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So Far Away From Here....

By: jitterymoose, 5:24 PM GMT on March 28, 2010

We've been in Anchorage this week. Wow. What a difference... We've seen the sun, probably made more vitamin D than anyone has a right to make, and have kept an eye on the marine forecast.... We had high winds (~20kt) and about 12' seas on the ferry crossing to Ketchikan (highest seas when we got outside the protection of the islands) -- and you KNOW it's bad when the crew is hurling. Not a fun crossing, and our daughter is rebelling at the thought of going back over when the forecast is for 30kt winds and 21 ft seas tomorrow....

We've missed the 75 mph winds of last night, though. Anchorage has just now started to cloud over. We've seen 4 moose (which might be the same two moose twice, but that's okay) since we've been here, and that's been nice. No moose on POW. But, we've hit all the restaurants we like (Charlie's -- if you're ever in Anchorage and in the mood for really good Chinese, go to Charlie's on the corner of C and Northern Lights -- next to B&J's Commercial Fishing... which is a fun store, too). They do this lotus leaf sticky rice dish with bits of pork and chicken and mushrooms -- wrapped in lotus leaves and steamed over tea. Wow.... I forgot how much I missed that...

15 hours to go from Craig to Anchorage, though... I don't even WANT to mention the cost.... we won't be doing this often. Since the boy is now 12, he's an "adult" for purposes of the ferry, so it was over $280 just to go to and from Ketchikan. I know why people don't go off island often....

Last day in Anchorage. We'll probably try to see a movie or something. It's been so much fun, but I'm actually missing the solitude of POW.... and I'm sure Katie and Snickers are a little freaked that we're not there.... Shades of Ireland trips..... Oh, and pics of the sailboat (if it's still afloat) when we get home. She's rough and needs love, but she floats and the sails are good.


Wind and Snow

By: jitterymoose, 9:33 AM GMT on March 10, 2010

At least it's a nice change from the wind and rain....I suppose...
Saturday was a little bit of awful, Sunday, it cleared for a bit, but then clouded up and the snow came...and we've awoken two days straight to snow on the ground and wind shaking "the blue trailer" that is Forest Service housing here. :-) Yikes. We have another wind warning Wed morning though Wed evening, so it'll probably be shaking the place again.... There are more boats coming in to North Cove, so maybe the herring aren't too far away, and there's a local processing plant hiring for a few weeks...might be good research potential for the next book. I can do anything for three weeks (grins).

Hope everyone's having a nice, peaceful night. No wind or rain at the moment...it's so quiet. It's eerie.

Life on the island (and we're headed to Anchorage toward the end of the month--during Spring Break--to have a break and do a little shopping). It's amazing what it costs just to get OFF the island (nearly $300 for just us r/t on the ferry--not including a vehicle...). We won't be doing that much, but I hope to get home to see mom and dad (with the kids) for a few weeks this summer.

12:32am. Probably should hit the hay. :-) 'Night! JM

Oh, and I should mention...this is the FIRST SNOW since DECEMBER. Wow!

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