone out since the great Thicket / Creek Debacle a few days ago. Occasionally I carry her out to see what is happening. At some point she gets restless, and I go inside and put her down. Then when I drop her down I see she is restless to get inside...

I have not played golf since I was in COZAD, Nebraska.

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9. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
2:52 AM GMT on July 27, 2013
joealaska has created a new entry.
8. Ylee
7:35 PM GMT on July 26, 2013
Joe, if the company is based in Souix Falls, won't you have to move there?
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7. dotmom
1:16 PM GMT on July 26, 2013
As long as Joe is in Louisville, he will have family help with the kittens. Either FranKY or I can go to his place and feed them and check on them. Gotcha' covered.
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6. Rotty3
12:23 PM GMT on July 26, 2013
keeping fingers crossed the job works out.

As for kitties, they can handle being home alone for a while... maybe with a check up from family every so often ;)
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5. osdianna
5:30 PM GMT on July 24, 2013
Sounds as though Dutchie and Joe are both going through withdrawals of a sort...outdoor roaming and golf, respectively.

On the South Dakota job, if you get it, how about a small motor home or 5th wheel? Then you could take the girls everywhere with you, hoping of course Dutchie would adjust to being on the road. You would also have your home with you at all times. That would work for any traveling job and/or frequent job or location changes.
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4. dotmom
4:59 PM GMT on July 24, 2013
I'm with Cybersuze. Honestly, I have always been fascinated by the British royalty - going back to the Duke (proper names escapes me at the moment) who abdicated for the love of his life Wallis Simpson. It is fascinating to follow the "Royals." Their lives and the ordinary citizen's are similar in many ways - except for the $$$ and all that it affords. Well duh!

Queen Elizabeth may live forever! God bless her!
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3. cybersuze
2:23 PM GMT on July 24, 2013
good question Dix -- what about the cats?????? I can just see them crusing around with JoeKY2! Ha!

Whell UK, I turned on my computer yesterday to watch the Louisville Cardinal basketball team get their congratulatory due from Obama at the White House and wouldn't you know CNN was all a twitter with the live shot of the closed door. Didn't spend too much time there but opened a new window for the White House news feed which was also a still shot at that time. Then wouldn't you know -- they both went live at the same time!

I watched the basketball team though.

Sure is a lot of fuss over this little prince. Better that than a lot of other things you hear on the news!
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2. insideuk
10:20 AM GMT on July 24, 2013
Doesn't the 'Lindo Wing' sound like a new menu option at KFC?

Want fries with that?

If I was paying £6000/ $9000 for 24 hours in a birthing suite I'd be expecting air conditioning too. They also do a very nice wine list for wetting the babies head, or so I've learned, thanks to none stop insane waffle on every news channel since breakfast on Monday.

Thank God he arrived fairly quickly. Though he took his bloody time getting out the door yesterday....waffle, waffle, waffle....endless shots of a closed door....waffle, waffle, waffle...

And I know you all got it too 'cos the US networks were interviewing the Brits and vice versa. It seemed like half the population of London had an American accent this week.

And they all had a microphone shoved in their faces and were asked for an 'opinion' on the royal birth – an opinion on whatever- it didn't matter – just PLEASE speak to fill the endless wait!

Domestic air conditioning is virtually non existent in the UK. Even new high spec homes would not have it as an optional extra. For the approx 60 days PER DECADE that we might desire the cooling effects it would prove prohibitively expensive. The average modern insulated 4 bedroom British home (half the size of a US one) would easily be paying an annual gas/ electric bill is £1800/ $2800 WITHOUT adding extras like AC.

Water is mostly metered.

Cats gets bowls. If they want to do what your YOUTUBE 'faucet cat' or (TAP CAT as it would be known here) they would be asked to find a broken gutter in a rainstorm and stand beneath it.

In the 1980's the ONLY place I could find with AC in my town was a large bookstore called W H SMITHS. They were the first, by many years, to install it and it was the most blissfully cool experience to stand in the shop. They also sold records (vinyl!), stationery and magazines. I spent DAYS in there every summer reading several books for free. Cool.

Then we moved on, in the 90's, to the idea of most shops having some sort of AC, certainly in the newer build places. No longer were we forced to try on clothing in tiny cubicles with one mega hot 100 watt bare light bulb dangling above, waiting to burn your hand as you struggled to pull a dress over your sweaty torso, whilst trying not to trip up and fall butt naked through the (too narrow for modesty) curtain onto the shop floor. A nightmare which was only matched by the trendy communal changing rooms they then introduced in fashionable clothing stores.

A dozen sweaty strangers (and their kids) trying on dresses in one small overheated room at the back of the store. Absolutely no doubt the male security guy was watching. They didn't extend the AC beyond the shop floor – too expensive. It was all so hideously, painfully PUBLIC but achingly trendy and bohemian at the same time.

Of course, this being ye olde England, we have a lot of shops and offices dating from Tudor to Victorian times when they thoughtlessly continued to build without a care as to how the AC units would be installed. Banks and post offices were places where people dropped like flies whilst waiting to be served. Even now my local newspaper shop has to strip the cans of coke out of the one refrigerated display cabinet they have to SAVE the bars of Cadburys chocolate from being spoiled by a day or two of summer heat.

It would be a disgrace to allow such a thing.

So now the large modern PURPOSE BUILT shopping malls in the UK do have AC. Small high street stores MIGHT have AC. Traditional small stores in historic buildings often don't.

The latest thinking for new builds is to go VERY PC.

You can't be a multinational conglomerate selling yourself as 'saving the planet' AND have AC running in your business premises. So now we have this halfway measure cropping up – build high ceilings in metal boxes, with glass roofs, and big electronically adjustable roof vents.

What this means is that whilst the sun is out during the months of Oct to April they save money on the heating bills. Small ECO footprint on the planet. What it also means is that during summer months, even when it's not especially warm outside, inside you get the whole GREENHOUSE thing. The 'natural' ventilation is nothing like effective enough to stop the indoors temperatures rising significantly higher than outdoors and STAYING that way when it all gets shut up for the night. Stiflingly stupid.

My local hospital has been completely rebuilt since the mid 90's. They knocked down the old Victorian brick and stone building - acres of rabbit warren like corridors and huge open wards - and replaced them with a monstrosity of metal clad, steel framed, hermetically sealed cuboid carbuncles. They have a modern airflow system to heat/ cool and keep the place clean. Like AC only cheaper to run and much less efficient. It broke down within days of opening and the patients, staff and visitors all sweltered. The windows don't open. Not a single one. Stupid.

The maternity hospital was in the first phase of the rebuild, and was NEW back when my 16 year old nephew was born there in the midst of an August heatwave. No AC – just a fully functioning airflow system plus windows that could open only one inch. This, presumably, just in case you absent mindedly left the newborn on the windowsill in your jellybrained postnatal condition. We had to take a fan in for my sister to use by her bed. She was in for over 3 weeks due to complications, and it was bloody miserable during visiting times (inhuman to endure labour in 90f heat) – but like I said – bloody awful for the aunt...

Good luck with the job search.

Try and find a place with a year round pleasant climate that only opens 5 days a week, for 8 hours a day (half day Wednesdays), which shuts down for the summer and doesn't allow employees to use phones or email, but which does allow use of in the workplace. Plus, obviously you need free, very quiet, housing with a brilliant view and space for 2 cats. One tap/faucet for each of you to cool your ears and a chow porch for conversation of a one sided nature. Obviously a championship golf course at the end of the garden with free and exclusive membership rights for all company employees with the name of Joe. Then you will need a large company vehicle with free fuel allowance, ideally one with doors that remain closed on cornering this time, plus a short but scenic commute route between home and office that has never required the services of a snowplowmaster. Ever.

There. I narrowed down the search parameters somewhat but I think we all, by now, know what will work and what won't for Joealaska.

Oh bugger.

I forgot THE GRILL.

New parameter for the search. He needs a fully crewed, patient and friendly firehouse nearby...
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1. dix608greys
12:08 AM GMT on July 24, 2013
New job? Possible 50% travel time? Sounds perfect. Hope it works out for you----but what about the cats?

We've had a VERY wet summer here in central FL although not as much as my former home in western SC. I moved back to FL for the sun- haven't seen much of it.

Can't imagine hot weather without AC . I get too cranky in the heat......and you know the old saying "When Momma ain't happy then nobody's-------"
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