By: joealaska , 3:38 AM GMT on April 16, 2013

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The day after the bad weather I headed down into Texas. Interstates, as I wanted to make up some miles. I saw a golf course in Mount Pleasant, and I played it. The golf magic had left my body, and I stumbled onward. Yet, I still enjoyed.

My plan was to check out the apartment I lived in 25 years ago in Garland, Texas. Check out the store they closed with me at the helm. RICHARDSON.

But I really did not want to get into traffic-war. So I headed north from Rockwall on several small roads. It was rush hour morning traffic. FINALLY I popped out from population and headed out into the open range.

When I got to Wichita Falls, I flew though and saw no golf courses. Then it got to SLIM PICKINS as I drove westward. I gave up. I headed for LUBBOCK, which has 6 or 7 courses. Dean and I have played there, but the course JOHN C. PITTMAN is no longer on the map. Could have closed, could have changed names. All I know, is I played it. Had a hat as a remembrance, but alas it has self-imploded.

I called a couple local courses Friday night. They said Saturday morning looked crowded.


I saw a sign for a golf course as I was the leaving the greater Lubbock area. I drove right by it. Saw about 6 holes. But it was soon after I had left on the big cruise, and it was COLD at that time. I had prematurely dressed in shorts. Assuming I was teeing off later...

I cruised onward with much hesitance.

TODAY I had committed to pulling in early at some hotel, so I could pots some photos and post a blog. And I did this. The COMFORT INN in Moriarity, New Mexico.

They had multiple internet channels, God love ‘em. I pulled in mid-afternoon, wanting to post and load photos. I hooked up for about an hour. Then I got booted, and tried to get back on. Nothing. So I was unable to load photos, OK? Deal with it!

I wasted a few hours. If I had photos to load

Sunday I was at Dean’s house early. We ended up taking his 6-wheel Polaris for an 18 mile ride, and back. Then there was a large part of a pig that was being roasted. It all ended well.

As usual, I had trouble sleeping. I laid awake, TIRED and wanting to go to bed early...I think I laid there for five hours or so. Then sleep.

I took route 371 from I-40 to Farmington. Nice ride, but it got BREEZIER as I drove north. There were a couple places where the sand was drifting over the highway.

Farmington is home of a great golf course... PINION HILLS. Dean as well as I have played it several times. It is recognizes nationally as a course with gret playing value. Low price, great course.

There are a lot of ups and downs with the holes. Many sand traps. And the greens.... TRIPLE TIERED. Three distinct levels, and a 2 foot deep slope from one level to the next.

Now halfway into loading trip pics, WeatherUnderground says I cannot do the downloading anymore. Try again later.

Will do.

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10. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
1:02 AM GMT on April 18, 2013
joealaska has created a new entry.
9. cybersuze
8:33 PM GMT on April 17, 2013
those cats are getting the royal treatment!
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8. cybersuze
8:32 PM GMT on April 17, 2013
well good luck with the weather JA! looks like snow was forecast for Durango today and tornado watch in parts of Kansas ...
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7. osdianna
4:12 PM GMT on April 17, 2013
When my brother left me his cat, she came with a whole load of stuff, including a small spot removal system from Bissell and the liquid cleaners that go in it, a covered litter pan, and two very classy flexible wands with several packaged options of irresistable combos of feathers, mylar streamers and such. There was also a fixed wand with feathers and mylar...and a small bell. It was this last one that I tried out with the cats last night.

It was a huge success, in which I learned Dutchie can do a standing jump of nearly 4 feet! She still needs to work on the landing part though. What an athlete!

Durango...not so much golf as biking and hiking; I just learned that last night while watching an episode of HGTV's House Hunters. It was filmed in the fall, and I love fall colors.

Watch out for flooding!
Member Since: March 5, 2009 Posts: 35 Comments: 646
6. joealaska
1:14 PM GMT on April 17, 2013
Heading out from Durango, Colorado this morning.

Would like to stay north as long as temps allow it.

More tonight.

Member Since: April 2, 2008 Posts: 879 Comments: 850
5. Ylee
1:58 PM GMT on April 16, 2013
Roast pork? Vanilla cream puffs? I'm getting hungry! :' )
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 109 Comments: 18610
4. insideuk
1:11 PM GMT on April 16, 2013
Wunderground has had several blog belt breakdowns of late. It is always disconcerting when everyone appears to have disappeared down a big cyber blackhole for duration unknown. A bit like being the only kid at the party who doesn't realise there is a game of hide and seek going on.

We were all thinking Joe was busy playing golf when in actual fact he was cruising STRAIGHT PAST every golf course in an effort to keep his knees warm.

Then a hog roast at Casaford's? Wrapped in foil, steeped in alcohol and sat beside the burning hot coals for hours? Blistering, sizzling and spitting?

I'll bet the pair of them have knees like pork crackling now.

Farmington has a WIND ADVISORY from 11am to 9pm today. Gusts to 35mph shouldn't be an issue for Joealaska. He likes windy golf.

In fact it should help keep his knees cool.

The dreadful news about the explosions at the Boston marathon was just breaking whilst I was out with friends last night. By the time I reached home and turned on the news channel the casualty figures had significantly increased. Such large and very open arena public events are incredibly hard to protect effectively. America is once again on high alert and fearing further atrocities on its soil whilst in London tomorrow we have Mrs Thatchers funeral, a big military lined procession with many world dignitaries in attendance. She was a VERY divisive figure amongst Brits and home grown (hopefully peaceful) protests along the route are very likely. Dollop in her history with the IRA and sprinkle in the attraction of a big military presence to take aim at and you have yourself a recipe for serious trubba. This event has long been considered a security planning nightmare, but it is now looking dodgier by the hour. Then on Sunday there is the London marathon, attracting 30,000 entrants and half a million spectators lining the route. They plan to allow the event to go ahead, as is right and proper in the face of any act of terrorism – never bow down to the threat. But following the events in Boston there is a more jittery atmosphere prior to proceedings that cannot be ignored.

I find it disquieting.

So I look for a distraction.

Dutch Harbor Police Blotter – Saturday April 6.
2327 – Disorderly conduct. Officers received a call from an hysterical drunken female who was stuck “in a cage” and could not get out. Officers discovered the female at a local ball field curled up against the chain link fence screaming into her cell phone.

I know how she felt.

The other night I had been watching a cookery show where they were making a vanilla cream slice dessert, plus I'd also watched the news about North Korea and it's bunch of ready to fire missiles.

Not a word of a lie (and I blame my hormones playing tricks on me...) I woke up at 5am thinking that my bed sheets were layers of puff pastry and vanilla cream and that if I moved them even an inch they'd explode.

Fortunately I couldn't reach my phone.
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3. DHaupt
9:20 AM GMT on April 16, 2013
I've got a sister and nephew in Lubbock, TX. I haven't been there since 8th grade. But, if you went from there to Moriarty, NM, you almost had to have gone through Littlefield, TX. That was the first town in Texas where I lived from 5th through 8th grades. As a kid, I never grasped just how butt-ugly the place was. Oh, we did have some gorgeous sunsets and SNOW in the winters.

The most exciting event of the year was the spring flood when the town's one and only park flooded for about a month and teemed with 40 billion tadpoles most of which never achieved frogdom. Instead, their decaying corpses stunk up the whole town to high heaven.

Littlefield also boasted the largest centipedes on earth. A young friend, Dugan Crawford, and I spudded into one of their tunnels in our backyard and rousted an 18-incher. Dugan's dad ran a water well drilling business using a tool called a spudder; basically a heavy 8" diameter bar of steel dropped repeatedly into a hole with some water in the bottom; when there was enough mud in the bottom, a long, hollow steel cylinder, or baler, was dropped in to bale it out; more water was then added and the process repeated. The machine that provided the requisite motion is well described as a "contraption"; it survived by continual repair. I recall that Dugan's dad, Ben, could drill through several hundred feet of sedimentary rock in a long day.

Dugan and I were imitating the method using a length of rebar, a bucket and a short length of pipe. We were down about 4 feet when we churned up the centipede which, instead of fleeing, came rocketing out of that hole with murderous intent; we ran; it pursued. Scared us so bad that we didn't play in the dirt for the rest of that summer!

Oh, those tadpoles that did achieve frog status burrowed into the mud as the park dried up; their loathsome hibernating forms, or pieces of the same would also be turned up by digging in the dirt. Just another good reason not to dig in the dirt. Oh, I forgot about the Jerusalem crickets.

In those days, Littlefield had a golf course that Dad played fairly often. In places, the rough was preferable to the fairway. Golfers had been bit by rattlers on a couple of occasions. I was made to caddy; Dad could never afford a cart; my bad attitude towards the game had an early and understandable origin.

I thank you for the photos. It's hard to appreciate that you are passing through country where high-speed internet is new and novel -- as in "Golleey who'da thunk it!"

Like Ylee: whither goest thou next?
Member Since: March 28, 2006 Posts: 0 Comments: 1166
2. Ylee
7:01 AM GMT on April 16, 2013
Joe, any chance for a renewed attempt for Mogollon, or is strictly a quest for good golf?
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 109 Comments: 18610
1. osdianna
4:01 AM GMT on April 16, 2013
Your girls are still sleeping in the visitor's room; Fluff has decided the plush cat bed is perfect. I put it on top of a table in the visitor's room...she approved and hopped right in. Dutchie has a few spots; the pink wool blanket-covered chair I added after you left (see the photo on my WU blog site) is a favorite spot as is the box on top of the chest of drawers, behind the fax machine...weird but up high and she likes to be up off the floor. She has discovered the south window sill is sun-filled in the morning. I don't know if she will share the bed with me, Sadie does, but she now jumps up and then to the window sill to look down on the front yard. If I sit in my recliner, she hops into my lap and stretches out from my hip to my right shoulder...purrs and kneads.

Fluff prefers I get down on her level, as she flops over on her side and purrs heavily. I have a really nice wand with line and a pair of feathers...they really like it when I whip it back and forth, think fly fishing/casting.

There is no loud yowling yet, though Dutchie really was interested in outdoors was sunny and I had windows open, screens secured.

Neither of your girls run and hide, but when I come in the door, Dutchie's first reaction is to run off; I call to her and she immediately stops and often comes right to me. Fluff saunters over when she gets good and ready!

I haven't played fetch yet...will try that tonight.
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